9 Truly Essential Accessories For an Absolute Home Bar

Before you spend your entire paycheck on bottles, take a look at following must-have home bar accessories that every professional bartender should always stock.

Your home bar needs much more than just alcohol to be a perfect place to cheers. Having all essential tools and accessories allow you make a variety of cocktails and look like a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages while doing so.

Sustainable Glassware

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Different type of liquor needs different glasses. For example, stemware is used for wine and martini to maintain the coldness of these drinks. A fully-featured home bar must accommodate glasses include wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, margarita glasses, old-fashioned glasses, beer pints, mugs and steins in a sustainable quantity for an average social gathering.


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A right proportion could boost or kill the taste of any drink. Most bartenders forget it and overlook the importance of jigger, a simple but one of the most functional tools to your home bar. As recommended, get two jiggers, a one-ounce size, and a half ounce size.

Quality Ice

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Invest in some good ice cube trays to get bar-worthy cubes right from your freezer.


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Summer time? You must be thinking of Mojitos, lemons, fruits and Mint in your drinks, right? Sure, the back of your spoon could smash these ingredients, but to extract the real oils and flavor of these ingredients, you should get a muddler. It’s like a barman’s pestle.

Two Piece Shaker

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Shake your drinks like the pros. You need a two-piece shaker to shaking a drink and ensuring a better mix of flavors, proper dilution, and to be a cool barman. Use a shaker with an in-built strainer or get a separate strainer for a clean and smooth drink.

Pour Sprouts

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On the surface, pour sprouts may not seem fascinating, especially when you already own a jigger. But pour sprouts are intended for speed and accuracy of serving drinks, without over-pouring, spillage and wasted time.

Good Garnishes

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Tempt yourself or your guests with homemade concoctions garnished with fresh fruits, cherries, cocktail onions, lemon slices and whatever you like and is fresh.

Bar Spoon

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Spoon has been the second most useful tool after glassware for any bartender. A bar spoon is a versatile and multi-functional utensil. No matter if you are stirring a glass of Pinot noir wine or Bloody Mary, a mixing spoon with a long handle is a must.


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Fresh juice is life to dozens of cocktails, for instance, lemon for Whiskey Sours, orange for Bloody Mary and many other fruits for many homemade drinks. Squeezing your own fresh juice in drinks makes a noteworthy difference. Get a handy large-size juice that can handle any size citrus conveniently.

Cocktail Books

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Get hundreds of the latest drink recipes all at your fingertips. While the Internet is the endless resource, cocktail books make a great replacement. It’ll also put your guests at ease who wish to try making a booze.

Lots of Good Booze

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While all these home bar accessories are important, the topmost thing is your collection of booze. It’s worth mentioning that not all good bottles are expensive. A few drinks like tequila and rye whiskey are not only delicious but you can have these without breaking your bank.

Revive your bar ambiance using these cool home bar accessories.


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