These Ideas Will Change The Way You Think About CORNS

Roast it, grill it or boil it and then spice it up with your favorite seasoning. Canned or on-the cob, corns are enough to induce someone’s taste buds to have it now.

But these are not the only way to use corns. Want to know more? Keep reading further.

Easy And Yummy Corn Recipes

Buttery Corns on the Cob

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Boil corns (on the cob) in slow cooker until soft. Allow it to cool and then apply your flavor butter like Serrano Chile or Gorgonzola-Bacon butter, season with spices, and it’ll taste like never before.

Corn Fritters

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Add canned corns in your fritters batter and make your kids kiss your hands for such amazing snacks.

Grilled Corns, Sweet Pepper, and Sausage Kabobs

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Break the cobs into smaller pieces. Thread the pieces of sweet pepper, sausage and corns’ cobs on a grilling skewer. Brush Italian dressing on it and grill it until vegetables are tender and charred. It makes a scrumptious 30-minute family-friendly meal for your dinner rotation.

Slow Cooker Creamed Corns

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Add corns, chopped onions and tomatoes, spices, butter and 3-4 tablespoon of milk in a slow cooker. Cover it and cook until the mixture turns creamy and veggies and corns turn soft. Garnish it with green onion and serve it as a snack-time treat.

Ham and Corn Quiche Cups

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Take a muffin pan, use ham as a crust and load it with corns, cheese, and chopped veggies. Try this if you want to make something new to your foodie kids.

Mexican Corn Salad

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In a wide salad bowl, combine husked corn ears, mayonnaise, lime juice, paprika, pepper, crumbled Parmesan, chopped cilantro, salt and ground pepper all to your taste and quantity you want. Mix all ingredients well and serve as a side dish for grilled pork.

Cheddar Sweet Corn Pie

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This 20-minute oven-ready pie is a perfect marriage of freshly produced cheese and well-processed sweet corns. You need butter, chopped yellow onions, minced garlic cloves, corns, bread crumbs, cheddar cheese, salt, white pepper, and eggs.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, mix all ingredients and transfer the batter to a greasy pie plate. Bake it until slightly puffed and brownish. Top it with paprika and chives and serve hot.

Corn Ice Cream Shortcake

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Corn is not just for eating off the cob, but you can also make an unexpectedly sweet ice cream sandwiched with buttermilk shortcake and garnished with blueberry compote.

To make the ice cream: Blend corns in a blender for a puree form and bring it to medium heat. Set it aside to let it cool down. Meanwhile, whisk egg yolk and sugar in a bowl. Also, add corn puree into the mixture when it’s cool. Mix it well, transfer into ice cream maker and freeze until firm.

Corn Pudding

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Add whole kernel, cream-style corn or corn muffins in your pudding at your next family dinner.

Sweet Corn Fried Rice

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Do you love loads of veggies in fried rice? Try corns next time for a unique and kid-friendly fried rice recipe.

Roasted Beef and Corn Wraps

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Zesty jalapeno cream cheese, creamy avocado, tangy tomatoes, fresh sweet corn and roasted beef, these ingredients make a flavorful and colorful beef and corn wrap recipe just within about half an hour.


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