Smartest ways to utilize the Leftover Nuts in your Kitchen


Nuts may appear mild and useless besides few recipes that can use their nutty flavor and crunchy texture. Nuts are one of the healthiest things that can augment your favorite dishes with a subtle touch of lusciousness and rich consistency. Numerous recipes harmonize with a handful of roasted nuts, and here we’ll share some great ideas that can help you utilize your extra nuts in a splendid way that you will eventually satisfy your taste buds.

Start your day with Scrumptious Walnut/Almond Granola

Walnut/Almond Granola

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Granola is one of the delicious snacks that can simply enhance your appetite with soothing flavors and high dietary fiber. You can quickly prepare the traditional granola by utilizing the walnut and almonds in such a way that they offer a rich texture as well as superior savor that leaves you craving for more. You can garnish your granola with roasted nuts, or you can simply crush them and spread it over the freshly-prepared granola. Make sure that you garnish your meal with grated almonds that give a soothing gaze.

Satisfy your Hunger with crunchy Oatmeal and Cashew Cookies

Oatmeal and Cashew Cookies

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with delightful oatmeal and cashew nut cookies that can easily satisfy your appetite. You can quickly utilize the fresh cashew nuts kept in your kitchen by making rich and crunchy cookies that also ensures an adequate amount of carbohydrates and proteins. You just need to collect all the ingredients that are required in preparing the conventional cookies with oatmeal and just add cashews either in the actual size or you can crush them. Moreover, you can also add raisins, almonds, or pistachios that perfectly give an immense pleasure of taste each time you take a bite. Make sure you choose the choices ingredients that complement your meal and ensure rich taste.

Honey-Roasted Fruits and Nuts for a perfect Snack Time

Honey-Roasted Fruits and Nuts

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Thinking out of the box to experiment with the extra nuts in your kitchen? Well, you can create a delicious snack that will be highly appreciated by your guests and acquaintances. You just need to roast the nuts in a pan with honey and toast them until they become golden brown. The crunchy dry fruits with flavorsome nuts combine to form a mouth-watering on the go snack that you can carry with yourself on your family outings and holiday trips. Moreover, you can easily experiment with this meal by adding a pinch of your favorite spices and salt to make it a sweet and salty appetizer.

Peanut and Walnut Energy Bars to boost your Stamina

Peanut and Walnut Energy Bars

Tired of the dull taste of traditional energy bars? Why not prepare your healthy energy bar that can simply bump up your energy level? You can quickly make an energy bar by adding walnuts and peanuts to your existing energy bar, or you can freshly prepare a customized energy bar with the choices ingredients including hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, and much more. This is one of the perfect ways to utilize your leftover nuts in a trendy way without dealing with their dull looks.

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