Can The Hark Smoker Make The Best Smoked Treats In The World?

There are plenty of ways to prepare meat. Many different preparations, and different ways of getting the most out for the meats, and instilling a great deal of flavor. One of my favorite ways of cooking meat is smoking. If you ever have a good smoked meat, you will know what I mean. Usually, you need to go to a specialized smokehouse to get high quality smoked meat. Although some people have tried to bring the delicious smokehouse to your home with convenient and affordable devices. Do they do the job? Well, let me tell you.

The Hark Smoker

The Hark smoker is made a company known as Hawk Australia, as you may have guessed is from Australia. The device promises to give your meats a delicious smoky flavor with ease and simplicity. Old style smokers are often large and cumbersome. They are hard to manage and can be fickle. An electric smoker has the ability to be consistent and smokes the meats evenly and with precision.


Credit: Hark

The Hark electric powered smoker has an impressive range of function that includes grilling, roasting, and smoking. The way the machine is designed, it is capable of precise control of temperature so that you have full control over the heating of your meats. Because of the electronic controls, you have the option to program the temperatures and times. This is a great feature for someone that loves to fine-tune your procedures and know exactly what is going on with your smoking process. The precision controls set out to make this device ideal for both hot and cold smoking.

In this Hark Electric Smoker, there are multiple shelves to hold all kinds of meats. There is one small shelf as well as four large shelves. This smoker holds all kinds of meats, fish, and sausages so that you can smoke so many items all at once. The heavy duty design and access panels give this device resilience and the ability to refill wood chips without letting heat escape.

This large unit is ideal for the avid smoker because of its size. It can hold so much meat in comparison to other smaller smokers on the market. The ease of use and the simple interface of the electronic controllers will let the experienced smoker fine tune his projects, but still, give an easy entry to the first time smoker to work some magic with their own delicacies.


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The device is equipped to hold constant temperatures that range from 35 degrees Celsius all the way up to 135 degrees Celsius. Because of the ability of the unit to regulate itself perfectly, you can just set the temperature and forget it as it does its thing and infuses your meats, fish or even cheese with some rich and delicious flavors.

Because of the range of this device, it is open to all kinds of smoking, both hot and cold. But what does this mean? It means that your options are wide open. There are some items that require lower temperatures to smoke properly, and others that need the heat to be a bit higher. The range of items that can be smoked with this device includes red meats, chicken, fish, cheese sausages and even deli meats. There is almost nothing that cannot be smoked in this versatile smoker.

I mentioned before that the cooker is large. The smallest shelf in the unit is 14cm by 31cm. There are an additional four larger shelves that size 38cm by 31 cm. Not only are there the shelves available for all varieties of meats, but there is also a heavy duty rack that can be used for hanging different meats when the shelves are removed. This rack gives, even more, variety to this unit.


Credit: Hark

Because of the electric controls, you can set the auto shut-off so you can literally set and forget until it is ready for you to collect the meat after they get their fair share of smoke.

Maintenance is easy and refilling wood chips is made simple with a side access to the chip chute. In many other smokers, you would have to open up the cooker to add chips, and this could let out the nice smoke and heat that had built up in the device. With the side access, you can refill the wood at any time.

I personally love this device for smoking and roasting. You will e shocked at the speed and the quality of the smoke you will get on your items. You can experiment and try all kinds of smoking techniques with this unit. You will keep it running for a long time because you won’t want to miss a moment of potential smoke time.

Smoke Up

This device provides a versatile and large smoking unit for personal use that will keep you in delicious smoked meats and cheeses. It is well worth the cost if you love smoking meats and want the convenience of an accurate device that will make the experience easy and perfect every time. You cannot go wrong with the Hawks smoker.

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