How To Prepare Costa Rican Inspired Beans

Black Beans with Costa Rican Flavors

I am an expert at whipping up the fare of beans and rice with chicken. Let me share with you some of my recipes.

Beans With Costa Rica Flavor

Get about 850-gram bag of either black or red dry beans. About 5 or 6 whole garlic cloves, make sure to have the peeled. Two bay leaves, Although, you can make it without bay leaves, but I am suggesting it because it causes the best flavor. Get one small yellow diced onion.

Now wash the beans carefully and look if there are any broken beans, so remove them if you find. To be honest with you, I want to tell you that I am lazy in removing the broken beans. And also, I don’t like to soak them all the night, and instead, I prefer to put them on my stove for 18 hours. Make sure to have the washed beans and put them in a big and large pot. I don’t own a pressure cooker or a slow cooker, so I use instead, a 12-quart stock pot.

Now, add some things such as peeled garlic cloves, bay leaves, and diced onion. Finally, you will need to add the water. Make sure to add enough water as much as it covers the beans. After that, add some more water. I personally, like to add the water 4-5 times during the cooking process as the water will boil out. Bringing everything to a boil will be needed and you will need to stir occasionally. Make sure to reduce the heat to low and then cover. I actually let it boiling on a low boil and keep it for more than 6 hours or until I see the beans are tender. When you see the beans are softer and not quite ready, add the salt. A teaspoon or a little of salt is enough for this time. But it is your choice to add the salt as much as you wish, I personally don’t to use more salt that’s why I suggested one teaspoon or a little more.

  • Rice
  • One teaspoon oil
  • One cup of grain rice, it’s recommended that you should use white long grain rice.
  • Two cups of water.
  • Some salt to get the fun taste.

Begin by heating a little sauce pan using a little oil. You can use vegetable oil if the olive oil is expensive in your area. Maybe the vegetable oil is not the best for some people, so using the olive oil would be better. Once the oils start throwing sizzle sound, add the rice and begin to stir quickly so it will stop them to burn. Coat your rice in the oil and leave it to get a little warm and toasty and then quickly add the salt to taste and some water. Now it’s time to boil the water, make sure to give it a good stir and after that reduce the heat to medium-low and then cover it for more than 20 minutes or until the water is disappeared. This procedure will ensure that the rice is not too soft but not crunchy.

fruit vegetable isolated on white

There are hundreds of ideas and different combinations of fruits and vegetables when you have decided to take juices as your diet. There are some choices that you would probably never have notified to combine and when you see their results you will be surprised. There are many people who juice and they have just actually experimented until a more appealing taste is founded by them for their own taste buds. I want to share some of my ideas and combinations that I found.


If you need to begin your day pleasantly consider this recipe and start your happy day. I have listed five things, combine them and make a beverage that will be called a favorite by you.

  1. Take a bunch of spinach
  2. Get four carrots
  3. Two beets
  4. One pinch of ginger and two apples.
  5. A lemon, make sure that should be squeezed and fresh.

If you are thinking to judge this combination, stop thinking such. First taste it and then create an idea about it. You will know that you have been introduced to a new way of juicing, a new method of looking at vegetables and fruits.

Now I am sharing another recipe which is quite delicious and just simple.

Get a bunch of carrots, combine them with a little amount of ginger. Make sure that a fresh ginger root should be at least one stem. Don’t forget to try some lemons and have one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper and get some honey to maximize the taste of your great cleaning and favorite juice. If you combine the grapes, lemons and apples, it will make a delicious and great beverage as well. That is when the creativity you have and desires you own can actually come into play. Now go for what you recognize I mean pears, oranges, cantaloupe, collard, kale, greens, lettuce, spinach, or wheat grass. Don’t forget to be a creative. Thinking of using the combinations would be a plus and think that may look strange but in actually are exactly what our body needed and ordered.

If you are the man who owns some ideas and thoughts to what certain and typical fruits and vegetables do for your body and an ailment is being suffered by you then you should combine those healing vegetables and fruits that suit and fit your own personal situation.

Just make sure to follow the instructions and directions, provided by the manufacturer of your juicing machine. If you add a spoon of honey and a touch of raw sugar if needed, it would be wonderful. Now pour it and enjoy. You have always an option to add ginger or lemon if you need to boost the taste of your juice. Keep visiting our website to get new ideas and to be updated regularly.

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