DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC Review

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Review Summary:

The DUXTOP 1800 Watt Lightweight Induction Countertop 8100MC is compact, simple and lightweight to utilize induction cook top. It has an electronic handle panel and it operates at the drive of a switch. This particular induction cook top system is energy conserving as there is auto pan recognition.

If the cooktop doesn’t detect a pan on the burner within a minute it will automatically shut down. Other functions for the DUXTOP 8100MC 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop add a digital timer up to 170 minutes. This particular cooktop is perfect for enjoyable, outside, or whenever another burner is necessary.

Why should Buy DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop?

Easy to use and Store
It is attractive and an easy task to store or match on the counter all the right time. It is a fantastic choice for RV’s or cooking food outside, with the handy 6-foot cord especially. You might want to purchase the brand-title cookware and a thermometer to go along with it, however in spite of these small considerations, it is a really easy to utilize and revel in induction cooker.

Extremely Portable
The DUXTOP 1800-Watt induction cooker has been made with portability plus lifestyle in mind. It incorporates into an RV or 5th wheel perfectly, if you are living in one long-term even. It is effective for camping or simply outdoor cooking and serving also.

60 Second Auto Shut Off
The auto shut-off system on the DUXTOP 8100MC 1800-Watt is a great enhancement over similar manufacturers because it gives a total of 1 minute wait time prior to it shuts off. It means that when you have to take away the pot or pan for just about any good reason such as draining, flipping or even other things, you have a total minute to complete your own task prior to the cooktop shuts off and begins to reduce heat.

Versatile Functions
The DUXTOP 8100MC 1800-Watt Lightweight Induction Cooktop has a number of features which make it a fantastic choice. It could add an additional kitchen area to your kitchen area, and prevent you from needing to start the stovetop even, which make use of more power compared to this DUXTOP.

Durable Surface
A surface is an ideal plane, even the control panel reaches the same degree because the burner, however, the CP (control panel) is made from plastic that may get melted in case a hot pan it really is slid over it. The particular burner is included in black ceramic cup making this transportable induction cooktop looks excellent.

Enticing Features of DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop

  • Duxtop Induction Cooktop utilizes 120 volts, 15 amperes of electricity
  • Lightweight and small for simple handling plus storage
  • Suitable for DUXTOP along with other induction prepared cookware like stainless with a magnetic bottom or even cast iron.
  • Digital control panel plus built-in count-down electronic timer
  • Built with analysis error message system, Lower, and higher voltage warning system
  • Temperature range between 1400F to 4600F helping in cooking at various temperature levels.


  • Plenty of Cooking OptionsWith 10 different cooking functions, including the difficult to find sear choice, as well as the highly customizable temperature gauge, this cooktop offers several choices. The minimum warmth setting is 1400 and the utmost is 4600.
  • Completely SafeThis particular portable induction cook top includes the typical safety measures that you anticipate to find out on these home appliances. There’s an auto shut off that may sense in case you can find no cooking food pots or cookware at first glance, and shut off after 1 minute.
  • DurableThe DUXTOP toll free Induction Cook top is made of stainless with a magnetic bottom part, so that you can rest guarantee of its authentic high quality. Some other stove-tops are usually noisy and less expensive, like the ones you would find in China just.
  • CompactThe DUXTOP 1800 Induction Counter top is small and compact. It’s easy to grab and use and also better to clean and set aside. The beautiful black finish on it is made by the DUXTOP fit into any design of kitchen. It’s pretty smooth and it’s transportable, significance you can anywhere develop a kitchen, including a university dorm.
  • LightweightThe DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Countertop 8100 is powerful and simple to use. It’s truly light-weight and may fit on your own kitchen counters, without taking up to a complete lot of space, providing you with more kitchen area. It works ideally for only making use of 120 volts plus 15 amperes associated with electric power


  • Temperature Indicator InaccurateAs the numerous settings with this unit are excellent, the temperature gauge isn’t everything accurate. It is not clear but in the event that you keep foods handy thermometer, you’ll notice the difference probably.
  • Only Works together with Specific CookwareLike all induction cooktops, this DUXTOP just works together with particular kitchenware. Cast iron plus magnetized stainless ought to function, but this particular model appears to be pickier than others. You can find DUXTOP brand cooking pans and pots that you could purchase to avoid any frustration.

Experience When Using the Product

Most of the time, people find the product help them to accomplish the cookery with plenty of ease and with virtually no time. A few users can experience high pitch sound plus ‘overheated error’ information, which will happen in case they receive a poor one from your maker. In this case, a refund can be got by them or reach be compensated by receiving another one.
Other warnings could be seen about the panel when the temperature is usually too much or too low. This will depend upon users’ preference these messages could be very annoying for some individuals.

Strategies for Using plus Maintenance

Please be familiar with your cookware. You need to know if they’re induction ready or even not really. If you want to buy fresh items, please take a little magnet along with one to the grocery store. Any materials that’s magnetic might enable you to get a better bring about heating system your meal as period will undoubtedly be cut down.

  1. Apart from that, enamels and cast could work fine so long as they’re induction ready just. So inquire owner before buying in case you are uncertain; it really saves you a lot of money plus period in the event that you buy whatever is not suitable to Duxtop burning.
  2. The burner’s top will be cool after cookware is removed. Essential oil, oil, sauce, etc. may be over the best whenever you cook minus the cover on. All you have to perform is taking a clear towel and cleaning out the staining that can be found on the cook top.
  3. Although warnings may be delivered to users regarding temperature and car pan detection functionality will switch off the particular burner if it’s unintentionally turned on, you need to be cautious never to heat up without the cookware on top.

Finally, in the event that you keep receiving error warning once you put a pan along with the burner; please make sure to look at your cookware if it’s suitable to induction oven.

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