Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Non-stick 10-Pieces Cookware Set Review

Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Non-stick 10-Pieces Cookware Set tends to be an outstanding value while even still colorful and unique, getting a feeling of fashion to your kitchen. The rigid enamel exterior is functional and beautiful, providing even and quick temperature distribution with an elegant two-tone incline finish.

The particular long-lasting, nonstick cooking surface allows food release from the skillet, creating cleanup easy and quick. You’ll actually get cooking with this particular incredible set since it contains only basic pieces to make sure you’ll receive your use out of every single pan.

Rachael Ray Porcelain cookware provides greater performance in the best color and also is manufactured out of durable aluminum. This particular 10- piece kitchenware set will include 10 times the particular design for any kitchen and ensure it is simple to tackle recipes of any size. The particular long-lasting non-stick decorations provide impeccable food release and create clearing up a breeze.

Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Non-stick 10-Pieces Cookware Set

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Features of the Product

  • Long-lasting non-stick interiors provide easy food release plus help to make cleaning up the cinch.
  • The kitchenware set’s interesting plus enjoyable two-tone outdoor color can make the bold style declaration and allows at-home cooks to show off their personality in your kitchen.
  • Durable structure heats rapidly and equally, assisting to reduce hot spots that may burn foods.
  • Comfortable grippy handles are twice riveted for extra strength; shatter-resistant glass lids permit the cooking process to be monitored without losing moisture or heat.
  • Lifetime Limited Guarantee

Why Should Purchase This Product?

Rachael Ray’s Hard Enamel Cookware Set is completely easy to use and perfect for your kitchen. Merging superior performance, enjoyable modern color, and sturdy components, this kitchenware set is designed for every person’s favorite dishes and then some.

Sturdy construction promotes heating, assisting to decrease hot spots that may burn off foods, and the striking hues of the cookware’s two-tone enamel outside show a lot of fashionable kitchen personality. For these reasons, customers should purchase this product.

Enticing Features

  • Durable non-stick decorations
  • Comfortable and dual-riveted handles
  • Sturdy glass covers
  • 2-tone gradient color
  • Oven-safe to 350°F
  • Heats and evenly quickly, reducing “hot spots”
  • Simple and quick cleanup
  • Rubberized dual-riveted handle
  • Aluminum design

Benefits of Using This Product

Simple to Use

Plenty of owner reviewers comment positively on the total amount and weight of the Rachael Ray pans and pots, saying they feel durable, plus well-balanced without having to be therefore heavy concerning being unwieldy. They like the cookware’s stay-cool handles plus lids with plastic grips. Overall it is extremely simple to use.


This particular Rachael Ray kitchenware set is made of hard, anodized aluminum cookware along with fun, bright orange-colored handles that put in a pop of color owners appreciate. This cookware keeps well to repeated use in fact it is completely durable.

Excellent Performance

Rachael Ray cookware provides good performance because of its price. Most of the customers are very satisfied with its performance.

Easy to Transport

This particular cookware’s rubberized handles, which are dual riveted for strength, enable easy transport, pouring, and turning, and they are oven conserve for added comfort.


  • Beautiful and functional: Stylish two-tone gradient exterior adds color and style to any kitchen plus, this cookware evenly heats rapidly.
  • Non-stick Interiors: A long-lasting non-stick interior permits food to glide off and also can make washing quick and easy
  • Fixed includes: 1-quart, protected saucepan, 2-quart, protected saucepan, 6-quart, protected stockpot, 3-quart, protected sauté, 8.5-inch skillet, 10-inch frying pan
  • Grippy Handles: The plastic double-riveted handles are usually comfy and range safe to 350°F
  • Tempered glass lids: View your foods prepare without needing to remove the cover to help keep moisture secured in.


  • Not probably the most durable coating
  • Won’t focus on the induction cooktop
  • The handles get hot, even with the foam support.

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Tips for Using This Product


Always await your cookware in order to great it before cleaning. T-fal cookware is simple to clean in cozy, soapy water utilizing a sponge or cloth. Never make use of abrasive cleaners or even scouring pads such as metal wool, checking powder, or oven cleaners. Stubborn spots could be removed along with cleaners that stipulate “safe for non-stick surfaces.”

Whenever cleaning glass covers, usually do not use steel scouring pads or even harsh abrasives, because they may scratch and weaken the glass.

Quick Start Tips

  • Remove all labels plus packaging materials.
  • Wash kitchenware inside warm, soapy water, rinse and dry utilizing a soft cloth or paper towel then.

Common Cooking Tips

  • By no means leave cookware unattended while cooking.
  • Only use low to moderate heat together with your Rachael Ray cookware all the time (including boiling water). Aluminum cookware conducts heat extremely rapidly and evenly.
  • High temperature may harm your Rachael Ray nonstick cookware, and this kind of damage is not really covered under the guarantee.
  • By no means let kitchenware boil dry or even leave a clear piece of cookware on the heated burner.

Lid Use

  • When eliminating lids during cooking, tilt the lid to straighten steam from you and keep your face and hands from steam vents.
  • Don’t place the hot glass cover under cold water, because the temperature change can smash the particular glass. This is simply not protected under the warranty.

Handle and Knobs Use

  • Knobs and handles will get scorching under certain conditions.
  • Have pot holders designed for use always.
  • Whenever cooking, make certain deals with aren’t positioned more than other sizzling writers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the skillet dimensions of the cookware set?

The cookware set features 8.5 inches and 10 inches skillets.

Does any aluminum end up being contained by the set?

The bottom of the set has lightweight aluminum which means it is quick and distributes high temperature evenly when cooking.

Do the lids on the saucepan fit the frying pans?

The big one fits the two larger frying pans; however, the smaller one will not fit the small baking pan.

During these frying pans, is it possible to cut meats within the pan, or is it a good concept?

I would suggest not really cutting anything inside the pan since it scratches the non-stick coating.

Is the non stick finish Teflon?

Indeed. They’re nonstick the only place I’ve seen them stick is just about the mounting bolts that connect the particular deal with to the skillet. I take advantage of silicone utensils with them.

What exactly is the non-stick material?

Anodized Aluminum

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The particular Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Non-stick 10-Pieces Cookware Set provides heating plus excellent non-stick functionality in an extremely inexpensive package. Owners say its performance is consistent every time they use it, with heating and good cooking outcomes over a number of tasks even. It’s also easy to use and well balanced comfortably.

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