What to Serve With Chicken Stir Fry

When it comes to chicken stir fry, there are a lot of different ways that you can go about it. You can use whatever vegetables you have on hand, or you can mix and match different proteins and vegetables to create a unique dish. No matter what route you take, there are a few key things to keep in mind when selecting your sides.

Here are a few of our favorite side dishes to serve with chicken stir fry!

When it comes to stir fry, there are endless possibilities of what you can add to the dish to make it your own. But when it comes to what to serve with chicken stir fry, there are a few classic options that always seem to hit the spot.Rice is always a great option to pair with chicken stir fry.

Whether you opt for white rice, brown rice, or even fried rice, it will be a delicious complement to the flavors in the dish. Another popular option is noodles. Again, there are many different types of noodles you could choose from, but lo mein or chow mein would be two good choices.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter on the carbs, steamed broccoli or other vegetables make a great side dish for chicken stir fry. And of course, no meal is complete without some sort of dipping sauce on the side. Whether you prefer soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, or something else entirely, make sure you have plenty on hand for everyone at the table to enjoy!

What to Serve With Chicken Stir Fry

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Q: What to Serve With Chicken Stir Fry

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy meal, chicken stir fry is the way to go. But what should you serve with it? Here are some great ideas.

Rice is always a good choice. You can either use white rice or brown rice. If you want something a little different, try using quinoa instead.

Vegetables are a must-have side dish for chicken stir fry. Broccoli, carrots, and peas are all great choices. You could also add in some mushrooms or peppers if you’d like.

If you want something a little more substantial, consider serving your chicken stir fry over noodles instead of rice. Lo mein noodles or udon noodles would both be great options.No matter what sides you choose, your chicken stir fry will be delicious!

Some Popular Choices Include Rice, Noodles, And Vegetables

When it comes to food, there are a lot of different options that people can choose from. Some popular choices include rice, noodles, and vegetables. Each one of these options has its own unique taste and set of benefits.

For example, rice is a good source of complex carbohydrates and provides the body with energy. Noodles are a good source of protein and can help to repair muscles after exercise. Vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, and can also help to boost the immune system.

How To Make The Best Chicken Stir Fry | Perfect Chicken Stir Fry

What to Serve With Stir Fry Instead of Rice

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to rice to serve with your stir fry, there are plenty of options! Quinoa, couscous, and even pasta make great sides for stir fry. Here are some of our favorite recipes:

– Quinoa Fried Rice: This recipe is a healthier take on the classic dish. It’s packed with protein and fiber, and is sure to satisfy your hunger.– Couscous Salad: This salad is light and refreshing, making it the perfect side for a hearty stir fry.

The lemon dressing ties everything together perfectly.

– Pasta Primavera: This vegetable-packed pasta dish makes an excellent side for any type of stir fry. The best part?

It can be made ahead of time, so you can have dinner on the table in no time!

What Side Dish Goes With Stir Fry

There are a number of delicious side dishes that go well with stir fry. rice is the most popular and classic choice, but noodles also make a great pairing. Other good options include quinoa, couscous, or even roasted potatoes.

When it comes to vegetables, almost anything goes! Some of our favorites to add into the mix are broccoli, carrots, snow peas, bell peppers, and mushrooms. But feel free to get creative and mix things up according to what you have on hand or what sounds good to you.

For an extra bit of flavor and texture, we like to top our stir fry with chopped peanuts or sesame seeds. And of course, don’t forget the soy sauce (or tamari for a gluten-free version) – it really ties everything together!

What to Make With Chicken Stir Fry

When it comes to stir fry, chicken is always a great option. Not only is it packed with protein, but it also takes on whatever flavors you throw at it. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite chicken stir fry recipes for you to try.

Whether you like your stir fry sweet and sticky or spicy and sizzling, we’ve got a recipe for you. And if you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve even thrown in a couple of unique takes on the classic dish.So fire up your wok and get ready to cook up some deliciousness!

What to Serve With Stir Fry Noodles

Stir fry noodles are a delicious and easy way to get your fix of Chinese food. But what do you serve with them? Here are some ideas:

1. Chicken and broccoli stir fry: This classic dish is made with chicken, broccoli, and a variety of other vegetables stir fried in a savory sauce. Serve it over a bed of rice or noodles. 2. shrimp and snow pea stir fry: A light and fresh take on stir fry, this dish features shrimp, snow peas, and other vegetables cooked in a delicate sauce.

It’s perfect for springtime! Serve it over rice or noodles. 3. beef and green pepper stir fry: A hearty dish that’s sure to please, this one features beef, green peppers, and other veggies cooked in a flavorful sauce.

Serve it over rice or noodles for a complete meal. 4. veggie stir fry: For a vegetarian option, try this tasty dish made with an assortment of vegetables cooked in a savory sauce. It’s great over rice or noodles!


If you’re looking for the perfect side dish to complement your chicken stir fry, look no further! We’ve got you covered with a list of our top 10 favorite sides. From rice and noodles to vegetables and salad, there’s something for everyone.

So go ahead and give one of these a try tonight!

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