Omega Masticating Juicer Reviews

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can infuse your body with much-needed vitamins and minerals, improve your overall health, and taste great. It’s no wonder that people across the globe are buying home juicers and incorporating this healing drink into their wellness routines.


Whether you drink just one glass of fresh juice per day or go on a juicing fast, you can see improvements in health. First, you can easily and quickly give your body the micronutrients found in fruits and veggies. If you struggle to get your produce, juicing can offer an easy way to incorporate healthy foods.


Lots of new research suggests that juicing can offer relief from diseases. It may also reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Although smoothies can provide similar benefits, there is some evidence to suggest that juices are more efficient in delivering nutrients.


Studies have shown that having some number of good bacteria in your gut is essential to good health. If you’re not sure that your gut has the bacteria you need, fresh juice can help. Vegetables provide probiotics, which can work with your probiotics to encourage gut health.


If you have high cholesterol, juicing can help get your numbers where they should be. Your doctor may have told you to reduce your intake of beef, pork, and saturated fat and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Juices offer a tasty way to do just that.


As juicing has become part of the mainstream, Omega has provided high-quality juicing appliances to fit consumers’ needs. Robert Leo first launched the company under the name Olympic Products in 1985, but it became Omega Products quickly after. It’s been innovating ever juicing products ever since.


Omega Products offers many different types of juicers, but the best among them is the masticating juicers. Of course, each model has its unique features and potential drawbacks. It’s important to compare appliances to find the best juicer machine for you.


About Omega Juicers


As consumers have become more health conscious, Omega has grown to accommodate people with different needs in a juicer. Omega is the only company on the market to offer centrifugal, masticating, and pulp ejection juicers.


The difference in these styles of machines lies in how they get juice from fruits and vegetables. Both centrifugal and pulp ejection juicers use high-powered motors, sharps blades, and fast rotations to quickly extract juice from fruits and vegetables.


Masticating juicers works a lot slower. To masticate is to slowly grind a substance into a pulp, much like you do when you chew. As such, masticating juicers efficiently grind fruits and vegetables to get almost all the juice and nutrients out.


Although Omega’s centrifugal and pulp ejection juicers tend to be better than other brands’ models, the masticating juicers are the machines to beat. Masticating juicers extract more juice than their counterparts. You can tell because the pulp is dehydrated, which means almost all the juice is right where you want it.


Juicing can be a pricey endeavour, especially if you plan to drink many juices every day. Although masticating juicers tend to have a larger up-front cost, they save you money by getting the most out of your produce. They also tend to produce less foam and a better juice texture.


Masticating juicers also preserve the vital nutrients in your juice better than other styles do. Some vitamins are sensitive to heat. Omega masticating juicers prevent heat build-up with their low-speed systems so that the vitamins you crave make it out intact.


Omega’s masticating juicers also do better with greens, which is an important feature if you’re juicing for good health. Where centrifugal juicers struggle to extract juice from spinach, kale, and other leafy vegetables, an Omega masticating juicer can slowly squeeze the liquid and nutrients out.


Three of the top-selling Omega masticating juicers are the J8006, J8004, and VRT350. Each of these models can provide incredible-tasting and nutritious juices, but they have some significant differences. Read on to learn about each model.


Omega J8006

This Omega masticating juicer is powerful, easy to use, and efficient. The formidable motor runs at 110 volts, but this is still a slow juicer. The masticating parts deliberately grind your fruits and vegetables to extract almost every drop of juice available.


This machine has become a top-rated masticating juicer on Amazon thanks to its high yield and low foam juice. Because the juice is so high in quality, it has a shelf life of 72 hours. This shelf life means that you can make three whole days’ worth of juice in one sitting.


This appliance is quite expensive, and it can be difficult to justify such an expense for an appliance that only has one function. However, the Omega J8006 does much more than make delicious and nutritious juices. You can put cooked food through it to make safe and healthy baby food.


You can also use this masticating juicer to make almond butter, powdered spices, and even pasta. Just look up Omega masticating juicer recipes to find all the amazing things this machine can do.


Like other Omega products, the J8006 comes with a whopping 15-year warranty. This warranty is longer than most in the industry and means you can make healthy choices for years to come.


However great it is, the J8006 is not without some cons. First, it comes in around $300, which is not within some budgets. It also has a steep learning curve, though once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use. The J8006 is rather large and takes up quite a bit of space while in use or while in storage.


If you have a need for speed, this is not the juicer for you. It takes some time to create the froth-free, nutrient-dense juice this machine produces. However, many people find that it is well worth the wait.




  • Well-made and reliable
  • More nutritious juices
  • High yield juices
  • Makes more than just juice
  • 15-year warranty




  • High price point
  • Not easy to clean
  • Can be difficult for beginners to learn
  • Takes up considerable counter space
  • Slower than centrifugal counterparts


This machine is a great masticating juicer for anyone who intends to drink fresh juice several times a day and make big batches at once.


Omega J8004


This Omega masticating juicer brings commercial quality to your home with its professional 2 HP motor and ease of use. This juicer is masticating and uses dual-stage juicing. This process means that the fruits and vegetables are pressed through two stages to create dry pulp and as much juice as possible.


The J8004 is another of Omega’s slow juicers; it goes at about 80 RPMs. Your juice will not have foam and that the machine will keep heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals intact. You can make nutrient-dense green juices, refreshing citrus juice, or a combination. It is is a relatively quiet juicer as well.


Like the J8006, the Omega J8004 juicer can do much more than make amazing juices. With a few adjustments, it can help you make nut butter, baby food, frozen desserts, and more. Be just to look at all the juicer recipes you can find to discover incredible ways to make healthy eating tasty.


This juicer is made of plastic, but don’t let that fool you. General Electric makes this plastic, which is eight times stronger than your typical plastic material. This machine is built to last, which is why Omega includes a 15-year warranty.


The J8004 is about $40 cheaper than its big brother, the J8006. However, that is still pricey compared to some centrifugal machines. It’s important to remember that masticating machines can save you money in the long run by making more juice from your produce.


Like the J8006, this juicer can be difficult to learn at first. Some people have trouble assembling it the first few times. However, some practice and time can make using the Omega J8004 easy as can be.


This is another large juicer that takes up valuable counter space. However, if you can spare the square footage, you may find that it’s well worth the space.




  • Maximum efficiency on all types of whole foods
  • Makes more than just juice
  • Professional-grade quality
  • 15-year warranty
  • Dual-stage juicing for highest yield




  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • High price point as compared to centrifugal machines
  • Hard to assemble
  • Takes up a lot of counter space


If you like the idea of the J8006 but don’t want to spend quite so much, this is a great alternative.


Omega VRT350


One of the biggest downsides to traditional masticating juicers, like the J8006 and J8004, is their size. These efficient machines do take up a lot of valuable counter space. With that in mind, Omega created a vertical masticating juicer: the VRT350.


This Omega masticating juicer takes up much less space than its fellow masticating juicers, but it does not lose any effectiveness in doing so. The Omega VRT350 still produces juice with a satin-like finish and no foam. Most importantly, you get all the nutrients you want from your juice.


The VRT350 is significantly easier to clean than other juicers, thanks to its auto-cleaning system. This system keeps the screen from clogging during juicing, so everything is easier to tidy up when you’re done. The juice can stay fresh in the refrigerator for three full days.


The voltage is 110 on this model, and it runs on 150 Watts. Its motor is 1/5 horsepower, which is not as powerful as the others on this list. However, it still rotates at 80 RPM to avoid heating and clogs. The warranty lasts for ten years on the Omega VRT350.


The VRT350 is the most expensive model on this list, so it’s not for the budget-conscious. If you’re used to horizontal models, assembling this machine may be difficult at first, but you can get the hang of it. It does not come with a blank screen, which means it doesn’t make baby food, frozen desserts, and pasta.




  • Takes up less counter space
  • Masticating juicer with high yield
  • Auto-cleaning function
  • 10-year warranty
  • Quiet




  • High price point
  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Five years less on the warranty
  • Less powerful motor
  • No additional functions


If you’re a serious juicer who is low on space, this is a great juicer for you.


How to Choose the Best Juicer


So, which of these is the best masticating juicer for you? The answer depends on several factors, first of which is your budget. The Omega J8004 has the lowest price of the three models. If all you want is a great masticating juicer at the lowest possible price, the J8004 may be right for you.


Of course, price is not the only consideration. If you don’t have a lot of space to spare in your home, the J8004 and J8006 may be too big. In this case, you may choose the VRT350 for its vertical design and small footprint.


If neither space nor money is a concern, you may want simply the highest-rated Omega masticating juicer. With a nearly perfect rating on Omega’s site and Amazon, the J8006 takes this spot handedly. Users call it the “best juicer on the planet” and swear by the results it produces.


Some people, understandably, are unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars for something that makes juice. If you want something that can serve several purposes, choose the J8006 or J8004. These can make fresh pasta, chemical-free baby food, and even tasty frozen treats.


Each juicer comes with a great warranty, but the VRT350 is only 10 years as compared to the 15-year guarantee on the other models. However, each of these machines is built to last, so long as you take good care of them.


Ultimately, you can hardly go wrong with an Omega juicer. These are built to last at least a decade, even with daily use. Each produces high-quality juice that can last in your fridge for three days. Consider your specific needs and choose the best for you.

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