Best Smoothie Maker with Buying Guide

Do you like to change your food habit from fast foods to healthy nutrients? Then, a good smoothie maker can make it possible for you! Now, it is possible to get a full glass of nutrient whenever you want. Moreover, the best smoothie maker is such kind of machine that can convert any ingredient to a smoothie. As a result, you can think a new recipe every day and taste it too!

A good blender is important because it helps to make smoothies very quickly. Moreover, it will not harm the nutrients in fruits the like strawberry, banana, grapes and others. In addition, this is a really impressive way to refresh you with a cool glass of smoothies after returning from work.

Our Pick: Top 5 Best Smoothie Maker

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Reviews of Top 10 Smoothie Maker & Best Blender For Smoothies

1. Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

This is a blender from China manufacturer that offers 12-piece set to the smoothie markers. The mixer system can provide good quality smoothies from fruits, Superfoods and vegetables very easily. The 600-watt motor can deal with tough and hard pieces of ingredients.

Every piece of the smoothie maker is a good choice for everyone. Along with one flat blade and one emulsifying blade, you will have two short cups and one tall cups. Therefore, you can change the blades depending on the ingredients and cups on your quantity of smoothie.

The blender uses cyclonic action for making a nutrients smoothie. The solid basement with slip-resistant is very good and safe to use. It will provide you to lead a healthy lifestyle for any type of ingredients. This is a dishwasher friendly mixer system that offers one-year limited warranty. So, this is a good quality blender to choose for making your green smoothie with a style!

2. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System

The blender is a complete set of 15-piece mixer system that offers quality smoothie making service. It also includes recipe book for the beginners who are looking for recipes to make tasty smoothies. As a result, you will not need to look for a good recipe to enjoy the whole nutrient of food.

The mixer system is very easy to use and replace the blades. Just push and twist the blender and it will start its work. No buttons are in the device like other normal blenders. Moreover, the manual instruction book will give you the complete guideline to use to make smoothie.

The 900-watts motor is enough to blend the toughest and hardest ingredients in a short time. There is no speed customization option. The plastic made blender cups are easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. The mixer system can grind, chop, blend, and shredder in a single speed.

3. Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

Do you want a master piece for blending to make smoothie? Then, this is the best choice for you because it is a 72-ounce pitcher. A 1000-watts professional grade motor is included for heavy duty. 6-blade technology is this Ninja blender really makes it impressive.

The overall design of the blender is really good and stylish. It follows ultimate ice crashing action in few seconds. Therefore, you will get good performance from the professional smoothie maker. The smoothie maker offers three-speed adjustable options along with 1-year warranty to the users. So, use any speed and make your smoothie ready in seconds!

It is very easy to use because of large buttons. Moreover, this is dishwasher friendly and BPA free. Don’t worry about the quality of the blades because they are very efficient. This will take few seconds to make smoothie of solid fruits and vegetables. You will also get cord storage in the blender basement that is really good for you!

4. Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar

Do you want to get the modern smoothie maker for home? Then, this is the best blender for you because it offers commercial grade motor with 1,560-watt power. It generates power from 3 HP direct drives motor to complete its operation in seconds.

This blender follows preprogrammed blending cycles and offers a touchpad control system. Moreover, it has a brain that turn-off the machine automatically when it completes making smoothie. As a result, this is the best mix system to save your bills too!

2-prong stainless steel blade is enough to provide you quality blending time. 29,000 rpm speed blade is really amazing to blend. Single stainless steel blade improves the quality of blending and speed to smash the fruits and vegetables very easily.

The recipe and user guide is very easy to read and do implement. The highly expert nutrition’s make the recipe for ensuring a rich and healthy lifestyle. You will get 3 years of limited warranty from the manufacturer for ETL certified blender.

5. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The blender is professional and durable with an efficient blade to make smoothie from the hard ingredient. It is powered by a 750-watt motor and follows the permanent hemisphere blade and bowl system. The stainless steel blade is durable give good performance.

It offers 5-speed control feature for different ingredients. Moreover, you will have a pulse feature that helps to give high rpm speed for getting the good result. The jug offers 1.5L capacity smoothie making per time and made of tritan copolyester.

The smoothie maker has some preprogrammed settings for controlling the process. Moreover, there is an LCD timer that counts operation time. As a result, you can watch and know when the smoothie is completed.

The buttons are very large with text that is easy to understand. As a result, you will not need to look so many times to input any instruction. The basement is made of die-cast metal that increases the durability and ensures professional performance. You will get one year warranty from the blender.

6. Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450)

Ninja always brings the right and quality blender for the users. BL450 is another amazing blender that is powered by 900 watts motor. Therefore, you can easily get the best quality performance with no error for making a perfect glass of smoothie.

The patented extractor blades are very efficient in the blender. It can work well for ice, skins, stems as well as seeds. Moreover, the blades are super efficient for frozen foods when other blenders can’t deal with them.

The blender will also provide you a 30-page recipe book along with a smoothie guideline from the health experts. Therefore, this is a good way to run in the healthy lifestyle track.

In order to customize the speed, the blender is using pulse technology. The BPA-free container is dishwasher friendly for the easy cleaning process. You will get one year limited warranty from Ninja for this blender.

7. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container

This is a suitable smoothie maker for making the whole family drink. The long cup provides 65 oz. capacity drink making an opportunity to the user. As a result, this is a quite good option to make smoothie for the entire family.

2.2 HP motor with wide blade radius is perfect for crashing the green smoothie ingredients properly. Moreover, the stainless steel blade is durable and very efficient to work.

You don’t need to worry about the cup as this is made of PVC plastic. Stainless steel is being used for housing the cup. Therefore, this is also durable and easy to use. You will get two santoprene rubber lids along with removable plug to enter more ingredients later.

The control unit of the blender is very easy and comfortable to you. You will get turn off and on switch one side and pulse switch on the side. Adjust the right speed of blending using the rotating dial and you will get your smoothie drink ready! Vitamix is offering only one-year warranty for the mixer.

8. Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 PC Set Blender Mixer

Are you looking for a single blender to do many tasks? Then, this blender is an amazing to purchase. This is a 25-piece set blender that provides you quality blending experience. Magic Bullet promises to finish your kitchen task within 10 seconds or less.

You will get high torque power base in order to blend less than 10 seconds. The blender does not have any settings or buttons to give instruction. You will need to put the ingredients into the cups, close the lid and push and twist it. The machine will start working and give you the mixer in seconds.

Along with 5 party mugs, 2 steamer tops, one tall cup and one short cup, you will get other major attachments too. All the attachments and cups are dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning.

The manufacturer also offers one 100 page recipe book so that you can get nutrients from the food properly. Just read out the book and you will know the delicious recipes. The blender is the compact size and does not need much space to work with. It offers one year limited warranty only.

9. Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

An 1100-watt professional motor is a good feature of a home blender. Ninja knocks market again with the quality blender, BL660. This is a professional grade blender that provides the quality performance to make smoothie and drinks for the whole family.

The 72 oz. the capacity of the large cup is enough for your family’s breakfast or evening smoothies. It offers two cubs for vitamin extraction and nutrients so that you can get quality drinks. The blender follows total crushing technology to give solid drink. As a result, you don’t need to think twice to give ice cubs for cold smoothies.

Don’t worry about frozen fruits and vegetables because this works well for the items too. You will get a quick smoothie using the machine. The 6 blade technology deals with any solid ingredients that you want to use. Cleaning the BPA-free cup is very simple because this is dishwasher friendly. Ninja is offering 1 warranty to the users with easy to use the function.

10. Oster VERSA 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender with Low Profile Jar

Would you like to purchase a blender with long time warranty from the manufacturer? Then, this is a fine model that you can prefer because the manufacturer is offering 7 years warranty. This blender is powered by 1400 watt motor that provides BPA free Tritan made the jar with 64-ounce capacity.

A rotation dial is used in order to customize the speed level of the blender. In addition, this offers three preprogrammed settings for soup, dips and smoothies making. As a result, you can set the option and get it ready within seconds.

The machine is very durable to provide you the way of healthy lifestyle. Instead of using plastic, the manufacture designs the blender with metals. As a result, you can expect to get long time performance from this quality machine. In addition, the base is stable and slip-resistant design to prevent movement during the operation.

The blade is made of stainless steel that provides more than 250 mph speed to blend hard fruits and vegetables. You can look at the recipe book if you want to make some really nutrients smoothies and soups. Two color recipe books are included with real pictures that are really attractive and tempting!

What is The Best Blender, Best Blender for Smoothies?

Are you looking for buying the best blender for home? Then, you must desire to purchase the top model in the market. How do you rate a blender as top? You will have two options to get it.

First one is searching the web to find ‘what is the best blender for smoothies?’ the second option is to ask your friends or relatives who are using the device. You are investing money to get good nutrient daily. Then, why should you depend on others?

We have researched the market and quality blenders. After researching properly, we have found some characteristics that must be presented in the best blender. If you are going to market to purchase it, you should consider the following aspects. As a result, this is very easy to recognize the top blender and enjoy health smoothies daily!

Power of Motor
A good blender needs to have good power to blend fruits and green vegetables very quickly. You must need to select the blender that offers more than 1,000 watts motor power. Moreover, an ideal blender will always provide good design of the blades and pitchers. So, the machine with a good combination of blades and motor power is a good choice.

Wide & Solid Basement
The basement of the blender needs to be wide. Wider basement indicates the stability of it too. Make sure that basement has slip-resistant elements for safe using

Easy to use
The blender should be easy to use. The functions should be properly explained. Some of the blenders do not provide large switches to operate the machine. As a result, this is quite hard to use and press the accurate button. Large buttons with proper space are easy to give direction to operate it.

Easy to clean
When you will purchase a blender, you will use it regularly. So, this will become an integral part of your kitchen. The smoothie maker should be easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. Moreover, the attachments should be easy to open for cleaning.

Good attachments
You should look into the attachments that the blender is offering. Most of the blenders offer two or three or more attachments. The more attachment you have, the more variety things you can blend. Therefore, attachments are very helpful too. Don’t forget to check whether the attachments are dishwasher friendly or not.

Different brands offer different time period of warranty. If you notice the top manufacturers, most of the blenders offer one or two years of warranty. The warranty time is the indication of the durability of the device. Don’t go with the blender less than one year warranty.

Customer Rating & Feedback
You are looking for the best smoothie maker, then, early customers should also get some good performance, right? Just go through the top e-commerce websites and read smoothie maker customer rating and feedback. It will give you an overall idea about a particular machine very easily and quickly.

When you have considered all of the aspects of a blender, you can rate it very easily. As a result, you won’t need to ask anyone to find the top performing blender. So, stop wasting time for further research and just consider the aspects. Surely, you will have the best blender comfortably to have a tasty smoothie.

Benefits of Best Blender for Smoothies

Many of you will suggest you to purchase the best blender for green smoothies. Do you have ever asked them why do you need it? Did they answer you?

If not, then, you are in the right place to clear the concept. Actually, there are so many beneficial sites of using a good blender for smoothies. If you are tired of preparing and cooking to get rich nutrients meal, a smoothie maker is made for you!

This is very worth to use, take only 5 minutes to make a glass of smoothie. You can use any ingredients that you would like to taste. This is the best way to get true nutrients from green vegetables very quickly.

The benefits of blender for smoothie are shortly highlighted here:

Save Time
When you will use a blender for making smoothies, it will save your time. It means you are not wasting your time for preparing food items and cook them. You are cutting the fruits or vegetables into small pieces; use the blender for maximum 2 minute. It’s done! How many hours you are spending for cooking food?

Doesn’t Waste Food Nutrition
Do you prefer to cook food to get nutrition? It’s a miss for getting whole nutrient when cooking meal. Cooking heat wastes some important nutrition of food very easily. According to the nutrients expert, using blender for smoothies is the best way to save whole food nutrition.

Saves Money
Large meal pack means lots of ingredients to make a proper dish in breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, smoothies do not need many ingredients to prepare. You can pick one or two vegetables or fruits to make it and get energy! It will save you some dollars every day.

Help to lose Weight
If you are trying hard to lose weight and extra fat, then smoothies are the best way to deal with it. It helps to loss extra fat as you have full control over the calories and nutrition. As a result, you can take a glass of smoothie daily or increase it depending on your calorie plan.

These are some of the important benefits of using the blender for making smoothies. Neither you can replace the satisfaction of heavy meal with smoothies or deny the importance of taking smoothies. Isn’t it good to have one or two glasses of smoothie is good for your health?


Buying the best smoothie maker is first and foremost focusing fact of our website. We have picked the top 10 blenders; review them so that you can easily take decision. Moreover, the comparison chart is a quick view of the best blenders in the market. So, this is really impressive to have a quick idea, with brief review to make a good decision. Do you need more information or any question in your mind? Ask and we are happy to give you the solution of blender too!

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