How Do You Roast An Amazing Pig On A Spit?

I simply adore backyard cookouts and get together. All of the family friends, and of course, the food. Cookouts with me always have piles of delicious foods to snack on. Even when I hold potluck style parties, I make sure that the main dish is something that is well made and ties the party together. There are plenty of options for main courses that can make a spectacular centerpiece of your cookout. One of my favorite things to make at a cookout is a pig on a spit! Here I will tell you why this meal is so great and give you some basic pointers how to start your pig on a spit cookout!

How Do You Make A Pig On A Spit?

I love pig on a spit because it makes cooking out an event. It makes a memorable aspect of the cookout that is fun and engaging for everyone. It makes plenty of delicious food as well. You can also theme your get together around it, making your party have a fun island theme. So, how do you make a well-roasted pig? Well, let me give you the basics:

Finding Your Pig

When looking for a pig, you should not settle for any old pig that you come across. You have to be vigilant and find that perfect pig for you. Also, don’t think about size as a goal. The best pigs for roasting on a spit are 90 pounds of under. Larger and older pigs may seem like they have more meat on them, but the meat will be tougher and contain a higher fat content. The younger smaller pigs have enough fat to melt as you cook, but not too much. They also have more tender and delicious meat. You won’t be adding much to the pig so making sure that it is quality is important.

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Have The Right Gear

The one thing you will want to have to roast your pig is a good spit. In fact, it would nearly impossible to roast the pig this way without it. You may not want to invest in your own spit roaster equipment unless this is something you want to do on a regular basis. Most places that offer full pigs for sale also rent spits out so that you won’t need to get your own.

You will also want to have the right materials for the fire. I recommend charcoal briquettes for a nice even and consistent cooking situation. You will want plenty of them as well, as the big is best if cooked slowly, evenly and with great patience. You will also want some tools to shift around the coals and organize the fire. Make sure whatever you use can manipulate it accurately, as you want your fire pit to be perfect.

Grab some good kitchenware as well. Some basic tools that you would want during any cookout. A nice pair of tongs is quite. You will also want your basic seasonings. Salt is most of what you will need in the seasoning department as the pig will provide enough amazing flavor on its own. But if there are other seasonings you want, it is your prerogative. The last item you will need is a meat thermometer.

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Preparing The Fire

Start with lighting about 30 pounds of charcoal, lit and placed in two rows about 12 inches apart. You don’t want the coals arranged directly under the pig. This is because as the pig cooks, the fat will melt and drip down. Between the rows of charcoal, you should have a drip tray or mound of sand to catch these drippings. If the charcoal is under the pig, the drippings will land directly on the fire. When the drippings land on the fire, it can cause flare ups. The rows of charcoal should be at least the length of the pig to cook the entire thing.

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Cooking The Pig

The driving mantra for cooking a pig on the roast should be slow, and low. Cooking the pig will take hours, and you want it to. If it starts showing distinct signs of cooking in the first hour, you are going too fast. Slow down the cooking, and let the pig slowly roast over your low heat. You don’t want the crispy crackle on the skin until it is almost over, in the last hour of cooking.

When the pig gets close to being done, use the meat thermometer to test the temperature. You know the pig is ready when the internal temperature if the pig reaches between 165 and 170 degrees. Make sure that thermometer is not touching bone, and is placed into the ham portion of the pig. This will assure that you get the best reading.

When your pig hits that temperature, take it away from the fire and rest it. The pig should rest for about 20 minutes away from the heat for the best results.

A Fabulous Cookout

For a fabulous cookout, try roasting a pig on a spit. Find the perfect sized pig to roast for your party. Get the fire set up and roast slow on low heat until that pig is ready to eat. If you do it right, that meat will melt in your mouth with delicious flavor. Your party will certainly be a cookout to remember with all of your friends with such a perfect main course!

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