Kamikoto Knives Review

Kamikoto Knives Review


Whether you’re a chef or someone who likes to cook, you understand how essential it is to use the right tools. Obviously, quality knives are an integral component of cooking. Many individuals favor Kamikoto knives because of their quality and durability. How can one know if they will enjoy a knife or not? Check out the Kamikoto knives review to find out. 

When you’re looking at the Kamikoto knives review, it’s crucial to understand what they are and how they can enhance your cooking efforts. In this post, we will look at several types of Kamikoto knives to give you a better idea of what style would work best for your needs.


Kamikoto Knives Review


Kamikoto Knives


  • Made with Japanese steel
  • Superior high-end product
  • Heavier and thicker compared to other knives
    Lasts longer than many other of its competitors


  • Hefty prices
  • Criticized for not adhering to the “traditional” stylings of Japanese knives

What Are Kamikoto Knives?


Kamikoto is a Chinese company that manufactures high-quality Japanese-style knives. These knives are known as a superior high-end product, and they tend to sell for some hefty prices.

Some have believed that Kamikoto knives are of less quality than other Japanese knives because the company is based in China. However, Kamikoto’s knives are of the same quality as other Japanese products. The company manufactures its knives using Japanese steel, which is known for its superior quality.

It is not the country in which the knife is manufactured that determines the level of quality; it is the design and materials used in their development. Others have criticized Kamikoto knives for not adhering to the “traditional” stylings of Japanese knives.

Indeed, the company’s knives tend to be heavier and thicker than most other Japanese-style knives. However, it is not the only Japanese knife that doesn’t feature a thinner blade. You can get all the information you need on these knives from the Kamikoto knives review. 

Here is a video demonstrating a Kamikoto knife:


High-Quality Examples from the Kamikoto Knives Line

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

The Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife set is a three-piece set that comes in a beautiful wooden box. The set includes a 5-inch utility knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife, and a 7-inch Nakiri knife, which is used for cutting vegetables.

The steel from which the knives are made is resistant to corrosion, which makes it easier to clean them. The handles are long and round, providing a decent grip that allows for easier cutting.

These knives, as with most other Kamikoto knives, are a bit heavier than most Japanese-style knives. However, they perform every bit as well as other Japanese products. They are easy to handle and allow for smoother cutting.

If the looks of your knives are essential to you, this set will not disappoint. The knives are elegant and include solid black handles. The blades are manufactured with a satin finish. The wooden box that contains them provides another aesthetically appealing feature that you can show off to your guests.

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Genten

The Kamikoto 7-inch Santoku Genten also comes in a nice wooden box. The blade is manufactured using corrosion-resistant steel. It’s a great solution if you’re looking for a single knife that will make it easier to cut your food.

The blade of the knife is thick, with a curved belly. Its curved belly makes it easier to cut in a rocking motion. The knife is versatile; you can cut both vegetables and meats with ease. This product is a little heavier than others of its type, but it has a good balance. Since the knife is single-beveled, you won’t have to worry about food sticking to the knife while you are cutting.

While this knife is of high-quality, you will need to perform occasional maintenance. You will have to sharpen the knife using whetstones periodically to keep them sharp. This could be the only drawback, but it is a small one. If you prefer, you can also go to a knife seller and have them sharpen it for you.

Senshi Dual Knife Set

The Senshi Dual Knife set is a two piece set with the tremendous aesthetic appeal. Kamikoto includes a quality wooden stand in which you can prominently display your knives, instead of keeping them in a box or drawer.

The set includes a 10” chef’s knife and  5.5” utility knife. Both knives are sharp when you purchase them. Similar to other Kamikoto products, they are heavier than other Japanese-style knives.

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to Japanese knives, the heavier blades may turn you off. Nevertheless, they are well balanced, and you will have no difficulty using them.

The knife features high-gloss steel and an aesthetically-pleasing shading. The double beveling produces both of these traits. The plain black handle is smooth and balanced, making it easy to cut. It does well cutting both vegetables and meats.

Similar to other Kamikoto knives you will need to sharpen these products periodically. However, the consistent sharpening will ensure that these knives last for years. This convenience means you will not have to worry about spending more money to replace them later. If you’re a professional chef, or if you just do a lot of cooking, this is a huge benefit.

Like all Kamikoto knives, this set is one of the highest-quality knife sets you can buy. While it does carry a hefty price tag, you might be able to find a better price point with a little research. Either way, investing in this set will benefit your cooking for years to come.

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

The Zelite Infinity knife is a beautiful and practical knife for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It features a distinct pattern of banding and features a laminated high-carbon Japanese steel blade. It is shatter-resistant and can be honed to a highly sharp edge. The handle is well-rounded and balanced.

As with other Kamikoto knives, the knife comes already sharpened. The blade is made from VG10 Super steel with 33-layers per side of SUS410 high carbon stainless steel. It is finished with Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern.

If you’re used to using American knives, the Zelite Infinity may strike your fancy. The way the knife is built is similar to the western style while still retaining its Japanese stylings. However, the 12-degree angle of the blade will remind you of its Asian roots.


What Sets Kamikoto Knives Apart From Their Competition?

When looking for any type of kitchen knife, there are a few different factors to consider. This is especially true when it comes to Kamikoto knives, which tend to be more on the expensive side. Before making this type of investment, you should know which types of knives are best for your needs.

While there are many similarities between the different Kamikoto knives on the market, there are still distinct differences that you must take into account when making a purchase. As stated previously, if you’re a purist for the Japanese style, Kamikoto knives might not appeal to you because of their thickness.

If you’re concerned about the fact that they are manufactured in China, you shouldn’t be. Kamikoto isn’t the only Japanese knife manufacturer that is based in China, and the quality is the same as knives manufactured elsewhere.

Kamikoto knives are known for their ease of use and their durability. Compared to other Japanese knives, they have been shown to last longer and maintain their efficacy. If you don’t mind a heavier knife, Kamikoto’s product will work for you.


Blade Thickness And Cutting Angle: Kamikoto Knives Review

As you already know, it’s essential that your knives are at the maximum sharpness before you start cutting. Some knives need to be sharpened more often than others. This will factor into your decision. You will need to consider how often you want to worry about making sure your knives are sharp.


What type of slices do you prefer, thin? Or thick? If you prefer thin slices, you will want to choose a knife with a thinner blade. However, if you prefer thicker slices, then Kamikoto’s heavier blades will work better for you.


Another critical aspect to consider is the cutting angle, which refers to the angle at which the cutting edge of the knife is fashioned. Kamikoto knives will typically be made between 15 and 20 degrees.

The Strength Of The Knife

The strength if the knife is essential when it comes to choosing a product. However, in some cases, it makes more sense to invest in knives that are more flexible. The type you want will depend on the types of foods you are preparing.

Either way, it is essential to make sure your knives have blades that will last a long time without having to be replaced. The last thing you want to happen is to have your blade break while you are in the middle of preparing dinner, right?

Strength is one of the primary benefits of Kamikoto knives. Japanese steel is one of the highest quality metals that is used to manufacture knives. The company usually makes their knives using high-carbon steel or high-carbon stainless steel. The level of carbon has a distinct impact on the strength of the steel.

Another point to consider is how the steel is created. If you can find a knife that is made from fully forged steel, it will be stronger than those that are not. Naturally, these knives tend to be more expensive, but if you use your knives frequently, it could be worth it. On the other hand, if you don’t use the knives as often, you might be able to get away with a knife of lesser strength.


How Tall Is The Blade?

The “tallness” of the knife’s blade is also important. In most cases, it’s best to have a blade that is taller than the food you will cut. A taller blade creates a barrier while you are slicing. Because of this barrier, you will be able to keep your slices more even.


One of the other benefits of having a tall-bladed knife is that it can be used for more than just cutting. You can turn the blade on its side and transport the food you have cut. It will be easier to place your sliced food onto your plates or other cookware. It functions as a type of spatula which can make your food preparation faster. 


Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife


Ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass



Starts at $200

Starts at $130


Thick, with a curved belly

Thick, with a curved belly


Comes in wooden box

Comes with blade cover


How Are Kamikoto Knives Priced?

Kamikoto knives are high-end products, which means they tend to be on the expensive side. Depending on the set in which you are interested, you might expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $1,500.

However, if you’re willing to do the work, you can find some significant discounts online. Either way, these knives are worth the investment if you’re a professional chef or someone who does a lot of cooking.


Public Perception Of Kamikoto Knives

The perception of Kamikoto knives is generally positive. If you look at reviews on sites like Amazon or eBay, you will see that many consumers are satisfied with their investment.

While many knife aficionados might love Kamikoto knives, people who are sticklers for tradition may not look too fondly upon the product. As stated previously, Kamikoto knives tend to be a bit thicker and heavier than most other Japanese-style knives.

However, this fact does not deter the people who have used them.


Review from Amazon

“These knives are great. Very sharp and sturdy and comfortable in my small hands. The case it comes in is very elegant as well. I use them daily and they still haven’t dulled or rusted. I am very impressed with them.” –Joe Holcombe


The Verdict

Choosing the right knife set isn’t the easy, especially if you’re looking to invest money in a higher quality, more expensive product. Kamikoto knives are have proven to be one of the most durable, easy-to-use knives on the Asian markets.

While the company has not conformed to the Japanese tradition of creating thinner blades, they have carved out their own niche in the world of Japanese-style knives.

If you’re looking for a better way to cut your foods, consider Kamikoto knives. This guide will help you figure out which of the company’s products would work best for you.


Other Similar Knife Sets That Might Interest You

FINDKING 9 inch Kiritsuke Knife by Findking-Prestige

Check Price on Amazon

The Kiritsuke Knife from FINDKING has an overall length of 14 inches. Findking’s Kiritsuke blade is comprised of VG-10 Damascus steel. This knife boosts a hardness rating (HRC) of 60 (+/-2) it’s strong enough to trim the bark off of Yucca and retain an edge for the rest of the days cutting tasks.

FINDKING 9 inch Kiritsuke Knife by Findking-Prestige

Crafted from sapele mahogany, the Findking’s handle is tough and stylish. Its length is 6.2 inches, which allows the user a multitude of grips. Comfortable to hold and easy to use, the handle incorporates both function and looks.

As far as balancing goes, you’ll be happy to hear that the Findking Kiritsuke’s balance point runs from the spine to heel and weighs 0.6 pounds. The mass of the weight is towards the tip of the blade, which enables the user to suffer less muscle and joint strain caused by the endurance cuts.


  • Stylish design that takes into account both looks and ergonomics
  • Strong and sharp blade that can cut through any food
  • Ebony wood sheath grants protection from the elements when the knife’s not in use
  • Retains sharpness longer than most knives out there


The price is a little high even for the quality

You can get slightly longer blades for around the same price


The Findking-Prestige 9 inch Kiritsuke Knife is excellent in regards to ergonomics and looks.

If the price isn’t a major turnoff, then you should really consider adding it to your collection. Seeing its design, it’s clear that it will make for a valued collector’s item, not just a cutting room tool.

Even so, cooking and cutting with it is no slouch either. It doesn’t matter if you choose this or one of Kamikoto Knives, as both version provide excellent performance.

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