A Guide to Sugar Substitutes That Can Help You Ace Your Weight Loss Game

Why do we always opt for a sugar-free ice-cream than a regular one? Or, why do we choose a diet drink rather than an aerated one!

No matter how much you try to avoid sugar; we always end up choosing the artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes.

And, with a plethora of sugar and its substitutes available; you can easily get confused to take a decision that what is best for their health. Whether you are baking cakes at home or trying sugar alternatives for your weight loss, here is the guide that you can refer to.

Natural Substitutes- A Healthy Option to Sugar


Stevia is a herb from Latin America. This sugar substitute is thirty times sweeter than table sugar but is calorie-free and has no side effects. It has no chemical additives and also helps in improving the insulin sensitivity.

Palm Sugar or Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is quite similar to brown sugar and is derived from collecting the sap or nectar from the flowers of the coconut tree.

It has low levels of the glycemic index than the normal table sugar, which does not let your insulin and sugar levels to increase.

Raw Honey

This is the most natural and easily available substitute, which you can use in your weight loss regime or during the daily uses.

Apart from being natural, it also has plenty of anti-bacterial properties that will help you in maintaining proper health and weight.


Agave is an extract from the cactus plant in Mexico. It is derived from the raw nectar of agave plant, has a low glycemic index and almost tastes like honey.

  1. Organic Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can also be considered as an alternative to the table as long as it is not blended with corn syrup.

This syrup is derived by boiling and refining of the sap of maple trees and also contains many important minerals like iron, calcium, and manganese.

No matter, what amount of sugar substitutes you use; you should always try to cut down on the sugar used to keep your heart healthy.

Artificial Sugar Substitutes that you Should Avoid

Glucose and Fructose

These are the monosaccharide and disaccharide, which are made from combining the variation of other forms of sugar such as lactose and sucrose. Also, they have a high amount of glucose molecules, which has sweetness equivalent to table sugar.


Aspartame is a low-calorie sugar substitute, which has hundred times more sweet than regular table sugar.


Saccharin is the oldest and available sugar substitute. It is three hundred times than the regular processed sugar and is also known to cause diabetes; if regularly consumed.


Sucralose is a calorie free substitute, which is a combination of sucrose along with the high quantity of chlorine.

Being a great weight loss product; the main issue with the sucralose is that it kills the bacteria in your intestine and also promotes damage to it.

So, next time you binge on a sugar-free dessert; make sure you check all the sugar and sugar substitutes, which are added into it.





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