Lodge Color EC7D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Producing cookware since 1896, Lodge includes a rich background of an unparalleled commitment to technology and high quality. This particular item is perfect for producing sauces, stews, soups, casseroles, and cobblers with superior heat retention and heating even. The lively enamel surface is resistant to alkaline and acidic foods.

This 7.8-Quart Dutch oven is perfect for cooking, freezing, marinating and refrigeration. The actual porcelain enamel color on cast iron may be used upon gas, ceramic, electric and also in the oven. The cookware is cast from smelted iron in special sand molds after that covered with several porcelain layers.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Top Quality Enameled Cast Iron
Lodge’s century-old custom of superiority continues once we marry to the advantages of cast metal with the wonder associated with porcelain enamel. Workhorses in the kitchen plus show pieces on the dining table, this enameled iron will become your go-to cookware. Sufficient reason for Lodge’s pledge to high quality, it is sure to be a right part of fond memories for several years to come.

Excellent Cooking Performance
In case, you have not done it prior to, cooking with cast-iron may take a while to obtain used to, but most proprietors who’ve been through the procedure price the lodge Color EC7D43 Dutch oven as an outstanding addition with their kitchen area. You can’t bash this about as if you may an ordinary steel container, but once again you cannot do this with nonstick pots either.
Affordable Price
The particular Lodge Color EC7D43 Dutch oven is probably worth more than a passing glimpse. It’s well-crafted, it gets in either color, and its own 7.8 quarts are large enough for most families. Moreover, you can purchase it at an affordable price.
Lodge is an absolutely no hazardous waste flow foundry. Lodge developed a vegetable oil recycler for the spices procedure to lessen waste plus unusable oil is recycled plus utilized as biodiesel generator. Lodge makes use of recycled and eco-friendly packing components. Reuse of foundry sand found in the casting process is recycled and unusable sand works to purify the water of the neighborhood planting and streams trees to boost the quality of air and beautification.
Double Porcelain Enamel Coating
The particular Lodge Color Dutch Oven is a forged iron pot having a colorful exterior. The particular external layer includes a double covering associated with porcelain enamel that’s chip proof having a glossy appear that’s easy to clear. The inside includes a cream complete to check the vibrant exterior which has a darkish to gentle lean for a far more fashionable look.

Enticing Features Of Lodge Color EC7D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

  • Lid fits 12-inches Lodge color skillet and oven-safe to 5000 F
  • Large cast iron container cooks about stove or even in stove; retains heat superbly
  • Two Coats of long-lasting porcelain enamel inside colorful exterior along with cream-colored inside
  • Lodge color collection enameled cast-iron holds 7.8-quart of this Dutch stove
  • Dishwasher-safe, but cleaning yourself recommended; lifetime warranty.


  • Solid PieceThe quality is there even though the price is a lot less than the best manufacturers. Most customers are usually pleased with their buy because the food proved great with actually heating and outstanding warmth retention. A few buyers also have discovered no distinction between Lodge Color as well as the much more costly The Creuset when it comes to high quality.
  • More Comfortable with UsingFor the purchase price, the Lodge Color Enameled Cast Metal Dutch Oven will probably be worth a try. As long as you are usually more comfortable with using weighty cast iron kitchenware, that is just another piece that you need to have in your kitchen area. The stunning lively color is an additional benefit although all of us start to see the quality with regards to the price because the primary features here.
  • First-class Heat Retention Ability Zero seasoning is necessary for this cookware using its porcelain surface area. The particular cast iron building has a superior warmth retention capability plus warmth is dispersed evenly over the bottom part and up the medial side wall space. The pot is oven-safe around 500°F.
  • Dishwasher-safeThe cookware is usually dishwasher-safe, but a hand cleaning is suggested if you need to keep carefully the shiny look. Ideal for gasoline, electrical, ceramic plus induction stoves, you can use it for marinating also, refrigerating and freezing because it would not absorb the foods flavor and odor through the process.


  • A bit WeightyThe 7.8-quart pot weighs regarding 18 pounds. Not really for the weak, this cast iron Dutch oven shall require strong hands to lift, when it is filled with food especially. Therefore, you might want to consider the excess weight purchasing to ensure you’re comfy using it.
  • Lid Does Not Fit WellSeveral purchasers have pointed out that the lid does not seem to fit while snugly as they could have liked causing dampness to escape. Complaints from the coating chipping are also raised although the most buyers do not appear to have these issues.

Tips for Using This Product

The Dutch oven is a heavy duty pot with a cover, traditionally created from cast iron but sometimes also manufactured from steel. It makes a good stew on a camping out trip, ideal for your own Yankee pot beef roasts in your stove, and much more!

Step 01: Season Cast Iron Dutch oven
Prior to the 1st usage of your Dutch stove, be sure to the time of year your cast metal as you’ll the cast iron baking pan. Actually, while you are doing all your Dutch stove, you may as well do any cast iron wear you might have. Of program, if you don’t have forged iron, it is possible to completely skip this task.

Step 02: Utilize it on the Stove
Dutch ovens are great on the cook best particularly, for items that prosper with long simmers especially, such as chili and stews.

Step 03: Put it inside the Oven
Dutch ovens are also wonderful in your standard oven. It evenly retains heat, so it’s ideal for roasts. In addition, it works quite nicely for items such as for example cornbread and casseroles.

Step 04: Take it while camping out
Dutch ovens had been designed to prepare on campfires originally, and work ideal for this purpose still. Forged iron is preferred with regard to outdoor use, as other pots tend to possess or scald marks afterwards soot. Use the Dutch stove on a grill or on low coals even. You can easily take it while camping out.

Step 05: Clean your Dutch stove appropriately
Cast metal shouldn’t clean with detergent. Work with a scouring brush, metal wool, or some other abrasive. If however you have Teflon- covered or other modern covered Dutch oven, make sure to prevent scratching the particular coating.

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