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Green Earth Real Frying Pan 3-Pieces Set by Ozeri (8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch)



Green Earth Real Frying Pan 3-Pieces Set by Ozeri Review





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Review Summary:

Green Earth Frying Pan is the new wave for the modern civilization. Making use of Greblon, all natural ceramic coatings through Germany, this cooking set is made to get non-stick perfection whilst leftover for free of dangerous chemical substances associated with coating.


The 8, 10 plus 12 inch pans include a textured ceramic cooking food surface that helps to prevent foods bonding with regard to superior nonstick performance. The textured cooking food surface also produces air pockets which usually distribute warmth under food for much better cooking performance.

Along with better non-stick qualities, this Ozeri ceramic coated frying skillet set enables you to prepare with half the quantity of oil and helps make cleaning a piece of cake. Every Green Planet Skillet by Ozeri offers finest quality anodized aluminum which allows uniquely actually cooking food and browning without the peril of hot places.

Enticing Features of Green Earth Real Frying Pan

Exclusively created for the Ozeri 12 inch Green Planet Cookware
12-inch pan lid manufactured from professional grade reinforced glass having a steam-release vent; oven-secure to 392 Fahrenheit
Transparent glass enables you to monitor cooking improvement without delaying cooking      food and losing dampness
Bakelit knob resistant to the heating system and oven-safe to 392 Fahrenheit also
Dishwasher- safe and weighs at 1.5 pounds for easy handling



  • Ultra-safe Ceramic Coating: Unlike some other ceramic pans, the particular Ozeri Natural Planet Pan utilizes GREBLON – a good ultra-safe ceramic covering through Germany that is totally PTFE plus PFOA free.
  • Enhanced Heat Distribution:  Revolutionary textured pan surface area delivers enhanced warmth distribution and good non-stick presentation without having actually releasing dangerous fumes or poisons.
  • Scratch-resistant: It features a scrape -resistant completely ceramic covering that’s super easy to completely clean.
  • Easy to move and store: This cookware is really easy to move and store. It is light weighted and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort moving/storing it.
  • Heat Proof:  Each pan has a comfortable heat proof silicon coated deal with and a magnetized induction stove safe and sound foundation for rapid warmth transfer.
  • Latest Design: The eye catching design of this cookware allures you to purchase it easily. Because of its imposing look, this kind of cookware tends to be ideal for leaving out on view plus showing upon shelves or when helping guests at the table.



  • Not long lasting: Green Earth Frying Pan is approximately perfect for cooking. In the beginning, it works very well but after a few months, it shows various types of troubles.
  • Not real Non-stick: Sometimes the non-stick does not work properly.

The Reasons Why Should Purchase Green Earth Real Frying Pan

Healthier Choice
There are several issues that Teflon could be harmful when warmed to higher temps. Although tolerance can be quite higher, the gases developed by a too- very hot Teflon covered pan may damage your wellbeing. Ceramic does not have such issues, nor does it produces trace metals such as some other metal kitchenware.
 Rust plus Chip Resistant
An excellent high quality ceramic frying pan or fry pan will be proof in order to damage and warmth degradation if you address it right especially. You will not have to polish this as with stainless steel, and it’ll last for a long period with a gloss finish that looks great.
Pure Convenience:
Many ceramic coated skillets plus pans are usually dishwasher safe, and also if you wash yourself they’re really simple to clean. There’s rarely a have to soak it, and residue sloughs quickly just.
Quick Cleaning
Ceramic offers a good non-stick type food preparation surface, which is extremely swift and a simple task to clean. The enamel finish is able to stop meal residue keeping the top fairly, so making it a simple task to just wipe aside.
Whoops! It looks like you forgot to specify your HTML tag. Affordable Price:
There are plenty of cookware sets available in the marketplace. They are found in different prices. But this Green Earth Frying Pan is found in an affordable price.

Tips for Using the Product

Before Making Use of Your Brand New Ceramic Pan 

  • Read the user manual, taking special notice of the ‘Security Warnings’ section.
  • Remove any defensive film that may be on your own ceramic pan.

Utilizing the Touch Controls

  • The controls react to touch, and that means you don’t have to use any pressure.
  • Use the ball of your own finger, not the tip.
  • You’ll hear a new beep each right time a touch is registered.
  • Make certain the controls are clean always, dried out, and that there is absolutely no item (such as a utensil or a fabric) addressing them. A good thin film of water might make the controls difficult to use.

To Begin Cooking

  1. Right after power on, the particular buzzer beeps as soon as, all the indicators light for 1 second go then out there, indicating that the ceramic hob has entered the continuing state of standby mode.
  2. Place the right pan on the cooking food zone that you intend to use.
    • Ensure underneath of the skillet and the top of the cooking area are dry and clean.
  3. Select warmth setting by touching the control.
    • If you don’t select a heat setting in 1 minute, the ceramic hob shall automatically
    switch off.
    • It is possible to modify the heat setting at any right time during cooking food.
    • By keeping down either of the buttons, the value will adjust or down up.

What Customers Are Saying?



 Green Pan is really a popular organization that takes pride inside the actual help to make and how it works. Their type of ceramic coated pans is in the very best of the list because of their mix of durability, versatility, plus visual appearance. They don’t flake or nick as you will see along with cheaper, artificial non-stick compounds, and they are cautiously made to prevent cadmium and lead.



Similar Products to the Green Earth Real Frying Pan 3-Pieces Set by Ozeri

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Koch Systeme CS 10" Copper Nonstick Frying Pans Chef's Classic Skillet

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This is the ideal frying pan to do stir-fry, shallow-fry and flash-fry for every kind of food, it is coated 5 layers to enhance wear resistance and healthy non-stick surface.

There is no chemical coating on the surface of the pan body, and the ceramic coating pan is PTFE and PFOA-free which is ideal for healthy, low-fat cooking with easy cleanup. Made with ergonomics in mind, the length and width aim to protect you away from danger and still able to master cooking. Furthermore, the stainless steel is helpful to prevent cookware from warping, protects stovetops from scratching and ensures compatibility with induction ranges.

You’ll also be happy to hear that the pan is highly resistant to heat and distributes it evenly for your food so you will always be able to cook great meals thanks to the optimum set up.

KUTIME 8.7-Inch Ceramic Coating Nonstick Frying Pan

KUTIME 8.7-Inch Ceramic Coating Nonstick Frying Pan

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The three-ply construction base of the KUTIME 8.7-Inch Ceramic Coating Nonstick Frying Pan consists of a thickening base, a heat accumulation base, and heat conduction magnets for the optimum heat distribution regardless of what type of meal you’re planning to cook.

Compatible with gas, induction, and electric stovetops, this frying pan is oven safe to 450℉, making it good even for unconventional cooking methods and as an emergency replacement in case you have no clean pots available.

The stainless steel handle conducts heat more slowly and dissipates heat more quickly by its hollowed interior design. Lengthened stainless steel handle can be held easily and avoid to burn while cooking. Portable and durable for long term use. Overall, we really like this frying pan and would recommend it to just about anybody.

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