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Cookware Tips

The kitchen is one place in the house where you can use your expertise and have fun with it. No matter how good you are in the kitchen, there are some tips and tricks which can come handy even to the experts. Cooking can sometimes be very challenging, but with the right methods and procedures you can very easily simplify this task. So here are a few cooking and cookware tips which will make you a pro in the kitchen.

Non-Stick Cookware

When used properly, non-stick utensils can come really handy. Be it a foodie or a diet conscious, everyone enjoys food cooked on these Teflon-coated. When cooking with these babies, make sure the heat is low, as high heat can spoil the surface of the utensils. Use whole fats medium like butter or oil for cooking instead of cooking spray. Always use a wooden spoon for cooking; use of metallic spoons will spoil the surface. Do not put them in the dishwasher; instead wash them with a soft cloth.

In case you use stainless steel cookware here are some tips for you:

  1. Add it to the utensil when it is very hot, this will ensure that the food does not stick to the base.
  2. Clean the utensil by boiling it in 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water in it to avoid any calcium build-up on the surface.
  3. If there is burnt or dry food stuck on the surface, clean it by adding some soapy warm water to it. Let the water sit for some time and then go in with the cleaning.
  4. Use non-abrasive cleaners to clean the surface, this will ensure there is no discoloration.
  5. Drying the utensil immediately after washing it, ensures that there are no water stains on the cookware.

Cast iron cookware has lot of myths going about them. Here are some myths busted:

  1. Most people are of the opinion that cast iron is really difficult to maintain but that is not the case in reality. Cast iron is really rough, tough and does not require any pampering, unlike cookware made from other materials.
  2. It is great for searing meat, because once cast iron gets hot; it stays hot for a very long time. It does require a lot of time for preheating, but retains that heat for quite a while.
  3. Cast iron, is nowhere close to being non-stick, so do not think it will serve equally well.
  4. People think that cleaning cast iron with soap is bad because it removes the seasoning, but it reality nothing like that ever happens. You can very easily use soap to clean cast iron, but do not soak it soapy water.
  5. You can very easily use metallic spoons to cook on cast iron cookware. You do not have to buy a separate set of wooden spatulas for, cast iron cookware.
  6. People often hold the belief that acidic food must never be cooked on cast iron, but the reality is very distant from this myth. A well polymerized cast iron utensil can solve this problem, as it acts as a barrier between the acids and the iron.

So now that you have been enlightened by so many tips and tricks, you will be able to manage your kitchen pretty well. Cooking is a science, and it requires a lot of knowledge. It is a way of bring people closer to each other and together. So in case you happen to be a food lover, then you can utilize all the aforementioned methods to harmonize your cooking. If used and stored properly, cookware can last for a very long time, some good quality cookware are passed on from one generation to another and they look pretty much new.

Caring for the materials you have and keeping them properly will make their lives long and ensure you do not pay a visit to the market often, in search of new cookware. Be sure to buy everything which is well built and the materials used are of great quality, or else they may get spoilt over the course of time. It is better to pay a little extra once, than to pay little by little over a period of time, because at the end of the day you end up spending the same amount.


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