9 Poisonous Foods That Are Gradually Killing You

Do a favor to yourself and your loved ones. Read below the list of poisonous foods that you’re probably eating delightfully. Don’t forget to share the information with as many people as possible.

Poisonous Foods in Your Kitchen


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Rice in every form, whether it’s organic rice baby cereal, white rice or brown rice, contains arsenic, which is a carcinogen compound for the human that also causes other health problems. Rice take up this deadly compound naturally from the water and soil on flooded paddies.

As a safety alternative, limit your rice consumption or repeatedly flush rice through hot water to remove off much of arsenic content.


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Nutmeg contains a hallucinogenic drug known as myristicin. This chemical causes seizure, profuse sweating, nutmeg psychosis and a pounding headache, which should be treated right away. In a few reported cases, over-consumption of myristicin leads to death also making is one of the most poisonous foods.

Canned Food

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Canned food has killed many people. Suprised?

The internal linings of cans are infused with a life-threatening chemical known as Bisphenol-A (BPA). When food is stored in these cans, BPA leaches into the food making it poisonous. This chemical is responsible for major diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and ADHD.

Preferring fresh food or food packaged in glass jars is good.

Instant Noodles and Soups

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You buy these in bulk because your kids love it too much, right?

But it is surprising to know that instant noodles remain intact in the stomach, even after two hours. Also, instant soups are not easily digestible. These foods usually come in form-like containers that are made from a petroleum based compound – polystyrene making instant noodles and soup poisonous foods.

When this compound comes into contact with heat or acid,  it leaches into food and stimulants hazardous carcinogens and neurotoxins progression in the human body.

Microwave Popcorn

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Non-stick pans are usually made up of PFOA substance. This same material also lines the siding of microwave popcorn bags to allow the kernels to pop without sticking or burning. Heat in the microwave makes PFOA coat popcorns.

It’s dangerous because PFOA is linked to cancer, thyroid, and growth problems.

Brominated Vegetable Oil

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Known as BVO in short; this oil is a synthetic chemical that exists in soft drinks, citrus-flavored water, and soda pop. This compound is reported to damage liver, heart, kidneys, and testicles. It causes increases cholesterol and toxic effects in the body.

Food Containing GMOs

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Seeds of corns and grains contain Genetically Modified Organisms that allow them to grow them faster. Health problems like small brains, false pregnancy, pre-cancerous cells, liver damage and higher death rates link to GMOs. Food items that are most likely to contain GMOs are cereal, flour, cake mixes, corn meal, beer and corn syrup.

Rhubarb Leaves

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Use the stalk and stay away from rhubarb leaves as these leaves contain two potent toxins – oxalic acid and anthraquinone glycoside. Eating these leaves can cause burning sensation in the throat, breathing problems, nausea, stomach pain, red-colored urine, kidney stone, and to worse, a person can go into a coma or even die.

Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs

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Raw meat, seafood, poultry and uncooked eggs contain salmonella bacteria that cause gastroenteritis in the human body and leads to serious complications like weakening immune system and bacteremia.



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