What to Serve With Chicken Pot Pie?

One of America’s favorite comfort foods is chicken pot pie. This dish is usually made with a creamy chicken and vegetable filling, and a flaky crust. It can be served as a main course or as a side dish.

When serving chicken pot pie as a main course, you will need to choose some sides that complement the flavors in the dish. Some good choices are mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, and a salad.

There are a lot of different ways that you can make chicken pot pie. You can use any type of chicken, mix in some vegetables, and top it with a variety of different pie crusts. But what do you serve with chicken pot pie?

One option is to serve it with a side salad. This will help to lighten up the dish and add some more nutrients. Another option is to serve it with starch, like mashed potatoes or rice.

This will help to soak up any extra sauce from the pot pie. You could also get creative and try something new! Chicken pot pie is often served with biscuits on top, but you could try using other types of bread or even crackers.

Get creative and experiment until you find the perfect pairing for your chicken pot pie!

What to Serve With Mini Chicken Pot Pies?

When it comes to comfort food, few dishes can compete with chicken pot pie. The savory filling and flaky crust are the perfect combinations, and when they’re miniaturized, they make for an even more impressive presentation. But what do you serve with these little bites of heaven?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-A simple green salad is always a good option. The crispness of the lettuce will contrast nicely with the richness of the pot pies.

-For something heartier, pair them with roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes.

-If you want to keep things light, steamed vegetables would be a great accompaniment.

-And of course, no meal is complete without bread! Biscuits or rolls would both be delicious choices.

What Bread Goes With Chicken Pot Pie?

When it comes to comfort food, chicken pot pie is hard to beat. The creamy filling and flaky crust make it the perfect meal for a cold winter day. But what kind of bread should you serve with chicken pot pie?

There are a few different options that would work well. A crusty baguette or ciabatta would be great for dipping into the sauce. Or, if you want something a little heartier, try serving the pot pie with a slice of cornbread or biscuit on the side.

Whichever bread you choose, make sure to warm it up before serving so that it’s nice and soft for soaking up all that deliciousness!

What Kind of Salad Goes With Chicken Pot Pie?

When it comes to comfort food, chicken pot pie is definitely at the top of the list. This creamy, savory dish is perfect for a cold winter day – and even better when paired with a delicious salad. But what kind of salad goes best with chicken pot pie?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. A simple green salad is always a good choice. Add some crumbled bacon or roasted nuts for extra flavor.

2. A Caesar salad is another great option. The rich dressing pairs perfectly with the creamy pot pie filling.

3. For something different, try a fruit salad. Add diced apples, pears, or grapes for sweetness and crunch.

4. Or, go for a hearty grain salad made with quinoa or farro. This type of salad will help fill you up without weighing you down.

No matter what type of salad you choose, it’s sure to be a delicious complement to your chicken pot pie!

What Sauce Goes With Chicken Pot Pie?

When it comes to chicken pot pie, there are a variety of sauces that can be used to top it off. Some popular options include gravy, cream sauce, and even tomato sauce. No matter what your preference is, there is definitely a sauce out there that will pair perfectly with your chicken pot pie.

If you are looking for something classic, then gravy is the way to go. You can never go wrong with this tried and true topping. For those who like things a little bit creamier, then a cream sauce would be a great option.

And if you are wanting something with a little bit more of a zesty flavor, then tomato sauce is a perfect choice. No matter what type of sauce you choose, it is sure to take your chicken pot pie to the next level. So don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect pairing for your own personal taste buds.

What to Serve With Chicken Pot Pie

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How Do You Serve a Chicken Pot Pie?

When it comes to comfort food, chicken pot pie is hard to beat. The savory filling and flaky crust make it a hearty meal that will warm you up on a cold day. If you’re serving chicken pot pie for dinner, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure it’s perfect.

First, preheat your oven to the temperature specified in the recipe. This is important so that the crust has time to bake and the filling gets hot all the way through. While the oven is preheating, start working on the filling.

Dice the vegetables and cook them until they’re soft before adding the cooked chicken and gravy. Once everything is combined, pour it into a baking dish. Next, roll out your dough for the crust.

You can use store-bought dough or make your own from scratch. Place the dough over the top of the filling and use a knife to cut slits in the top so steam can escape while it’s baking. Bake according to directions until everything is hot and bubbly.

Once it’s done, let it cool for a few minutes so you don’t burn yourself when digging in! Serve with a side of green beans or another vegetable for a complete meal.

What Do You Serve With Pies?

There are a variety of pies that can be served as a dessert or main dish. The most common type of pie is the fruit pie, which can be made with fresh or canned fruits. Other popular types of pies include cream pies, custard pies, chocolate pies, and pumpkin pies.

When serving a pie, it is typically accompanied by whipped cream, ice cream, or lemonade.

What Goes With Meat Pie for Dinner?

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to what goes with a meat pie for dinner. Some people say that you can never go wrong with mashed potatoes, while others believe that gravy is the only way to go. Still, others think that a salad or vegetables are the best way to round out a hearty meat pie meal.

No matter what your opinion is, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. One classic option is to serve meat pie with mashed potatoes and gravy. This comfort food combination is sure to please any appetite.

For those who like their meals a little lighter, a green salad goes nicely with a meat pie. If you’re looking for something in between, roasted vegetables make a great side dish. They add flavor and color to the plate without being too heavy.

No matter what you choose to serve with your meat pie, enjoy every bite!

How Do You Keep the Bottom Crust of a Pot Pie from Getting Soggy?

When it comes to pot pies, the key to a crispy bottom crust is all in the baking dish. Avoid using glass or ceramic dishes, which can cause the bottom crust to become soggy. Instead, opt for a metal pan or a disposable aluminum foil pan.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and place the empty pan inside to heat up while you prepare your pot pie filling.

Once the filling is ready, take the hot pan out of the oven and add your ingredients. Be sure to evenly distribute the filling so that there’s no excess moisture pooling at the bottom of the dish.

Then, gently place the top crust over the filling and crimp or flute the edges to seal in all of those delicious flavors.Bake your pot pie for 30-35 minutes, until the crust is golden brown and flaky. Let it cool for 5-10 minutes before serving so that you don’t burn yourself on any molten-hot fillings!


If you’re looking for a comforting and easy meal, chicken pot pie is the perfect option. But what should you serve with it? Here are some ideas:

A simple green salad is a great way to start your meal. Add some crunch with croutons or nuts, and a tangy dressing will brighten up the flavors of the pot pie.For a heartier side dish, roasted vegetables are always a good choice.

potatoes, carrots, and parsnips would be especially delicious alongside chicken pot pie.And of course, no meal is complete without bread! A warm loaf of crusty bread is perfect for sopping up all the rich sauce from the pot pie.

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