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Have you ever found yourself cooking a large Thanksgiving dinner wishing you had one more stovetop burner? Do you travel for work frequently, and get tired of eating out all of the time? Or have you ever gone camping and wish you had the means to make a delicious meal. The NuWave PIC makes all of those possible, bringing cooking capabilities anywhere with an electrical outlet.

​What is the NuWave PIC and How Does It Work?

The NuWave PIC is a cooktop that allows you to cook from anywhere there is a power outlet. The company states that when using a NuWave PIC, you can do all of the things you would typically do with a conventional stovetop, as you can:

  • ​Boil

  • ​Sauté

  • ​Simmer

  • ​Steam

  • ​Deep-Fry

  • ​Grill

  • ​Sear

The device allows you to sear at temperatures as high as 575°, but keep food warm at temperatures as low as 100°. The company says that it’s possible to boil water in as little as 90 seconds, which is much faster than any other conventional cooking method. The NuWave PIC features a compact design so that it can be stored or transported easily. It can be used both indoors and outdoors safely.

All PIC models come with six pre-set settings that allow you to meet your basic cooking demands. The devices also feature programmable stage cooking, meaning you don’t have to watch the pot. The invention is a smart-device that will monitor your food and do the cooking for you. There are currently four PIC options available for purchase.


  • It heated fast and holds the correct temperature

  • This thing heats the cooking surface so fast it has to be saving us a lot in electricity use


  • The non stick pans only worked for the first couple of uses and now have to be scraped.



Our Rating



The PIC2 is 1300 Watts and features a 6.5” induction heating coil. It comes with a 12” cooking surface and allows users to make up to 52 temperature adjustments. Users can make temperature adjustments in 10° increments.

​PIC Gold

​The PIC Gold is 1500 Watts and features an 8” induction heating coil. It also comes with a 12” cooking surface, and also allows users to make up to 52 temperature adjustments. Just like with the PIC2, users can make temperature adjustments in 10° increments. However, the PIC Gold stands out from the PIC2 because it enables users to be able to control the wattage. It also features a quieter fan.

​PIC Titanium

​The PIC Titanium is 1800 Watts and also features an 8” induction heating coil. The PIC Titanium comes with a 12” cooking surface but allows for 94 temperature settings, a staggering number compared to the 52 adjustments available on the two previous models. It grants users more flexibility when cooking, allowing them to make temperature adjustments in 5° increments.

Just like the PIC Gold, the Titanium features wattage control and reduced fan noise.

​PIC Platinum

​Like the PIC Titanium, the PIC Platinum is 1800 Watts and features an 8” induction heating coil, 12” cooking surface, and 94 temperature settings. It also allows users to make adjustments in 5° increments while offering wattage control and reduced fan noise. The PIC Platinum stands out thanks to its remote control feature, on/off switch, and numeric keypad.

​What Makes the NuWave PIC Unique?

​The NuWave PIC reduces numerous problems typically seen while cooking, including:

  • ​Burnt Food

  • ​Spills and Boil Overs

  • ​Open Flames

Unlike other hot plates, the NuWave PIC does not use hot coils. Instead, there is an induction coil inside of the cooking surface. When you place cookware on this surface, the induction coil reacts and begins heating. However, the device only conducts heat in the areas where there is contact on the surface. Meaning, the area surrounding your cookware will be cool to the touch, preventing burns.

Not only is this a unique safety feature, but it also maximizes the efficiency of the induction coils. The company’s website states that the NuWave PIC heats up twice as quickly compared to conventional cooking methods. The NuWave PIC also uses roughly 70% less energy than traditional cooking methods, which can save you both time and money.

Technology Behind The Device

In fact, the United States Department of Energy found that Americans waste up to 50 cents of every dollar they spend heating up their gas and electric stoves. This video explains the technology behind the device and includes NuWave PIC reviews from some who have used the product before. Induction coils are also very eco-friendly because there is no flame, residual heat, or toxins while cooking.

The NuWave PIC is also very easy to clean-up. Since the area surrounding the cookware is cool to the touch, it is easy to wipe clean. If food were to spill onto the cooking surface, it would not burn onto the glassware. With the NuWave PIC, clean-up is easier than ever.

When You Order

​The NuWave website offers some devices, parts, and accessories for purchase. You can also add numerous products to your order, such as a Recipe Guide, a Quick Start Guide, and a carrying case.

The NuWave PIC also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company will allow you to return the product, minus the processing and handling fee. You may be able to find the product elsewhere for a lower price, but you would likely forfeit your right to the money back guarantee.

Public Perception and Reviews

​It appears that reviews of the NuWave PIC are relatively good. The product’s website has a reviews section that features over 42 pages of comments dating back to 2013. Pretty much all of these reviews are four and five-star reviews. We can’t help but wonder if the company excluded negative reviews on this site. We find it hard to believe that there weren’t any weak reviews of the product.

​Nuwave Pic Reviews

If this is the case, then you should take the reviews on the company’s website worth a grain of salt. Knowing that, we can look at the very favorable NuWave PIC reviews on the site. Many users were happy with their cost savings, with some indicating they will never go back to using propane after seeing how much cheaper the PIC is.

Other users went as far as to say that they will never cook on another cooking surface again. They loved the fact that you can wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to clean any spills. Similarly, they appreciated the fact that they did not have to take apart any coils to clean the unit.

Lastly, many users indicated in their NuWave PIC reviews that they appreciated how portable it was. One user said she cooked on her porch every night over the summer and preferred that as opposed to heating up her kitchen using ovens and stovetops.

Does it Really Work

The website Does it Really Work? gives the NuWave PIC a 4.6-star rating, although there have only been seven votes. Those who provided NuWave PIC reviews admitted that they were skeptical of the product, mainly because it was sold in an infomercial. They indicated that the deal seemed too good to be true, and they were wary of trying the product.

However, all of those who tried the product ended up falling in love with it. The one thing that most commenters and reviewers had an issue with, even if it didn’t prevent them from buying the product, was how much NuWave charged in shipping. One reviewer said that no matter how good the PIC was, it wasn’t worth the shipping costs and that you should consider alternative induction coil products.

While these NuWave PIC reviews were all favorable, we did find a website with poor reviews of the product. The 26 total reviews averaged out to a 1.9-star rating. One user said that they had trouble heating oil above 320°. However, it’s hard to tell whether they had activated a pre-programmed setting or not.

Customer Service

One of the more significant concerns was regarding the company’s customer service and warranty practices. Although the unit is supposed to have a warranty for regular wear and tear, some users reported that their device stopped working within 30 minutes of use, and that customer service did not replace the product.

Perhaps the best source of unbiased reviews can be seen on Amazon. The product has earned an “Amazon’s Choice” label for induction cooking and carries a 4.1-star rating with 1,042 reviews. Of these reviews, 61% gave the product a five-star rating, while 14% gave it a one-star rating. Poor PIC reviews on Amazon pretty much came about because NuWave did not extend the warranty to them.

​How it Compares

​This article from Consumer Reports reveals the advantages to induction cooking, the main one being how quickly you could cook food. However, the one thing that the article pointed out was that you needed specific cookware to use induction cooking tops. For induction coils to be useful, you need to use cookware that is magnetic or induction-capable.

The article reviewed more-expensive induction tops, but it did not examine portable cooktops. When examining other portable induction cooktops on Amazon, the NuWave compares very favorably. Regarding Amazon reviews, it barely beat out the Max Burton model. But, the Max Burton model is far more expensive.

​What We Think

​We must admit, we were a little skeptical when we began reviewing this product. As a whole, induction cookware seems too good to be true. It seems unlikely that you’d be able to cook food as quickly as you can on an induction top. Additionally, the minimal clean-up is a perk that we could not overlook.

After conducting our NuWave PIC reviews, we were sold. The product was a little heavy, weighing seven pounds, but we found that it was still easy to carry from indoors to outdoors without a problem. We were impressed with the various temperature settings and features that came with the PIC models and liked the fact that with four models available, you’d be sure to find the perfect one.

The only real thing that raised a red flag for us was the reviews about the company’s customer service. We didn’t like that you had to sacrifice the product warranty if you were to order the product from Amazon. If you decide to purchase the NuWave PIC, you should take time in determining from who you should place your order.

​Coupons and Deals

​NuWave is currently offering a deal on its PIC Titanium models. Right now, you can purchase one PIC Titanium and get a second one for free. All you have to do is pay the processing and handling fee for the second unit.

Additionally, if you pay another processing and handling fee, you’ll receive free cookware as well, including a stainless-steel grill pan with a tempered glass lid, a Duralon ceramic non-stick three-quart saucepan, and a Duralon frying pan. Duralon is considered a safe alternative to Teflon. It does not contain any toxic chemicals. This means that it does not contain any PFOA, PTFE, lead, or cadmium.

The pans feature a five-layer construction and non-stick technology. You should be able to cook on the pans without having to use oil, butter, or other greasing agents. The top layer is a titanium-infused ceramic non-stick coating. The base coating is a diamond-infused ceramic non-stick coating.

The third layer is a hard, anodized interior that is durable and long-lasting. The fourth layer is aluminum, which allows for maximum thermal conductivity and heat distribution. The final segment is a stainless-steel base, which should work very well with the PIC’s induction coils and cooking surface. Stainless-steel heats up faster and retains heat longer than other metals.

The pan’s handles feature an ergonomic design, meaning you can handle them safely without being burned. They are also oven-safe so that they can go from your PIC device to the oven instantly.

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