6 Unusual Ways to Use Mint Leaves for Cooking

Is your home mint plant exploding and you are not sure what to do with it?

Mint is one of the easiest available, underrated, and refreshing ingredients present around us.

With plenty of mint leaves present around us; our heads still get boggled around their uses. To put an end to your worries; we have brought the six most unusual ways to use mint leaves.

Make Mint Tea for Proper Digestion

For making mint tea, you require 5-10 sprigs of mint leaves (depending on how strong you want it).

Crush them with the help of a wooden spoon and pour hot boiling water over the leaves and let them steep.

You can remove the leaves take the tea or chew them as you sip your mint tea.

Freshen Up Your Smoothie Recipe

Kale and Spinach are not only the green leaves, which work best with the smoothies.

A handful of crushed mint leaves in smoothie give it a taste of delicious dessert. Adding mint sprigs enhances the taste of the drink while making it more refreshing.

Apart from using it in smoothies, you can also use them with fresh fruits to make infused water.

Use it While Making a Healthy Soup

Mint is never our first option when it comes to enhancing the flavor of the soups. But, a carrot or a pea and mint soup make a delicious and well as healthy combination.

And, also soups made with the addition of mint are perfect for patio parties as they are quite refreshing.

Add Mint in your Baking Delicacies

No, we are not talking about adding mint extracts in your favorite truffles; some baking triumphs are actually made from mint.

Give Chocolate and Mint Truffles a try:


One-third cup of fresh mint leaves

2 Tablespoon Cream and Butter

8 oz chocolate


Heat the cream. Bring it to cool and add some chopped mint leaves in it. Allow the mint leaves to get immersed in the cream for almost 10-15 minutes. Now, mix grated chocolate and butter.

After the mint has steeped; boil the cream and strain out the mint leaves. Whisk all the items together and make small candy balls out of them (Once it is firm). Dip all the candy balls in the melted chocolate and allow it to refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Spruce Up the Salads and Sandwiches

Mint leaves are not taken into consideration when it comes to spruce up the taste of salads and sandwiches. But, mint when combined with fresh tomatoes or cucumber; it comes out to be an exceptional dish.

Enhance the Taste of Basic Vegetable Dishes

Why use mint infused oils when you can directly add fresh mint leaves directly on your vegetables.

All you need is to add slightly roasted mint leaves in the cooked vegetables.

For storing the mint sprigs, keep them in water for few days or store them in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Now, mint is not anymore a sweetening or a refreshing herb; you just only need to get creative to use it in delicious dishes.


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