Bet You Didn’t Know These Secret Uses of Lemon

When you have lemons, you could do more than just executing refreshing lemonade recipes. This tangy evergreen fruit is not limited to treat your sore throats and augment culinary flavors only. But you can use your grandma’s absolute favorite fruit in endless other ways to make your life plain sailing.

Here’s is a list of unprecedented uses of lemon. Go through the list, and we bet you’d likely to always keep the lemon in your kitchen 24/7.

Uses Of Lemon

Fruits and Veggie Preserver

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Do you usually have lots of wastage of green grocery? Next time you store them, coat your fruit slices and veggies with fresh lemon juice to make them last longer without turning brown. The citric acid found in lemon prevents them from browning and losing their newness.

Hunger Restraint

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Gaining weight because of overeating? Curb your useless craving and steer clear of over-eating by drinking a glass of lemon water before every mealtime. The polyphenols found in the lemon will help to restrict unnecessary desire for food.

Grocery Rinse

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Uses of pesticides and other chemicals make your grocery unhealthier and dirtier than you think. Regular rinse with plain water is not enough. You need to make an extra effort to allow yourself and your family healthy food. Stir up lemon juice with water and a small amount of white vinegar. Wash out all your natural veggies and fruit with this mixture before cooking them.

Whip Up a Quick Salad Dressing

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Your guests are around the dining table, and you are out of bottled stuff? Just whisk lemon juice, honey, and olive oil and lemon zest with a few seasoning together to whip you up a toothsome salad dressing?

Furniture Polish

Olive oil and lemon water mix make a chemical-free polish for your wooden furniture.

All-Purpose Cleaner

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Be it a stubborn clothing stain or hard build-up on your mirrors, windows, and countertops, all you need is a lemon. Replace your harsh and expensive cleaners with a natural alternative. Also, brighten your whites without bleaching by adding lemon juice to your laundry. Rub lemon pulp on grimy faucets, door and shower handle to remove scum and polish them naturally. Use lemon and salt mixture to remove stains from your carpet.

Eliminate Nesty Odor

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Does your house smell weird sometimes? Cut lemons in half and boil them in water for a few hours. The pleasant lemon’s fragrance will gradually diffuse throughout the air, replacing toxic-loaded air fresheners. If it’s your kitchen, put lemon peel down your garbage disposal and rub it in wooden cooking items to get rid of smells.

Lemon Health Benefits


Well-executed lemon recipes make a quick fix for health problems like sore throats, cold, nausea and bloating stomach. Lemon water drains out the toxins while maintaining the pH level in your body. Its potassium content nourishes brain and nerve cells.

Beauty Applications

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Put lemon juice in hair deeply cleanses scalps, making them free of dandruff and inflammation while adding shine to hair strands. Soak your nails lemon juice to remove nail polish stains and dead skin, Drinking and applying lemon juice also promote skin health.

Keep Insects Out of the Kitchen

Just squirt lemon juice on door thresholds and windowsills, and also into holes and cracks where the ants are coming from. Ants hate the citrusy smell.


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