The Best Ice Cream Scoop Every Dessert Addict Needs to Have

There is no denying that ice cream is a favorite treat for many, whether you serve it up the middle of summer or on a cold and blustery night. We can’t get enough of this dessert and the abundance of flavors available. But one thing that can cause a headache is trying to extract ice cream from its carton in a way that doesn’t contort our hands or bend our spoons. That’s why we have taken an in-depth look at the best ice cream scoops on the market today. We set a clear goal of determining which is the very best ice cream scoop for the dessert addicts among us.

Best Ice Cream Scoop Comparison Table

Product Name



Best Ice Cream Scoop FAQS

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Ice cream scoops come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Some are constructed in one solid piece and others having moving parts and springs, for example. To evaluate which are the best ice cream scoops to use, we need to understand a little more about their purpose and the impact of those variations in design.

1. What Makes the Best Ice Cream Scoop?

2. What Are the Different Types of Scoops Available?

3. What Should I Consider When Selecting an Ice Cream Scoop?

4. What Is the Best Way to Clean an Ice Cream Scoop?

5. Are Manufacturers Now Offering High-Tech Ice Cream Scoops?

How We Reviewed the Best Ice Cream Scoop

Considering how much we love ice cream, it was a welcome task for our review team to evaluate the best ice cream scoops. In order to understand what makes one ice cream scoop better than another, we looked at different factors such as features, price, availability, comfort, ease of use, and aesthetics. Not all ice cream scoops are created equal, and if you’re going to enjoy your favorite dessert fare often, the best ice cream scoop on the market will make the experience more enjoyable.

Best Ice Cream Scoop Overall Price Range

The best ice cream scoops range in price from around $10 to $20 each. The more expensive models may have better quality and construction or unique features like self-defrosting scoops.

Best Ice Cream Scoop 

  • OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

  • Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop

  • SUMO Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

  • Midnight Scoop

  • KitchenAid Classic Ice Cream Scoop


  • Tovolo Tilt Up Ice Cream Scoop

  • Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

  • Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop



The OXO Good Grips ice cream scoop features a stainless steel scoop that will never discolor or chip with normal use. It has a pointed scoop that makes it easy to get every last bit out of the corner of a carton and glide through extremely hard-frozen ice cream.


This model features a cushioned, non-slip grip that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. It is also lightweight, so scooping large amounts of ice cream won’t make your hands tired.

Ease of Use  

The pointed scoop and flat edges on this device help it cut into hard ice cream easily and scoop it up all the way to the edge of the carton. The handle also offers a hole in so you have the option of hanging your scoop in a handy location. This model is dishwasher-safe.


The OXO ice cream scoop is not fancy. It has a pleasing stainless steel scoop and black grip. This simple design works well when, where and how it counts, though.



This Zeroll ice cream scoop features heat-conductive fluid in its handle, which uses the warmth from your hand to help melt ice cream at the scooping point for easier retrieval. It also features an aluminum alloy handle that helps prevent corrosion and oxidation. This ice cream scoop forms perfect, round scoops of ice cream even when the ice cream is rock hard.


The Zeroll ice cream scoop is lightweight, and it has a large handle for ultra-easy gripping and scooping.

Ease of Use  

The heat-conductive fluid makes this ice cream scoop easy to use because it cuts right through hard ice cream. However, because of that fluid-filled handle, it is not dishwasher-safe and must be hand-washed instead.


This scoop is very pleasing to the eye with its simple design and gold end cap. It has a classic ice cream parlor look and feel.



This SUMO ice cream scoop is made of solid stainless steel, so you never have to worry about chips or bends, and you can easily cut through hard-frozen ice cream. It also features a comfortable non-slip rubber grip that comes in a variety of colors to match different decor.


This model has a soft rubber, non-slip grip that makes it easy to hold and use to scoop ice cream.

Ease of Use  

The scoop has chiseled edges that enable it to glide through even the hardest ice cream. This model is a bit heavier than the Zeroll option, but it is dishwasher-safe. There is no hole in the handle for hanging.


We like the option of a purple non-slip grip, making this ice cream scoop a bit more fun to look at and easy to locate in a drawer.



The Midnight Scoop takes the design of the ice cream scoops to yet another level. This scoop was designed to make scooping easy and painless even for those with weaker wrists and joints. It is also designed to use the heat from your hand to melt the ice cream as you scoop.


This model is definitely one of the most comfortable ice cream scoops to use due to its wide, curved handle. The extra grips make it easy to hold and scoop without having to aggressively “dig in.”

Ease of Use  

The Midnight Scoop is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight. The pointed scoop and heat-conducting handle allow the scoop to cut through hard ice cream easily.


This ice cream scoop has a much different appearance than the classic ice cream scoop. It is sleek and modern with an artistic flair.



This KitchenAid Classic ice cream scoop features a stainless steel scoop and a plastic handle. This is a simple ice cream scoop that will get the job done, and it’s available at a low price.


The handle is wide, but there are no additional grips to keep it from slipping.

Ease of Use  

While this scoop works adequately for scooping out ice cream, it does not have a pointed scoop, so you may have to work a little harder to get ice cream out of all the nooks and crannies of a carton. This model is dishwasher-safe.


The KitchenAid ice cream scoop has a simple, black handle with a hole in the end for hanging it within easy reach if you choose.



In addition to its classic scoop, KitchenAid also offers this model that features a larger head for scooping more ice cream with a bit less effort. This model is a little more expensive than the classic scoop, but reviewers note that this scoop is also great for items other than ice cream, such as cookie dough.


This model has a wide handle and a non-slip grip. The large scooping head makes it excellent for performing deep, large scoops.

Ease of Use  

The KitchenAid Smooth Scoop is great for forming large scoops, but you may have to work a bit to get down into the corners of a carton. It has a hole in the handle for hanging, and it is dishwasher-safe.


This scoop is simple and is available in a wide selection of unique colors such as apricot.



This Tovolo scoop features a stylish, interesting design with “feet” that keep it off the counter surface when you are not using it. It also features a chrome-plated zinc alloy scoop that retains heat, so it melts the ice cream a bit to smooth the scooping process.


This model has a round handle that is easy to hold. Most of the weight is in the scoop itself and not the handle. It is designed to fit all hand sizes.

Ease of Use  

The Tovolo ice cream scoop is easy to use, and we enjoy being able to rest it right on the counter, supported by its feet, for a minute or two between scoops. Despite its heat-retaining properties, this model is dishwasher-safe, too.


This model has a unique and funky design, and it comes in six fun colors like fuschia and candy apple red.



This Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze ice cream scoop features defrosting fluid sealed within the handle that allows the ice cream to melt a bit as you scoop. It is constructed of aluminum and features a nonstick surface that makes the ice cream come of the scoop easier, keeping your fingers ice cream-free.


This scoop is lightweight and has a simple, round handle. However, there are no extra grips that might prevent your hand from slipping.

Ease of Use  

The scoop itself is round and, since it is nonstick, it goes through ice cream easily and releases it well. Due to the roundness, you may find it hard to get at ice cream that is stuck in corners of a carton.


This model has a very simple and sleek design. There are no frills with this one.



This Zyliss ice cream scoop features a deep scoop with a metal blade and sculpted edges. The scoop is coated metal, but not stainless steel. The handle features a plastic, round shape with a UV coating that prevents it from turning colors.


The handle on the Zyliss model is a good fit and makes for easy scooping. The deep, sculpted scoop is great for digging deep into hard ice cream to get larger scoops.

Ease of Use  

The weighted handle lets you scoop out perfectly shaped scoops from the entire carton. There is a hole in the handle, and this scoop is also safe to wash in your automatic dishwasher.


The handle comes in different colors, and this is a nice, basic design with an appealing finish.

The Verdict of the Best Ice Cream Scoop

Delicious Ice Cream in a Bowl

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We think the best ice cream scoop must measure up well when considering several important factors. Durability, comfort, and the ability to make the perfect scoop are top-level criteria. Based on our research, we came to the conclusion that the overall best ice cream scoop is the OXO Good Grips scoop. This model is reasonably priced, and it has a stainless head that will last a long time. The grip is comfortable and effective, and this scoop’s design features just the right amount of edge to serve up ice cream that is as appealing to the eye as it is tasty.

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