Tips And Tricks To Make Shopping A Breeze

How would you feel if you could get your shopping done fast, easy, without going off the list, and less often? Does it sound too good to be true? Follow these tips and tricks and you will see how simple shopping can be!

1. Keep to The Edges

Most grocery stores are organized after the same pattern: flowers at the entrance, spirits near the exit, fridges, and freezers on the back wall, and snacks, sweets, soft drinks, etc. in the middle. Stick to the edges to avoid impulse buys.

2. Make a List

Come prepared! Make a list of the items you need to buy and how much of each. Only buy what is on the list, no matter how much you “need” something. This does not apply to the situations when you see an item and remember it should have been on the list.

3. Think in Recipes

Plan what you want to cook for the next week and make your list accordingly. Check with the recipes and only buy what they ask for, in the amounts they call for.

4. Reward Yourself

The last item on your shopping list can be a little something for yourself. Knowing that you have that reward will help keep you focused. Set a price range and stay within it.

5. Eat Before

Never go shopping when hungry! Everything will look good and you will end up buying too much food, that will only spoil later in your fridge.

6. Set a Schedule

Pick a day of the week to go shopping and always go on that day. Routine will help you stay on track.

7. Track Your Finances

Keep an eye on your budget, either on paper or use Qube Money to make sure you do not overspend when doing grocery shopping! Acting as a digital wallet, Qube Money will help you organize your shopping budget and keep track of the rest of your finances separately. It will also show you how much money you are spending on particular items so that you know exactly what could benefit from a budget cut. Having an overview of your spendings will really help you with future financial adjustments.

8. Plan for Big Spendings

When you need new appliances or cookware, plan ahead and save money, if you can do without the item for a few weeks.

9. Have an Emergency Fund

For those unplanned, unpredictable expenses, you need an emergency store of money that you can use immediately. Build it slowly and only use it for actual emergencies!

10.  Plan a Big Shopping Day

Once a month plan for a bigger scale shopping trip. Go to a large store that sells everything you need and stock up on non-perishables like laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, and toiletries.

11.  A Day for Clothes

Dedicate a day for clothes and shoes shopping every four months. Like this, you can stay in trend and include fashion in your budget. Set yourself a budget and keep to it!

12.  Buy in Bulk

Non-perishables are always cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Track how much of each you use every month and buy a little extra, just to be safe.

13.  Shop at the End of the Month

The best time to go for your big run shopping trip is just before your paycheck. Like this, you will not spend all of your money at the start of the month and struggle to make ends meet.

14.  Shop Alone

When you go shopping with a friend or partner, you are likely to drag each other to different areas of the store and end up buying things you do not need.

15.  Listen to Music

Having some tunes in your ears will help you focus on the things you need and will limit distractions that can lead to impulse buys.

16.  Leave the Kids at Home

Lastly, avoid meltdowns and puppy eyes by leaving the kids at home. They will inevitably want something. If you cannot leave them at home, promise them one item reward after shopping!

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