The Best Way Of Protecting Cookware

When it comes to investing in pots and pans people get baffled with the variety that are available in the market. This can be best avoided by getting to know your cookware better. It could be based on the kind of cooking you are more inclined into or could be based on convenience of cooking. However reading a little about Cookware Tips & Tricks can also be a way out of this problem. That is correct you can read about the details in various magazines and even in the internet now that it has become a medium to learn things as well. This will not make your cookware to last longer but can also leave you with better cooking results.

All-purpose suggestions

To start with pots and pans, you have to make sure that you have invested in the right ones. Assuming that you already have, this discussion will clarify how you can work well with your cookware and keep them in prime shape. Here are a few suggestions that can really be of help while working on cookware of various kinds:

1. Using the right spatula – Many of us do not know about this that although metallic spatulas may seem to be good, but they make scratches which may turn into abrasions. Not to mention that this will corrode away within a shorter span of time. Hence using wooden spatulas can be a way out. They sturdy as compared to its other variants and can make cooking healthy.

2. Acidic base – Never ever store acidic food in metallic pots and pans as they will react, probably it is only a matter of time before they start doing so. On the contrary collecting them in porcelain, glass or ceramic cookware can be considered to be an excellent idea.

3. Heat management – Now this is a tricky topic to handle while working in a kitchen. Heat is the primary element required for cooking, but what amount of it is good, is another question. The solution:

  • Iron cookware and carbon pans need cranked up heat to cook efficiently
  • Avoid doing so with non stick cookware
  • Do not heat anything for prolonged hours in any pan, skillet, wok or pot as it is sure to damage the cookware
  • At times pre heating can make cooking economical as well as add to the taste of the food

4. Judicious use of dishwasher – Machines are made to provide us comfort and add to our convenience, but they have downsides also. In this line of thoughts mention has to be made about using dishwasher in a judicious way which could prove to be more beneficial if certain things are kept in mind like:

  • It is highly recommended that you use wash only those utensils that are marked dishwasher by the manufacturer
  • Tin plated, iron and steel plated cookware will rust
  • Non stick pans will lose something called fluoro polymers that will make the food stick
  • Anodized pans tend to tarnish sooner

5. Cleaning your cookware – If you want to keep your utensils sparkling all the time then you can make use of some of these home remedies which can help you maintain that shine and keep them clean forever:

  • Try to use nylon scrubbers over normal scouring pads to maintain that sparkle and keeping them fresh at the same time
  • Cut a slice of a lemon, rub it over a pot or a pan and then buff with a soft cloth to witness instant shine
  • Use aluminum foil instead of a scrubber
  • An addition of 2 tablespoons to your normal dishwashing detergent can help it clean through grease in a jiffy
  • Soaking burnt utensils in fabric softener can make it a lot easier
  • Vinegar is a great source for adding shine to worn out utensils

In order to know about cookware tips & tricks you need to make sure that you keep yourself informed about the latest products. This will ensure that you remain updated all the time with the recent most development relating to maintaining and storage facilities. Remember to keep your kitchen hygienic with the intention of protecting your family.

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