Top 5 Kitchen Safety Tips that You should know

Everyone loves to cook and have a level of culinary skills! Well, besides all of the skills that people possess in the kitchen, you will be shocked to know that many people usually ignore the safety of their family by not following proper kitchen safety guidelines.

It is obvious that kitchen can be a hazardous place and for this reason, kitchen safety has become an important topic.  Here are some kitchen safety tips that you can keep in mind.

Keep kids and pets out

Kids and pets can be a distraction, and they can also hurt themselves in many ways. Unless and until kids are assisting you or learning how to cook, it is best to keep them away from the kitchen area. You should also be a mentor for your kids in the kitchen. Start with the simple recipes and teach your kids about cooking step by step. Also, make them learn about safety tips that need to be followed in the kitchen.

Wear safe clothing and shoes

Make sure you are wearing safe clothes. Your sleeves should not be too long and flowy. Moreover, you should not wear anything synthetic or flammable as it will let onto your skin if by chance set on fire. Also, there can be a possibility that you can accidentally drop a knife on your foot. So it becomes mandatory to wear shoes in the kitchen.

Always use hot pads

Another main thing is to keep a good selection of oven mitts and hot pads on hand. Use them for pan, pot or bowl that has been in an appliance.  It is very important to use such things when you are pulling out of the microwave oven. And, if oven mitts and hot pad get wet then do not dare to use them until it dries because a wet pad will easily transmit heat.

Use knife properly

A dull knife can easily slip from your hands and cut you, so it is always better to use the sharp knives. Moreover, it is also important that you learn how to chop and slice properly as chefs do. You should hold the food with your non-dominant hand, and your fingers should be curled under. Go slow and pay complete attention until you are confident.

Learn how to put out fire

It is always best to have a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen and make sure you learn how to use it before you need it. Also, it is always best to know a little about other different fires too. Salt, baking soda or a pan cover also works great in extinguishing the fire. Make sure you don’t try to extinguish grease and electric fires with water. For instance, smothering a fire by removing air is a great way to most out.

Planning and preparing for kitchen safety is a part of kitchen organization that one must never ignore, as it will ensure the safety of you and your family. Following these simple kitchen safety and storage tips that will surely help you avoid the kitchen accidents and make your kitchen more secure.


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