Should You Buy A Copper Chef XL?

You are probably familiar with the Copper Chef XL thanks to TV spots featuring this product. We looked at Copper Chef reviews and did some research about this product to determine if it lives up to the hype. Here is what you need to know if you are thinking about ordering one of these casserole pans.

The Copper Chef Reviews (XL)



Our Rating


  • save on storage space by using a single piece of cookware.

  • Works On All Stove Tops: Gas, Electric, Ceramic & Induction

  • Heat Resistant Up To 850° F

  • Made with Cerami-Tech: Non-Stick Outer Coating


  • Extra care is required when washing

  • Not actually made of copper

What is the Copper Chef XL?

Copper Chef specializes in cookware sets. One of the main products of the brand is an 11” casserole pan called the Copper Chef XL. This piece of cookware is sold as a part of different sets. Some sets come with a few basic accessories, but you can find sets with several pieces.

The purpose of the accessories is to help you prepare a wider range of dishes with your Copper Chef casserole pan. This product is advertised as a nonstick casserole that doesn’t use a PTFE coating.

Most steel and aluminum uses a PTFE nonstick cooking. The problem with this material is that it can be damaged when exposed to high heat. If a pan overheats, the coating will start sticking, and PTFE particles could end up in the food you are preparing.

Alternatives include cast iron pans, which can be expensive and require some special care and maintenance. The other alternative is a product like the Copper Chex XL.

The Cerami-Tech non-stick coating technology guarantees nothing sticks, and the stainless steel induction base heats up quickly, so your meals cook in a flash.

Copper Chef XL pan replaces your stock pot, rice cooker, fry pan, roasting pan, wok and baking dishes. It does everything. This 7.2 quart fry pan is wider and deeper so you can cook up to multiple racks of ribs or even a several pounds of turkey easily. 

Here is a video to get you started on using the Copper Chef pan:

What Are The Main Features Of The Copper Chef XL?

The Copper Chef XL is described as a 6-in-1 casserole pan. It is designed to replace a steamer, stockpot, sauté pan, deep fryer, pasta pot, roasting pan, and baking dish. The main advantage is that you save on storage space by using a single piece of cookware.

The square design of the Copper Chef XL is reminiscent of a casserole dish. It is dishwasher safe, resists to heat up to 850°F, and has a capacity of seven quarts.


The brand calls the nonstick coating Cerami-Tech. This suggests there is ceramic used to coat the Copper Chef XL, but this isn’t something we were able to find more information about. Regardless, this is an alternative to PFTE coating that allows you to cook without using butter or oil.

The bottom of the pan is a stainless steel induction plate. You can use it on an induction range or a regular stove and still get the benefit of an induction range, namely fast heating, and uniform heat.

The recipes that come with Copper Chef products are worth mentioning as well. These products are usually sold with cookbooks that add value to these cookware sets since they show you exactly how to make your favorite dishes with these products.

Let’s Take A Look At The Copper Chef XL Accessories

Even though you can find the Copper Chef XL by itself, there are several sets available with a different selection of accessories. You can also purchase accessories separately.

Let’s go over some of the Copper Chef reviews.

The four-piece set includes a casserole pan, a glass lid, a fry basket, and a pan extender. We thought this was a valuable accessory since it expands the capacity of the Copper Chef XL.

The five-piece set comes with a casserole pan, a glass lid, a fry basket, a steamer rack, and a recipe book. The 12-piece set comes with two pieces of cookware, including the 11” Copper Chef XL pan and an 8” deep dish square casserole pan.

This set includes accessories that fit the 11” pan. It includes an extender ring, steamer tray, roast tray, fry basket, recipe book, side handles and a silicone serving mat.

The 15-piece set comes with an 11” pan, a 9.5” deep square pan, lids for both pans and a fry basket. In addition, the set includes a steamer rack for each pan, four utensils, two cookbooks, and an induction cooktop.

Induction Cooktop

We think the induction cooktop is one of the best accessories sold by Copper Chef since it makes the cookware set a portable option for your next camping or RV trip.

You can adjust the temperature of the induction cooktop as needed, and use the low temperature setting to keep your food warm.

We feel that counting the lids, recipe books, and other extras as pieces is an attempt to make shoppers feel like they are getting more for their money. However, some accessories like the fry basket, pan extender, or the steamer tray stand out since they allow you to cook more dishes.

In fact, getting the casserole pan without the fry basket and steamer tray would reduce its value. These two accessories give you access to cooking techniques that would otherwise require you to purchase expensive appliances.

How Much Does A Copper Chef XL Cost?

We were able to find the 11” Copper Chef XL by itself for $37.46. You can get an 8” pan and an 11” XL pan for $80 from another retailer.

The official Copper Chef website sells the five-piece set for $70, and the 15-piece set is currently on sale for $150.

If the induction cooktop was your main motivation for considering the 15-piece set, you can save money and get a Copper Chef XL with the induction cooktop and no additional accessories for $100.

Prices vary from one retailer to another and in function of which accessories come with the casserole pan. If you want a cookware set with accessories, the Copper Chef official website has the best prices and selections.

Finally, if you would like to purchase the pan by itself, shop around to find the best prices.

What Do Shoppers Say About The Copper Chef XL?

We looked at Copper Chef reviews and found that opinions are somewhat mixed. The five-piece Copper Chef XL set has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, while some bloggers don’t recommend the product.

Overall, there are more positive reviews than negative ones. Also, people enjoy cooking with this casserole pan because it opens up new possibilities.

The main issue with the product is that it is called Copper Chef but isn’t made out of copper. Some shoppers are disappointed when they receive the cookware set because they were expecting a real copper pan.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews mention the large capacity of the pan, the versatility of the cookware set, and the facts that it is easy to save storage space and replace different of pots, pans, and oven dishes with a single product.

Similarly, shoppers love the induction plate feature. It helps the pan heat up faster and cooks the food more evenly. The accessories are another positive point mentioned in reviews. Shoppers love being able to try new cooking techniques like frying, steaming, or roasting.

The nonstick coating is what divides people the most. Some shoppers love the Copper Chef XL and say they can cook anything without oil or butter. Others say the pan starts sticking after a while.

Some Copper Chef XL reviews also mention that it is easy to scratch the pan. However, a majority of people don’t seem to encounter this issue.

How Does The Copper Chef XL Compare To Other Cookware?

We compared the Copper Chef XL with a cookware sets that includes most of the items it aims to replace. We also compared it to a similar pan that doesn’t use a PFTE nonstick coating and that is also advertised on TV.


Copper Chef Pan XL 11″

Traditional PFTE Nonstick Cookware Set

(12-pc cookware set from T-fal)

Gotham Steel Cookware


Ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass


Titanium ceramic, and stainless steel


5-piece set starts at US$ 89.99

12-piece set starts at US$ 60

3-piece set starts at US$ 40





Heat Resistance




Dishwasher Safe

Oven Safe

Our Rating

Comparison With A Traditional PFTE Nonstick Cookware Set

We selected a 12-piece cookware set from T-fal available for $60. The price is comparable to the five-piece set sold by Copper Chef. We chose this specific set because it includes a steam basket.

The 12-piece set from T-fal includes a 10.25×10.25” square griddle, three saucepans with lids, a 10.25” frying pan, a steam basket, a spoon, and a spatula. The saucepans have a capacity of one, two, and five quarts.

The Copper Chef XL is a better choice if you need something with a seven-quart capacity, or if you don’t have enough space to store this 12-piece cookware set.

However, most of the dishes you cook probably don’t call for an 11” pan and using a smaller saucepan would make washing dishes easier.

Perfect for a big family 

If you have a large family, you would have to spend more to get pots and pans with a larger capacity and the Copper Chef XL would probably be a better value for you.

The Copper Chef XL is also a better choice if you have an induction stove or range since this traditional cookware set can’t be used with an induction range.

The pans and the griddle included in this set feature a PTFE nonstick coating. The coating can become damaged if it overheats, which is the main drawback of traditional cookware sets.

The Copper Chef XL provides you with an alternative, but keep in mind that the coating of this casserole pan has received mixed reviews. Another alternative is the WearEver C943SF Pure living Non-stick Ceramic Covering. It is a PFOA-Free, PTFE-Free and Cadmium-Free Dishwasher Secure Cookware Set Thus, enables you to cook healthily and ecological friendly.

Comparison With Gotham Steel Cookware

Gotham Steel offers a product similar to Copper Chef. This brand even runs similar TV spots to showcase their cookware.

However, Gotham Steel takes a different approach by selling cookware sets with several pots and pans. This is closer to a traditional cookware sets and would be interesting if you don’t want to use a large casserole pan for everything.

We found a 9.5” nonstick square frying and cooking pan with a design similar to the Copper Chef XL. It is a better value than the Copper Chef XL since you can get the pan, a frying basket, and a steamer tray for $40.

The features are similar to the Copper Chef XL. You can use this Gotham Steel pan as an oven casserole, you can cook without oil or butter, and you can use it on an induction stove or range. The capacity is inferior to the Copper Chef XL.

Made of Titanium and Ceramic

Gotham Steel explains that their products are made from a blend of titanium and ceramic. The coating is not PTFE, but there aren’t any additional details.

However, the reviews are similar to what people say about Copper Chef products. While some shoppers are satisfied with the purchase, other encounter issues with sticking and scratching after a while.

What We Think: Final Thoughts on the Copper Chef XL

We think the TV spots used to advertise the Copper Chef XL have created some unrealistic expectations for this product.

Many shoppers are under the impression that they are purchasing copper cookware. Only to be disappointed when they realize it is made from another material.

However, these red copper cookware sets are worth buying. We think a Copper Chef XL would be convenient if you have a small kitchen. Especially if you can’t store a large cookware set.

It replaces six pieces of cookware and opens up more cooking possibilities, such as frying food, roasting meat, and steaming vegetables.

If you have an induction range, a Copper Chef casserole is a more affordable alternative to a cast iron pan.  In fact, it doesn’t require any maintenance. On the other hand, a quality cast iron set will be more durable than a Copper Chef casserole pan.

We believe that Copper Chef XL paired with the induction cooktop accessory would be a convenient addition to your RV. This accessory could also be a lifesaver if you are planning a camping trip. It is also perfect for people living in a small apartment without a stove.

Recipes as add-on

We also like that these cookware sets come with recipes to help you take advantage of the shape of the casserole pan. This allows consumers to use all the accessories included.

Using a Copper Chef XL means you will have to get used to a slightly different way of cooking. However, the brand developed a good selection of recipes you can make with their product.

The Copper Chef XL is an interesting alternative to a traditional cookware set if you don’t have much storage space. It is also a good choice for induction stove users. This is also a product to consider if you want to start using more cooking techniques. Additionally, some consider this to prepare a wider range of dishes that require frying or steaming. Furthermore, there are also other brands that stands out in the best induction cookware category.

Ultimately these Copper Chef reviews are meant to serve as a guide. If you are looking for alternatives, do check out our reviews of the best ceramic cookware, and stainless steel cookware set as well.

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