6 Microwave Mistakes That you are Probably making Everyday

Well, your microwave is more about just pressing the popcorn or cake button on it! We’ve all made the microwave mistakes such as burning a cake, fork fires, chocolate eruptions, charred popcorn, and much more. But, apart from these we also make mistakes like exposing the food to plastic or chemicals or using the wrong ways of cooking, which can harm your health.

The microwave is one of the extremely useful devices in the kitchen, which you can use for many cooking purposes. But, if not used properly; it can cause glitches and will give you less performance.

Have a look at these six Microwave mistakes, which you should not make to prevent yourself from dangerous scenarios.

Using Aluminum foils and forks in Microwave

It is always said that “you should not use metals in the microwave.” It is because the thin points of a fork or the thin corners of aluminum sheets attract the microwave energy and heat up enough to start a fire.

You Never use the Pause Button

Whenever we are running late; we always try to reheat or cook our food items in the microwave. But we often forgot that this way meal is often reheated half way, and cold spots are left, which eventually becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to make your sick.

While reheating, you should always pause and stir as it will heat the food evenly and there will be no cold spots left in it.

You Don’t Follow a Regular Cleaning Schedule

One of the most common microwave mistakes that we make is not following a proper cleaning schedule.

It is essential to clean your microwave on the regular basis as it will eliminate the harmful bacteria and the food particles, which can also be harmful to further cooking purposes.

Defrosting the Food Items in the Package

Defrosting or microwaving the food items in the plastic packs to retain its juices and nutrients; but, it is more harmful as chemicals from the foam, or plastic packaging can get into your food.

You Always prefer to heat the items on High Power

Well, it is easy to press the express buttons and cook the dishes at high power in a matter of minutes.

But, sometimes we fail to realize that foods with high water content require high power while the dense and the defrost foods require medium power.

All the microwaves have different power level and using the same power for all the types of food items can cook the center of food without overcooking from the outside.

  1. Using Microwave as a Table


The space above the microwave seems to be the tempting one, and we often utilize it to place the kitchen products, which is not recommended.

Microwave give out harmful radiations from all the sides that may cause harm to your products. And, placing items on the top of the microwave can also reduce its performance as well.

So, now when you know that what microwave mistakes you have been making and how they can be fixed. Have a look at these microwaves shortcuts and recipes, which can help you, earn the badge of the best cook.



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