9 Interesting Things About Nutella You Never Knew

Only Nutella lovers know how imperative it is to have a jar or two of Nutella always stored in their kitchen pantry. You can dip potato fries in it, spread it on your bread slices, in cakes, wherever you want, this super creamy chocolate spread works fantastic. People can’t just get enough of this one of the most popular brand worldwide. So consider these lesser-known interesting facts about Nutella that will win you any conversion on this finger-licking cream.

Nutella Interesting Facts

It’s Not NUT-ELLA.

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Pronunciation of Nutella has always been a debate. But the official site says that it’s NEW-TELL-UH not NUT-ELLA.

Napoleon and Hitler Played Important Roles in Nutella Production

Back in 1806, Napoleon tried to freeze the British commerce to win the Napoleonic war. As a result, the prices of chocolate skyrocketed. Then chocolatiers started adding hazelnuts to the chocolate to stretch its supply that arose as this delicious cream.

Over a century later, chocolate again became scarce and pricey in Europe during World WAR II. An Italian baker named Pietro Ferrero again turned to hazelnut for salvation in 1946 and created this paste renamed Nutella in 1964.

World Nutella Day

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The World loves Nutella recipes. With the total amount of this cream produced every year, one can circle the earth 1.4 times over. To honor this much-loved ingredient, World Nutella Day is celebrated annually on 5th February.

The Company Uses Massive Hazelnuts

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A significant amount that is around 100,000 tons of hazelnuts every year is used to make this delightful spread, which is equal to approximately 15,000 elephants. Reports say that world’s 25% hazelnut is used to produce this sweet treat.

Nutella’s Special Lock

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Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Nutella – a man named Daniel Schobloch invented a unique lock for Nutella jar, which later became famous for all those who wanted to protect their cream from nefarious children or roommates.

Is Nutella Cancerous?

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If we talk about Nutella interesting facts, we can’t miss this debate. The manufactures and Europe officials are still arguing is Nutella cancerous? EFSA states that one of the Nutella ingredients is cancerous.  However, the company says that they use edible palm oil along with hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa solids and skimmed milk and other organic ingredients making this chocolate spread 100% health-friendly.

Kids Could Get It Free

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Nutella possess a smeared reputation. It has been a massive hit among kids and adults. Due to its cheap cost and deliciousness, Italian food stores once started a campaign “The Smearing” with which children from Italy could visit their local food store with a bread slice or any eatable to get it smeared on it for free.

Columbia University Pays $5000 a Week for Nutella

Another one of the most Nutella Interesting Facts here! Students at Columbia University get Nutella as a part of their meal plan. It was available so freely that students started taking it away by the cupfuls. The university stated that they were purchasing around 100lbs Nutella a week, costing them $5,000 per week. 

Giant Nutella Jars Exist

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An enormous Nutella jar contains 5KG of the cream, and these super jars are useful for food service industries. Though these are useful for chefs and bakers, you can also gift it to someone who loves chocolates or is Nutella-addict.


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