7 Surprising Foods That Are Actually Non-Vegetarian


Purely Vegan People! No, you guys aren’t vegetarian!

Being a vegetarian is not an easy task; you are supposed to avoid all the food items, which are made up of meat, chicken, and eggs.

But, are you sure that you have been avoiding the things, which are made up of non-vegetarian derivatives? Have you also said no to cheese, salad dressings, marshmallows, and cereals?

Food labels on the packed foods are often misleading as they seem to be purely vegan products but contain hidden animal or egg products.

So, before your next trip to the supermarket, have a look at these surprising food items, which are non-vegetarian.


Are you pulled towards the attractive advertisements of cheese and had bowed down to try their varieties?

Well, if you have always been considering it as a vegetarian food- here it what you need to know!

The cheese is made up of animal rennet and also from the intestinal lining of the calf.



Whether adults or kids, we all love marshmallows! Don’t we?

Have you also considered it as a vegetarian? Well, marshmallows have a sweet taste and smooth texture, but it gets it texture and taste from the gelatin, which is derived from animal products.


Sugar is one of the main ingredients that we use in our beverages.

But, did you know that the sugar does not get its white color from bleach? It gets its color from the bone char of animals. And, to prevent buying this sugar, check the ingredients or purchase unrefined sugar.


We always have this thought that yogurt is made from milk. But, while the processing, manufacturing, and packing of yogurt, gelatin is added to it. And, gelatin is made from animal derivative.

Beer and Wine

Here it goes for all our vegan drinking maniacs!

During the clarification process of the alcoholic beverages- beer and wine, a gelatin-like substance; Isinglass is added, which is derived from the bladders of the sturgeon fish.

Apart from isinglass, there are also other non-vegetarian ingredients added like casein, gelatin, and egg white albumin.

Cake Mix

For all the baking buffs who love to bake the delicious cakes now and then!


The cake mixtures are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. But, most of the mixtures are made from lard, which is derived from the part of the pig where there is a large proportion of adipose tissue.

The usage of lard makes the mixture smooth and tastier.

Red Juices and Candies

We consider the red juices and candies as healthy vegan treats but, all the food items, which have red color in them consists of carmine, which is made from boiling the red beetles with the heated ammonia.

We don’t like to say this, but; unfortunately, your favorite red gummy bear, candy, and juice are also not vegetarian.

Also, the diary products are entirely vegetarian.

So, before stocking up the next grocery at your home; make sure you check all the ingredients.


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