Essential Kitchen Knives You Need to Know About [Infographic]

If you’re out there in the kitchen, slaving away over your next meal and you reach for a knife, do you know what you’re reaching for? 

If you’re the type to pick up anything sharp to get the job done, maybe that works for you. 


If you want to become a culinary pro, you need to know your kitchen knives because you could be dulling your current blades on the wrong foods!

Or worse, you could be making less impressive cuts by using the wrong blade.

Look, I know what you’re thinking: 

Who cares what the shape of my onion pieces are?

Well, a lot of people care, actually!

Using the right knife can make for better presentation in the final product or even make the task of chopping, dicing, or slicing go much quicker. 

And if having the right knife saves time in the kitchen, why not put in the effort to learn your way around the different blades? 

You might even learn a few new tricks to impress your friends and family with once you understand more about the different kitchen knives at your disposal and how they’re best used in your next meal!

A Guide to the Different Knives in Your Kitchen

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Helen Harris

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