How To Execute The Best Turkey Leftovers Recipes

Do you have any idea about doing with turkey leftovers? If you are the person who struggles to come up with good methods to utilize turkey leftovers, I would like to suggest you that read the article completely to discover a few creative ways to know utilizing any leftover turkey, I am sure you will feel them on your hand.

Turkey Pot Pie

  1. Turkey pot pie (Hearty)

If you create and make a hearty meal that is appreciated by your family, you should consider baking a turkey pot pie, if simply line an 8-inch pie dish is being liked by you with a sheet of pastry. Take a large bowl for mixing the turkey leftovers together by using a can of condensed cream of soup (chicken soup). A half cup of cheddar cheese will be needed and also a packet of vegetables that

should be defrosted. Before you pour slowly it into the pie dish, you should season the mixture. Finally, another sheet of pastry should be placed on top of the pie mixture, and ensure that the edges of the pie’s crust have been folded. Once you see that the pie is ready for baking, it should be placed into the oven and then bake it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes.


  1. Spicy Turkey enchiladas

Are you a fan of spicy food? If yes, then I am sure you will be interested in using the turkey leftovers to make spicy turkey enchiladas. If you have tested and tempted, you should use a frying pan to fry lightly the tortillas in the olive oil. Once you see that the tortillas are soft, they should be removed by you and then place the shredded turkey leftovers using the center of the tortillas. If you are the man who is very brave, then the pieces should be marinated and submerged by you with a chili sauce that can be made in the home. After that, you can add some different kinds of vegetables to the center of the tortillas and make sure to do this before you cover the enchilada fillings with cheese that must be converted into pieces. Then simply you should roll the enchiladas up and then it should be drenched with the sauce that should be tomato based and do it before you place them in a bake safe at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and before you cook the enchiladas for more than fifteen minutes.

Three meat salad

  1. Three meat salad

If you have no more time, and you will the thing done in a shortest possible time, then simply mix the leftover turkey using a medium size bowl. Make sure to some pieces of prepared and cooked bacon, three-quarter of a small cup of grated and cheddar cheese and take a half a cup of salami that should be sliced. Now stir through half a cup of mayonnaise and 4 tablespoons of mustard into the salad mix. If you a person who likes garnishes, then try cutting up 2 slices of toast and make them cubes and use them to garnish the salad three, 3 meat salad. In an alternative way, you may wish to try garnishing the salad with some black pitted olives.

So what is next? Don’t wait more and start preparing it. If you own a fridge and you have stored turkey leftovers in it, simply use this recipe explained above which, I think, made the mouth water, and begin cooking.

Now something about Turkey. Well, Turkey is a classic meat found on the table of many African families tables on Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. However, I think turkey is used and eaten all year long. The common and general way of cooking turkey are generally thawing a bird and stuffing it and lastly roasting it using an oven. Keep in mind that this procedure can be a boring procedure and finally, the results may not be very good.

It’s possible that the turkey you make, could finish up being over prepared and over cooked and the meat soggy. But the good thing is that I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways and methods of cooking the turkey. So take a look at a few different methods to prepare a turkey and if cooked and done completely right you can enjoy perfect results with the turkey recipes.

  1. The turkey should be brined and then fried deep

This looks like amazing fine, right? This way involves drenching the turkey using a brown sugar and some salt water for more than 15 hours. It can be soaked as a whole and if you wish to cut it into many smaller pieces before you go ahead. For the frying pan, it can be done outside always. Take a propane burner and if you have, use an outdoor cooker to perform the act we are talking about. You will see that many recipes use peanut oil when deep frying is needed, but the vegetable oil is also fine to work well. The brined turkey will be prepared and cooked entirely in less than 60 minutes.

  1. The turkey should be roasted in a few parts

Before you roast the turkey, you must ensure that the white and dark meat are cooked nicely. First of all, separate the turkey parts and the pieces should be placed in the oven and make the order according to they cook. Frist, begin with dark meat, and after some time, add the white meat. These things don’t need more time, and can be done the procedure in the shortest time, so you should add them around 30 minutes after the breast and legs have started.

  1. The turkey should be grilled

If you grill the turkey it will provide you a lot of free time to perform other tasks in the kitchen. Also, it gives the turkey a smoky texture and a crisp texture that makes it tastier than the oven turkey. Since the oven and the grills are not equal in performing and working, you will need to have a close look on the meat thermometer.

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