Why is Everyone Talking About Turmeric Benefits?

Are you wondering the popularity of turmeric as a star ingredient in kitchens these days? Read further to know each and everything about this vibrant spice.

Known as the queen of spices, turmeric has gained a major moment in the world’s healthiest spices. There’s no wonder why more and more people around the globe are clamoring a pinch or two of turmeric in every recipe. Replacing loads of expensive health supplements, this golden-yellow spice is jam-packed with flavorful dosages to the human body for treating everything from controlling acne and inhibiting life-threatening cancer cell growth to de-stressing our minds.

Google’s Food Trends report in November 2016 forecasted it to be a superstar kitchen ingredient, on the basis of 56 percent increase in turmeric-related searches.

Turmeric In A Brief

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Harvested as a green and leafy plant, the turmeric is grown for its rhizomes – the knobby stems that grow underground and pop out the roots above the ground. These roots are then dried and turned into the powdered form that we all are familiar with.

Curcumin is the magical compound found in this spice that still excites the scientists who want to make it top the list of world’s healthiest foods.

The Amazing Health Claims In A Nutshell

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The staggering long list of health benefits of the superfood – turmeric is impossible to give here. Ahead, we have accumulated the most talked about perks of indulging this vibrant spice in your food, in a nutshell.

  • The wonder substance, curcumin makes it one of the top 14 foods that help in cancer prevention. It fights free radicals and maintains healthy cells in our body.
  • It improves the overall brain health and prevents or delays Alzheimer by removing plaque buildup in the brain.
  • Turmeric improves blood sugar level and is one of the six best foods to control diabetes type II.
  • Thousands of remedies for painkiller and arthritis use this golden medicine as a major ingredient.
  • Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a wonderful natural wound healer.
  • It helps to stimulate the gallbladder, treats bloated stomach and bowel inflammation.
  • Its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties strengthen our immune system.
  • Turmeric maintains cholesterol level and prevents blood clotting.

Besides these, Turmeric has been in use since ages to promote a healthy heart, gorgeous skin, help in weight control, for liver detoxification, and as a mood booster.

The Scientific Evidence

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The National Institute of Health (NIH) states that there is a little reliable evidence of health benefits of turmeric. On the basis of clinical trials on random human samples, many studies substantively prove it to be extremely helpful for inflammation, wound healing, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel, maintaining a healthy skin and liver detoxification. However, NIH states that one should be careful when talking about cancer and Alzheimer.

We can say that adding it to your diet has no downsides, but offers myriads of health benefits.

How to Use Turmeric In Your Recipes

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There is no particular direction to use turmeric in your diet. You can add it to vanilla latte, carrot and ginger smoothie, turmeric broth detox soup, chicken fritters, turmeric sweet potato healing bowl, golden milk ice cream, anti-inflammatory turmeric toddy, fish balls and to almost everything. This magical spice is health-friendly in every form.


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