Things You Should Know Before Trying The Paleo Diet

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Paleo diet is all about eating like cavemen! Wondering what the paleo diet is? – Join the club! It is not the latest healthy lifestyle, but has been around us for a pretty long time! The main idea behind paleo diet foods is if the caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you!

Foods like pasta, cereals and even candy are restricted during this diet, and things like sage soup, chicken stir fry, and water will take up your daily menu. Some diets are often advertised by companies to increase their business, and some just don’t work, but this is not the case with the paleo diet.


Over 10,000 years ago, cavemen used to hunt for their food and eat everything raw and this diet revolves around the notion of going back in time (not literally) and adopting the healthy and natural ways of our ancestors.

Are you thinking of going the Paleolithic way? Then here are some things that you should know about!


In the paleo diet plan, many often then that they can eat as much as they want as long as it is paleo! This is completely untrue, as creating a moderate balance between foods is necessary, and loading up on “Paleo friendly” carbs or processed food will just defeat the purpose. The right way to go Paleolithic is by focusing on eating real and unprocessed foods like vegetables, healthy fats, and protein. You cannot switch to vegan pancakes from regular pancakes and call it a paleo diet!

In the initial stages of transition, replace unhealthy food with fresh fruit, nutrient enriched carbs, complex carbs, and much more.

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There are two ways to start any diet: going all in at once or taking it slow! Wade in a method in paleo represents the latter and can take over weeks or month to complete the transition. You slowly replace an unhealthy food in your meals, day by day, and after some time, you will successful replace the plate with healthy recipes.

Your bank balance will suffer less with this choice, and instead of throwing all your food out, you can slowly replace them with paleo diet foods. But, you will not experience effective results within a few days of your diet, as you’re not making any drastic changes – results will show, eventually!

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In “all-in” paleo diet plan, you have to make some drastic changes to your food plate, overnight. You will go Paleo, 100% on day 1, and before picking this option, remember if your body can take the pressure. You will surely experience some fantastic changes to your body within one week and some drastic weight loss. But, things can get pretty rough when your body craves carbs, and all you can eat is raw vegetables and meat. Going in all together can also give your body a nutritional shock, as the food that used to fuel your body like grains is no longer on your plate.


So, what is so special and different about paleo diet? Is it eating like cavemen with fewer carbs or all the nutrients your body gets during this plan? Over thousands of years ago, Homo sapiens were tall, muscular, and athletic. They had to hunt their food, and with practically no grains in their diet, there was no way of getting body fat. This changed when we started cultivating grains like corn and wheat, and humans don’t have to hunt for their food anymore.

Our times and methods of eating have changed, but our genetics haven’t changed since then. This gives paleo diet foods its ultimate power and has shown some tremendous results.

Useful Tip:

What happens when you go out on a dinner date, and suddenly all you can see is modern human food on the menu? Don’t worry! Blending gluten-free food with paleo diet food is natural and healthy! You can order by taking indications from the fundamental elements of the paleo diet and pick options like nongrass-fed beef and fish with veggies. Add some lemon and cucumber water into the mix and you have yourself a paleo meal at your favorite restaurant.

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