10 Surprising Foods You Could Freeze to Save Time And Time


All over the Internet, you could read about foods that you should not refrigerate. Let me tell you, friends, the freezer was invented for a purpose to keep though not all, but many food items fresher and tastier for longer. In this article, we will throw light on easy freezer meals and other food items that you could freeze.

Easy Freezer Meals & Food Items

We bet you never knew these freezing food items earlier.

Corns On The Cob

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You can freeze fresh corns on the cob in good condition for up to a year. Pack the cob immediately in a silky plastic bag and place in the freezer. When you unfreeze it, you’ll have crispy and scrummy corns to eat. If you buy corns that are a few days old, husk and blanch it before freezing it.

Potato Chips, Pretzels, and Crackers

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Party’s over, and you have leftover chips? Freeze them! Since potato chips have less moisturizer, there’s little risk of chips becoming slushy. It makes potato chips even crispier so you can eat them straight from the freezer. Same applies to pretzels and crackers.


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Due to fiber and protein rich chickpeas, mineral-packed sesame seeds and heart-friendly olive oil, hummus is another candidate of easy freezer meals. Don’t forget to drizzle olive oil on the top to prevent moisture loss. You can freeze hummus for up to four months. That taste and flavor will remain intact.


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Cool leftover soup and transfer it into a freezable container with a one-cup gap between the liquid and the lid. When unfreeze, thaw it carefully, reheat and serve hot.

Mashed Potatoes

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You can preserve mashed potatoes for at least two months. All you need it to put it in a container lined with parchment sheet and freeze until hard. Then transfer it into a freezer bag to keep it fresh and in edible form for longer.

Cookie Dough

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Whether you buy cookie dough from a store or make it at home, frozen cookie dough always bakes well. Scoop the dough out onto the cookie sheet and freeze it. Once it turns solid, transfer the individual portions into freezer bags. Bake as many cookies as you want within just two minutes.

Fresh Herbs

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Wash and pat dry herbs. Chop them into desired portions and place on cookie sheet that’s covered with a plastic wrap. Freeze it until solid and then transfer it into the freezer bag or ice cube trays filled with water. Use the frozen herbs directly to enliven your cuisines.

Wine And Champagne

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Instead of dumping your leftover wine and champagne, it’s good to save it for the recipes that call for red. A nifty little trick is to turn them into flavorful ice cubes. Your recipes, especially pasta sauce would thank you for this.


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Do you know cold ingredients bake better cakes and flakier pastry crust? That’s why dough punchers suggest freezing all your flour.


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You can freeze and use tortillas for months. To revive them, just wrap it in a damp paper towel and microwave for a minute.

Let us know what other best meals to freeze.


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