7 Tricks that will make your Favorite Brew even Better

Okay! So, we don’t have second thoughts about it that a good cup of hot coffee can make your day even better!

After all; what’s better than a cute mug steamed with thick and creamy chocolate on a long working day!

For a delicious cup of your favorite beverage; we are not going to spoon you with the ideas like stir till the froth comes up or make a microwave coffee! But, here we have jotted down seven ingenious hacks; which will take your brewing game up a mark!

Spoiler: A bit of your favorite wine is also involved!

Add a Stick of Cinnamon to It

After a great sleep; we will not make you make many efforts to brew a tasty cup of coffee! Just simply add a cinnamon stick while brewing your drink to enhance its basic taste.

Worth a try?

Crisp It Off

The best coffee is the mix of all ingredients.

If you prefer a hot chocolate rather than a boring cup of coffee; add red wine, rum or some bourbon to it! These ingredients will lessen the bitterness of coffee and will also give it some high smoky notes!

Heaven in a cup?

Use Butter instead of Cream

Give this hack a chance!

Just skip regular butter or milk and add a spoonful of unsalted butter to your coffee. This will serve you the drink with a creamier effect and less of calories.

It is also a great hack when you run out of milk at your home.

DIY the Coffee Syrup


DIY tricks and hacks work with all kind of recipes.


2 cup sugar or honey

2 cups of water

An essence Flavor


Stir two cups of sugar into two cups of water and let it boil over low heat until it dissolves. After the steam has built up; add your favorite flavor.

And, you’re done! Add this syrup while making your coffee and get it done in your favorite flavor.

Say Goodbye to Table Sugar

If you have got a sharp sugar tooth; add raw sugar to your coffee for enhancing its flavor. You can also spread some sugar on the top to get the extra sweetness from a single cup.

Garnish your Favorite Latte with Apple Pie Spice

Best coffee hack

Photo from https://www.mccormick.com/recipes/beverages-cocktails/apple-pie-spiced-latte

Here we give you the hack to the best coffee ever!

All you needs is to simply top the froth of your coffee with a pinch of apple pie spice, and you’re good to go!

Don’t overdo it in the spring season as this spice makes your coffee way too strong in taste.

Who Says no to a Cookie?

While reading this; you probably might have your favorite cookie in your mind!

And, coffee with the taste of cookie is all you could have asked for!

Just add a drop of vanilla extract in your coffee and your coffee will give you a flavor of vanilla coffee. You can also change the flavors of the extract according to your choice.

So, say goodbye to paying pounds on big coffee cups and make your kitchen a personalized coffee shop by brewing it on your own along with a perfectly baked chocolate.


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