7 Types of Salt and their Uses Every Cook Should Know

Salt makes the food taste better- yes we are only aware of the use of salt as a regular taste enhancer.

But, salt goes a lot beyond enhancing the taste to its numerous benefits.

There is a large variety of salts including black, white, iron red, pink, and fire red gray. And, knowing the difference between Kosher, Himalayan, Regular and Sea Salt will make a world of difference in your dishes.

With so many different types of salt available and knowing how and when to use; here is a brief guide to seven types of culinary salts along with their benefits, which will help you decide what is best for your needs.

The Regular Table Salt

The regular table salt is a highly refined spice, which is bleached out and is used for everyday cooking purposes.

Derived from mineral iodine this salt enhances the taste and also help in fighting the iodine-related diseases such as Hypothyroidism.

Kosher Salt

This salt was named as ‘Kosher’ as it is commonly used for the preparation of kosher meat.

It has large, coarse, and irregular shaped crystal and is originated from either sea or earth. This salt also dissolves quickly making it an all-purpose salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt

This salt is harvested and derived from the foothills of Himalayan range and is basically a fossil sea salt. Its mineral content gives the dishes a bolder flavor than other salts and is also used to add a bit of sharpness on a salt-rimmed margarita!

Sea Salt

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Made from the evaporated sea water, the sea salt is quite unrefined and less grained than the table salt. Consisting of potassium, zinc, and iron, this sea salt is more complex and tangy in taste.

There are various benefits of sea salt including weight loss, positive effects on immune system, reduction of cholesterol level, and muscle cramping.

Celtic Sea Salt

Known as gray salt! This salt is harvested from the tidal ponds situated in a particular area of France.

It is moist in texture as it is extracted from mineral-rich seawater.

Celtic Sea salt is known to promote various health benefits such as giving you better sleep and balancing electrolytes in your body.

Fleur De Sel




This salt is derived by scraping the crystals from the water body’s surface before they sink to the bottom.

It has delicate and irregular crystals, which makes it an all-purpose cooking salt.

Smoked Salt

Uses of salt

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This salt is slowly smoked over wood for almost two weeks.

Depending on the type of wood used and time smoked, this salt varies from brand to brand. It is the best salt among all as it can be used seamlessly for adding a smoky flavor to dishes such as meat or potatoes.

While people believe that consumption of sodium is not good for health but depriving yourself of salt could also worsen the body.

You can opt for less refined salt while making sure there is enough iodine in your diet. And, apart from enhancing the taste, salt has a lot of surprising uses, which you may not know about!



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