Pampered Chef Mandoline Slicer: 2 Reviews of the Most Beloved Models

If you’re ready to take your cooking to the next level, make more professional meals, or just have an easier time in the kitchen, it’s time for you to get a mandolin slicer.

Pampered Chef Mandoline Slicer

What is a pampered chef mandoline slicer? Perhaps you have seen a mandoline slicer at Wal-Mart and wondered what it does. These incredible tools allow you to get even slices of vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses without a fuss. With a sharp blade, food holder, and a steady base, a mandoline slicer can make cooking fun again.

When you purchase a slicer, you no longer have to fuss over a kitchen knife and struggle to get even slices of your favorite foods. You can just slide your food across the blade, with your fingers securely within the handguard, and quickly get the pieces you need to make your meal.

Pampered Chef Mandoline Slicer

The two most popular styles of mandolin slicers are the class V-style with fold-out legs and the smaller paddle-style mandolin. Both can offer different benefits and features for the user.

Some of the best mandoline slicers on the market today come from Pampered Chef simple slicer range. To choose the right tool for you, check out our mandoline slicer reviews below. We will look at features, benefits, and downsides of two tremendously popular mandolin slicers.

About Pampered Chef



In 1980, Doris Christopher founded the Pampered Chef company with one goal in mind: to make cooking better. In the decades since, Pampered Chef has produced a wide range of products that work hard so that you don’t have to. It’s the company’s mission to help you have a no-fuss cooking experience.

In today’s world, people rarely have time to prepare, cook, and enjoy a meal at home. However, Pampered Chef’s life of powerful tools aims to change all of that. With a food slicer by your side, you can quickly make enjoyable meals that you can be proud of.

Pampered Chef is now part of Berkshire Hathaway, which means they directly sell their high-quality products. In fact, if you fall in love with your Pampered Chef mandoline slicer, you can even become an independent consultant yourself.

When you purchase a food and vegetable slicer from Pampered Chef, your product comes backed by their years of quality testing. In the years since the company’s inception, they have taken customer feedback seriously to create better products.

Pampered Chef has a team of home economists, scientists, chefs, dieticians, and more working in their test kitchens. Each new product goes through rigorous testing in those kitchens to be sure that they truly make cooking in your home easier.

You may have heard of Pampered Kitchen through one of their 1 million shows throughout the United States each year. While this is the primary way Pampered Chef sells their products, you can also find them on their website and Amazon.

You can feel great about your Pampered Chef purchase. This company gives a lot of money to charities that fight hunger, breast cancer, and more in the United States. It’s one way the company gives back to the community that has allowed it to prosper.

It’s time you had more meals at home. Take back your meal times with Pampered Chef products.

Pampered Chef Ultimate Mandoline Slicer: Quick Review

The first Pampered Chef mandoline slicer to check out is their Ultimate Mandoline®. This classic V-style mandoline comes with interchangeable blades that give you plenty of options for cutting. It also includes many safety features that ensure that your food is the only thing that gets cut.

The interchangeable blades include a straight blade that you can adjust for either 1/16-inch or 1/8-inch slices. You also receive a special blade meant for soft foods like tomatoes and cheeses, a crinkle-cut blade, and a grating blade.

Each of the edges, apart from the grater, remain completely flat until the food holder comes over it. This helps guard you against cuts. The extra-wide food holder also protects your fingers as you quickly slice. The non-skid feet and bottom notches help stabilize the tool as you slice as well.

When you’re done, you can put this Pampered Chef mandoline slicer in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Then, just store the blades in the storage box, which is included in your order.

This product is not eligible for the company’s return policy and is more expensive than its little brother, the Simple Slicer. Be sure to keep these things in mind if you are budget-conscious.

Some users have said that it takes a few uses to get the hang of the Ultimate Mandoline®. However, after a few trials, most people learn to use it well. It can also take some time to change the blades, especially because you must do so with caution. Also, make sure you push the blade in all the way until you hear a click, otherwise the slicer won”t work.

This is a great mandolin food slicer for anyone who wants many slicing options and doesn’t mind changing the blades.

Pampered Chef Simple Slicer: Quick Review

The Pampered Chef Simple Slicer is the smaller, paddle-style slicer that gets rave reviews from users of all kinds. At a lower price point than its big brother, this Pampered Chef mandoline slicer is a great option for beginners.

This slicer comes with one blade that is integrated into the design, so you never have to worry about cutting yourself while changing blades. However, this means you can only get a straight cut from this slicer. You can choose between 3 settings when it comes to thickness: 1/16-inch, 1/8-inch, and 3/16-inch thickness.

With the right setting you can get paper thin slices of your favorite fruit and veggies, such as onions or potatoes, but make sure that the food is just right – you don’t want it to fall apart like fresh mushrooms do.

With non-skid feet, you can put this slicer over a cutting board or bowl. It will stay in place as you slice without jolting or slipping. The extra-wide hand guard also helps keep your fingers out of the way of the sharp blade.

Warning: Never use the Pampered Chef Mandoline Simple Slicer without the guard. The blade is scary sharp, so you risk landing in the ER with a cut finger if you’re not paying attention. This is not an automatic slicer so if you’re not accustomed to it, do not try to slice lbs and lbs of vegetables as quick as possible and without a guard. An accident is guaranteed.

Just like with a very sharp chef knife, it takes tons of practice to use the Simple Slicer while keeping your fingers safe. And the absolute safeguard between your hand and the blade is the hand guard. There are dozens of users that have down-voted this product just because they failed to use the guard and cut their fingers (which “never grew back,” as one unhappy users put it). However, it is unfair to place the blame on the product, when a user error is to blame.

The Simple Slicer at work!

When you’re done slicing, you can place this mandoline food slicer in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe. You don’t have to worry about taking apart the blade, either. Tidying up is a cinch.

Once it’s dry, simply put the safety lock on and put into storage. The lock will keep any curious fingers from getting cut while the tool is not in use. This slicer is small in size and compact without needless accessories so that it won’t take up much room in your kitchen. It is the ideal tool for small kitchens and storage spaces.

But its small size can be a problem for some users. You may have to chop your food into small pieces before using this mandoline, such as big apples and onions. In that case you might want give the Ultimate Mandoline slicer a try.

Some users report that it takes some time to get used to this slicer, especially for beginners. However, most people quickly pick up the technique.

This simple slicer does not come with a carrying caddy. However, it may not be necessary thanks to the locking feature. Although the Simple Slicer is less expensive that the Ultimate Mandoline®, some people have found better deals on similar slicers from other brands.

The Simple Slicer is great for inexperienced cooks who want to incorporate mandolin slicers to make cooking more efficient and fun. It is great at slicing potato chips fast and perfectly. Also, because it has three thickness settings, it is a great prop for families to consume plenty of salads as it can slice radishes, tomatoes (even the soft ones), onions, cucumbers, zucchini, pickles equally and very, very thin.

And if you’re looking for the right device to make thin potato chips, the simple mandoline slicer by Pampered Chef is the only tool you need. It takes an investment, but it is superior to cheaper, no name slicers on the market as countless satisfied customers can confirm.

Which Mandoline Slicer is Right for You?

There is no one slicer that is perfect for everyone. To choose the best mandoline slicer for you, there are a few things you should consider. Answering these questions can help you pick between these two great options.

First, think about how you will use your mandoline. Will you want to make crinkle fries and grate things with it, or are you just looking for a simple vegetable slicer? Because the Simple Slicer only offers one cutting style, choose the Ultimate Mandoline® if you want more variety.

The simple slicer comes with one blade while the ultimate slicer comes with 4 different blades for different slicing options, such as julienne, grating, and so on. However, the Ultimate Mandoline Slicer has one thickness which is very thin. You cannot adjust the blades to achieve three levels of thickness as you can do with the Simple Slicer.

Also, the Ultimate Mandoline implies a steeper learning curve and the blades need to be pushed firmly in place all the way in. Otherwise, the slicer will simply won’t work. There are dozens of unhappy buyers who reported that the product is a piece of junk simply because they didn’t set the blade properly. We also agree with many of those users about the Ultimate Mandoline being less user-friendly that the previous Pampered Chef Mandoline slicer models.

Of course, price matters as well. If you are on a tight budget, you might wish to choose the less expensive Simple Slicer. Without a sale, the Ultimate Mandoline® can cost over $60. However, the simple slicer only sets you back around $30. That’s a big difference, but many people may find the extra options are worth the money, especially advanced home cooks that need an all-in-one tool that can take their cooking game to the next level with minimum amount of elbow grease.

So, before buying it, carefully consider whether you are willing to switch out blades manually. While the Ultimate Mandoline® offers many options, you have to switch out the blades yourself. Pampered Chef has made this as safe as possible, but there is still some risk that you will cut yourself.

Finally, think about how much storage space you have for a mandolin. If your kitchen has plenty of extra space, the Ultimate Mandoline® will probably be just fine. However, if you’re short of extra space or you’re always on the run, the Simple Slicer is a better choice.

Whatever you choose, your new tool is sure to make cooking faster and more fun than ever before. These two unique mandoline slicers can bring some joy to your kitchen and help you love to cook. You can quickly get even slices of your favorite foods without the hassle of a kitchen knife. Now, get slicing!

Read more about the different types of Mandoline Slicers out there and about our editors’ favorite mandoline slicer brands in 2020. We’ve got all the info you need to make the perfect choice when investing in a mandoline slicer, including how to use a mandoline slicer and what makes a good slicer stand out from the crowd.

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