A Head to Head Price Comparison, Blue Apron Pricing Vs The Grocery Store

One thing that every cook from the most inexperienced of beginners to the most renowned 5-star chefs must pay attention to is the cost of the food they make and serve. With the meal in a box industry exploding right now, and a new competitor seemingly appearing every month, it can be confusing where to find the best value. A few months ago we published a Blue Apron Review, and in it, we compared prices for one of the meals to that of our local grocery store. We’ve had some debate over whether the conclusions we found would hold true to other Blue Apron recipes. We picked some of the most favorite recipes from the summer lineup to see how they stack up against the food available at your local supermarket.

Blackened Chicken

1/2 cup jasmine rice0.43
2 boneless chicken breasts3.18
4oz cherry tomatoes0.56
3 clove garlic1.68
2 scallions0.27
1 ear of corn0.99
1 lime0.6
1 zucchini1.5
1 bunch cilantro1
2 tsp ancho chili powder0.58
1/4 cup mexican crema’0.65

total : 11.44


Bucatini and Tomato

3/4 cup bucatini pasta.89
1/2 pound fresh mozz3.18
2 garlic cloves1.12
2 summer squash3
1/2 pound heritage Globe tomatoes1.05
1 bunch basil1.25
1 bunch oregano1.25
2tbsp butter0.88
2 tbsp red wine vinegar1.2
2 tbsp tomato paste0.53
1 oz castelvetrano olives0.99
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese0.8



Chicken Banh Mi

2 chicken breasts3.18
2 carrots0.22
1 bunch cilantro1.25
1 persian cucumber0.99
1/4 head red cabbage1.99
4 tbsp red wine vinegar2.4
3tbsp mayo0.21
2tbsp hoisin sauce0.68
2 banh mi rolls1.8
2tsp sesame oil0.91
bahn mi spice blend0.8

Total: 14.43


Chilled Chicken Ramen

2 chicken breasts3.18
1/2 lb fresh ramen noodles4.96
4 oz summer bean1.8
2 scalions0.27
1 cucumber0.99
1 tomato0.99
1tbsp sesame oil0.46
1tbsp sugar0.15
1tsp fuikake3.44
1/4 cup rice vinegar0.4
1/4 cup soy sauce1.15

Total: 17.79


Peperonata Pizza

8 oz fresh mozz5.99
4 garlic cloves2.24
4 gypsy peppers2.89
1 bunch parsley1.25
1 onion0.99
1/2 bunch broccolini0.9
2tbsp tomato paste0.53
1tsp capers0.52
2 tbsps white wine vinegar1.02
1/2 cup semolina flour1.21
1lb whole wheat pizza dough3.99
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes0.23

Total: 21.76


5 meal total:78.88


Blue Apron 5 meal total: 49.95


In conclusion it’s fairly obvious that Blue Apron beats the grocery store hands down, but as we stated in the previous piece it’s even more important to not that these prices are based on exact amounts of meat and produce. For many of these items it would be impossible to buy them in the amounts needed for the recipe and thus in order to actually make these meals you would have to spend significantly more. It’s also worth noting that Blue Apron eliminates the need for you to go to the grocery store, saving quite a bit of time.

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