6 Innovative Ways to Infuse Tea Leaves in your Recipes

Ever realized? Tea is as much a cooking ingredient as a drink on its own!

What if, if we say that you can savor your favorite tea in each meal of the day! There are different types of tea with their own profile, flavor, and aroma, which can add a differentiated essence to your basic dishes.

You might have heard of the green tea ice-cream or the smoked duck recipe, but a spoonful of tea leaves is much more than that. Here are the six easy and innovative ways of infusing tea leaves in your recipes that can resultantly make them more appetizing-

Replace the brewed tea with water

Using tea in place of water? Sounds intriguing?

Brew the tea and allow it to cool at room temperature. Use the brewed tea to cook rice, millets, soup, or for poaching the fruits. The green tea works well with vegetables and poultry items while the black tea rehydrates the food items like vegetable protein and mushrooms.

Use Tea leaves as spices or herbs

Infuse tea leaves

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As a herb, you can finely grind the tea leaves and directly add them to the dishes as they cook. And, as a spice, you can mix it with the thyme, salt, black pepper for a zesty blend, which can be added to any recipe for a bold flavor.

Use fine tea leaves for marinades and dressings

Ways to Infuse Tea Leaves

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Salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika marinade for your favorite dishes have just been so conventional.

Try something new and innovative! Give a try to tea leaves as a marinade or dressings. You just need to add the brewed tea the mixture of the marinade and use to marinate tofu, soy cake, and other vegetables for a crisp and roasted flavor.

Infuse tea leaves with butter, salts, and oils

Tea leaves uses

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For making your own tea infused salts, take a 1/4th cup of any coarse salt and grind it with 1 tbsp of tea leaves.

For a tea infused butter or oil- Let butter melt on room temperature and mix it up with tea leaves. Set the mixture in a container and let it rest in the refrigerator until it becomes firm for usage.

Infuse tea into your favorite dessert

Dairy items and tea leaves go well together. You can infuse desserts, puddings, or custards with the crisp flavor of tea by blending it with warm milk. Use earl gray tea leaves into the next batch of cookies for a different flavor.

Bake the tea cookies

Baking buff? Matcha( Processed green tea) cookies?

This is the most creative as well as a delicious way to infuse tea leaves. Rather than giving usual flavoring to your cookies, mix the matcha powder in your baking mixture. Add 1 tablespoon of crushed tea leaves or matcha for every cup of flour and get that strong lingering taste in your baked delicacy.

With these tricks, you might have got some innovative ideas to try in your recipes. Take heart of these and give a try to one or the other recipe this weekend.


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