How Long Does Thanksgiving Ham Last in the Fridge

The average person usually has a ham for Thanksgiving and maybe even some left over. How long does this holiday favorite last in the fridge? The answer may surprise you.

Most hams that you buy at the store are already cooked, which means that all you have to do is heat it up. With that said, how long does a cooked ham last in the fridge? It can actually last up to five days if it’s properly stored.

While the holidays may look a little different this year, one thing remains the same: the need for delicious food. For many, that means a big Thanksgiving feast complete with all the fixings. And while turkey gets all the glory, let’s not forget about its lesser-known but equally important cousin: ham.

Ham is a traditional holiday favorite for a reason. It’s flavorful, versatile, and best of all, it can last for days in the fridge. That means you can enjoy leftovers long after Thanksgiving is over.

But how long does ham actually last?Here’s a quick guide to help you out:Cooked ham (unrefrigerated): 3-4 days

Cooked ham (refrigerated): 7-10 daysCured/smoked ham (unrefrigerated): 2 weeksCured/smoked ham (refrigerated): 1-2 months

So there you have it! Now go forth and enjoy your delicious Thanksgiving feast without worrying about waste.

How long can a thawed cooked ham stay in the fridge?

How Long Does Smoked Ham Last in the Fridge

When it comes to smoked ham, how long it lasts in the fridge depends on a number of factors. If the ham is fully cooked and you plan to eat it within three to four days, simply store it in the fridge. However, if you have a half or spiral cut ham, it will last up to five days in the fridge.

For best results, wrap the ham tightly in foil or plastic wrap before storing.When it comes to leftover smoked ham, there are a few things you can do to extend its shelf life. First, you can shred or slice the meat and freeze it for later use in soups, casseroles or other dishes.

Second, you can make Ham Stock by simmering the bones and scraps in water for several hours. This stock can be frozen and used as needed. Finally, if you have any Ham Hocks left over from your holiday feast, they can be placed in a slow cooker with beans and spices for a delicious meal that will last for days!

How Long Does Sliced Ham Last

When it comes to ham, there are generally two types: precooked and raw. Sliced ham falls into the precooked category and, as such, has a shorter shelf life than raw ham. So, how long does sliced ham last?

Typically, sliced ham will last for 3-5 days in the fridge. This is assuming that it is properly stored in an airtight container or wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. If you find that your sliced ham is starting to dry out or develop mold, then it has probably been in the fridge for too long and should be thrown out.

Sliced ham can also be frozen for longer-term storage. When properly wrapped and stored in the freezer, sliced ham can last for 2-3 months. However, frozen ham may suffer from freezer burn after extended periods of time so it’s best to consume it within a few months of freezing.

If you have any leftover cooked ham, then there are plenty of delicious recipes that you can use it up in! Ham sandwiches are always a good option, but you could also add diced ham to omelets, quiches, pizzas, pasta dishes etc. Get creative and enjoy your delicious sliced ham while it lasts!

How Long is Cooked Spiral Ham Good for in the Fridge

cooked spiral ham is good for up to five days in the fridge. after that, it should be thrown out.

How Long Can You Keep a Thawed Ham in the Fridge

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few questions about thawed ham. How long can it be kept in the fridge? What’s the best way to reheat it?

And how can you tell if it’s gone bad?

Here are the answers to those questions and more.How Long Can You Keep a Thawed Ham in the Fridge?

Generally speaking, you can keep a thawed ham in the fridge for up to five days. But this is only true if the ham was properly thawed in the first place. If it wasn’t, then you’ll need to cook it immediately or throw it away.

To ensure that your ham is properly thawed, place it in the refrigerator 24 hours before you plan to cook it. For every four pounds (1.8 kg) of ham, allow one day of defrosting time. So, if you have a 16-pound (7 kg) ham, it will take four days to fully thaw in the fridge.

Once your ham is fully thawed, you can keep it in the fridge for up to five days before cooking. Just make sure to keep it tightly wrapped so that no air gets in and dries out the meat.

How Long Does Thanksgiving Ham Last in the Fridge


Can You Eat Cooked Ham After 5 Days?

Cooked ham can be safe to eat after five days, but it depends on how it has been stored. If cooked ham is left out at room temperature, it should be eaten within three to four days. However, if you store cooked ham in the fridge, it can last up to seven days.

When storing cooked ham in the fridge, make sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil so that it doesn’t dry out. You can also freeze cooked ham and it will last for up to six months.

How Long Does Ham Last in Fridge After Thanksgiving?

As you probably know, ham is a popular dish served during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. But how long does ham last in the fridge after Thanksgiving?According to the USDA, cooked ham will be safe to eat for 3-4 days when stored in the fridge.

However, this only applies if it has been properly stored in a covered container or wrapped tightly. If not, the quality of the ham will start to decline after just a day or two.

So if you want to enjoy your leftover ham for as long as possible, make sure to store it properly!

How Long Does a Fully Cooked Ham Last in the Refrigerator?

A fully cooked ham should last in the fridge for up to a week. If you have a larger ham, it may last a bit longer. When storing your ham, make sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

This will help keep it fresh and prevent it from drying out.

Can You Eat Ham After 7 Days?

You can eat ham after 7 days, but it may not be as fresh as it was when you first bought it. Ham is a cured meat, so it has a longer shelf life than other meats. However, after 7 days, the quality of the ham will start to decline.

The ham may not be as moist or flavorful as it was when you first bought it. If you are going to eat ham that is more than 7 days old, I suggest reheating it in the oven or on the stovetop to help improve its flavor and texture.


Many people don’t realize that ham lasts much longer in the fridge than turkey. Ham can safely be stored in the fridge for up to a week, while turkey should only be kept for three to four days. This is because ham is cured and contains less moisture than turkey.

When stored properly, ham will retain its quality and flavor for several days.

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