10 Utterly Surprising Uses of Table Salt other than Cooking

Trying to cut down on sodium intake and want to get rid of all the leftover salt in the kitchen?

Well, you’re in luck! Because the normal table salt has almost 14,000 uses, which most of us are unaware about!

Whether you believe it or not; the normal table salt can help you keep your windows free, clean the oven, revive the coffee, and much more.

Other than enhancing the flavor and culinary uses of salt; we’ve listed down ten ingenious uses this kitchen essential.

You can never go wrong with a salt container beside you.

Clean your essential Kitchen Appliances

It has never been easy cleaning the greasy iron, sink drains, and stained cups.

All you need is to mix salt with a dish soap to remove the stubborn stains from cups and pans.

Prevent the grease from building up in the kitchen drain by pouring the mixture of salt and hot water in the sink.

Enhance the Sweetness of your Chocolate Cookie

A sprinkle of salt on a sweet cookie?

Yes, A bit of table salt on a chocolate cookie will enhance its flavor while preventing it from cloying.

Never Say NO to an Eggcellent Idea

Peeling hard boiled eggs is a tough job! To ease it off; just add a tablespoon of salt in the water before boiling.

The salt softens the core and makes it easy to remove the peels.

Clean the Chopping Board

Your wooden chopping board will have the stubborn stains and odors after many uses. Clean the chopping board by sprinkling some kosher salt and then rubbing a slice of lemon onto it in a circular direction.

Bid a Farewell to the Bitter Brew

In case, if you’ve brewed your coffee that it turned out too bitter in taste; just add a pinch of salt and restore its taste to the original flavor.

Don’t Let the Sliced Fruits and Vegetables Turn Brown

Fed up of sliced fruits and vegetables brown?

To prevent the discoloration of the sliced fruits and vegetables, just add them to a bowl of salt water before serving.

Put Out Kitchen Fires Quickly

Kitchen fires can easily take place whenever you are cooking greasy or fried foods.

If the grease fire in the kitchen is getting out of control. Pour some salt rather than splashing water on it.

We recommend keeping a salt container handy when cooking with oils.

Remove Strong Odor from your Hands


Table salt uses

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This is one of the most easy uses of salt. Onion and Garlic leave an odor on your hands. And, to get rid of this odor from your hands, wet your hands; rub them with salt and rinse.

Make a delicious Yummy Steak

Get the cooking of Yummy Steak like a pro!

Cook it in a utensil sprinkled with a teaspoon of kosher, coarse or table salt. The salt crystals will not let the meat stick and will also give a great crust in the dish.

Protect the Color of Green Vegetables

Preserve the chlorophyll of green veggies such as broccoli, spinach or beans by adding salt to the cooking water during the boil.

You can also use these useful kitchen tips along with these uses of salt and ease your everyday cooking chores.


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