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Depending on where you live and how old your home is, you may or may not use the best garbage disposal regularly. Without a doubt, these relatively compact devices can make cleaning dishes more comfortable and reduce the amount of trash you send to the local landfill.The best garbage disposals on the market grind food into pieces small enough to smoothly flow through your pipes without clogging them.

Whether you need to replace a broken disposal or you want to install one for the first time, you will have to pick from a wide variety of available units. But what exactly should you consider when buying a new garbage disposal?

While built-in garbage disposals add convenience to your clean-up routine, but not everyone can use one. Some cities and municipalities discourage or even ban the use of garbage disposals due to inadequate sewer systems.

Before you consider installing one in your home, check with your local sewer authorities to find out about disposal policies.

Once you’ve decided that installing a garbage disposal is legal in your area, then you’ll have to start the process of picking out what model you want to buy. Lucky for you, we’ve curated a list of some of the best garbage disposals on the market today.

Below, you’ll find our top 5 recommended disposals and a guide to choosing which will work best for you.

​​Best ​Garbage ​Disposal Comparison Table




Our Rating


InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

​​A ¾ horsepower motor and a multi-stage grinding system

Waste King A1SPC Knight

​​An impressive one horsepower permanent magnet motor,

Waste King Legend Series L-2600

​​This garbage disposal features a ½ horsepower motor

InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

​The Badger 5 comes equipped with ½ horsepower motor

Waste Maid 58 Economy

​This unit has a ½ horsepower permanent magnet motor

How We Choose Our Ratings

Honesty and transparency are essential to us, and we want you to know that you can trust our rating system. We evaluate each product we review on a 5-Star scale. Only products with excellent design, excellent customer reviews, and reliable brands will earn our highest 5-Star rating.

It is our wish to deliver the most useful information we can to you. To help you understand what to look for in a new garbage disposal, we look at several criteria.

In addition to design, customer reviews, and brand reputation, we look for models that are easy to install, durable, and come with a reliable warranty.

Here’s Our Full Reviews Of Top 5 ​Best ​Garbage ​Disposal For 2018

For consumers looking in the mid-range size of garbage disposal, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact features a ¾ horsepower motor and a multi-stage grinding system. Similar to InSinkErator’s smaller Badger 5 model, the Evolution Compact does not come standard with a cord. But, unlike the Badger 5, this model features a four-year in-home limited warranty.


Because the Evolution Compact features InSinkErator’s “SoundSeal” technology, many customers are pleased with how quiet this model is. Additionally, the “MultiGrind” technology included with this model grinds up food debris very well before it enters your water system.

The Evolution Compact features stainless steel components that resist rust and a 34.6-ounce grind chamber. Like the Badger 5, this disposal comes standard with a 3-Bolt Quick-Lock mounting system and is easy to install.

For the most part, customers are well satisfied with the overall function and durability of this model.

We give this disposal five stars for the cost to value comparison, excellent customer service, and quiet operation. The InSinkErator Evolution Compact is a superb mid-size garbage disposal that serves customers well.


A customer review stated that it can be a challenge to install alone because of the way the flange connects to the sink.



Our Rating


If your kitchen produces a lot of hard to grind waste, this powerful garbage disposal by Waste King could be just what you need. With an impressive one horsepower permanent magnet motor, the A1SPC Knight produces a fine grind with only one pass through. As a bonus, this large disposal unit features sound insulation for quiet operation.


Although Waste King is not as well-known as the popular InSinkErator brand, they do offer a more comprehensive package with a better warranty. Just like their smaller compact model, this “Knight” among disposals includes a power cord and universal 3-bolt installation.


Many customers are pleased with the functionality of this model. However, some customers are shocked when they discover how large this unit is. To be sure, this impressive model does require ample space.

 But, its glass-filled nylon chamber resists corrosion, and its powerful motor will easily grind any kitchen waste.

For its affordable price, robust functionality, and superior warranty we give this disposal 4.9 out of 5 stars. The only real downside is the significant amount of space required to install the A1SPC Knight.



Our Rating


The Waste King L-2600 may be from a lesser known brand, but customers love this compact garbage disposal. Like the similarly sized InSinkErator Badger 5, this garbage disposal features a ½ horsepower motor. But, unlike the Badger 5, the L-2600 boasts a 5-year warranty and a built-in power cord.


This Waste King disposal is an excellent choice for compact units. Unlike some garbage disposals, the chamber of the L-2600 is made of glass-filled nylon to reduce noise and corrosion. It is built to be easy to install and easy to use.

The L-2600 is a continuous feed disposal that will quickly and thoroughly grind most day to day kitchen scraps.

While some garbage disposals mean trouble for septic systems, the Waste King L-2600 is safe to use with a correctly sized septic system. As a bonus, this little machine will efficiently grind waste, meaning you won’t need to run it as long as some other models.


Many customers are pleased with the reliability of this model and the 5-year limited warranty. However, some customers are displeased with the outer plastic casing and find the “EZ mount” system too complicated. Overall, this machine has a good design and will work well within its given parameters. We rate it 4.3 stars.



Our Rating

In the world of garbage disposals, InSinkErator is probably the most well-known brand around. Accordingly, it’s no surprise that this compact garbage disposal made our Top-10 list. If you are looking for an affordable garbage disposal that will fit in a small area, this reliable piece of equipment is a great solution.


The Badger 5 comes equipped with ½ horsepower motor and has a 2-year warranty included. This model has a 3-bolt Quick-Lock mounting system that is a superb choice for do-it-yourselfers. This continuous feed disposal has a 26-ounce chamber and features galvanized steel construction.


While this small machine has a decent amount of power for its size, it is slightly limited in grinding capability. InSinkErator notes that this model will power through fruit and vegetable matter, eggshells, leftovers, and small bones without trouble.

However, if you need to grind a lot of stringy or dense foods, consider a sturdier unit.Overall, this compact garbage disposal is a reliable machine. Customers love the affordable price of this disposal and InSinkErator’s excellent customer service.

On the other hand, some customers dislike how loud this model is and its failure to include a power cord. We rate this disposal four stars.



Our Rating

For the budget conscious, the Waste Maid 58 Economy can be a decent garbage disposal. This unit has a ½ horsepower permanent magnet motor. In addition to its considerably small price tag, this garbage disposal is well-suited for small sinks.


The Waste Maid 58 Economy comes standard with an antimicrobial shield and galvanized steel components. This budget-friendly model also includes a two-year limited warranty should anything go wrong.  


Unlike other small garbage disposals on our list, this model can be challenging to install. Several customers report difficulties during one or more parts of the installation process. However, this model does include a built-in electrical cord, unlike some other disposals.

Although many users find this disposal to be relatively quiet, some users also report that it is loud and vibrates excessively.

Because of its mixed customer reviews and the lack of quality materials, we’ve given this model 3 out of 5 stars. It will get the job done for a low price, but it may not last as long as other models of similar size.



Our Rating

Best Garbage Disposal: Buyers Guide

To pick the best garbage disposal, you’ll need to consider a variety of factors. Below we’ll explore some of the most important facets to explore when shopping for a new unit.

What Kind of Waste Will You Grind?

Before considering what kind of disposal will work for your home, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the type of waste you’ll be putting down your drain. The best garbage disposal for your home is one that will quickly grind up the debris you put through it.

Some types of waste are more difficult to digest and will require a disposal with higher horsepower. On the other hand, if you rarely use your current disposal or don’t plan to use your new one frequently, a motor with lower power will do the trick.

How Much Space Is Under Your Sink?

Generally speaking, the more powerful the motor of your garbage disposal, the more significant its size will be.

Models sporting the most potent engines require a decent amount of space to nstall under your sink. Check the dimensions of the disposal you are interested in and compare them to the room you have available under your sink.

How Large is Your Budget?

It may seem obvious, but in addition to grinding capacity and size, you will also need to consider the price. Typically, smaller models will cost less than larger models. Additionally, models with built-in quieting methods will usually have higher price tags than those that don’t.

Don’t forget to consider any additional costs you may incur when shopping around for your new garbage disposal. As mentioned in our reviews above, not every model comes with an electrical cord included. Also, to install your new device, you will need some necessary tools and plumber’s putty.

What Kind of Installation is Involved?

Many garbage disposals are designed to be easily installed by consumers. However, some models come with more straightforward installations than others. When deciding which garbage disposal will work best for you, be sure you understand what goes into installing it.

Anytime you work with plumbing and electricity it is vital to use extreme caution. As I’m sure you understand, water and electricity can be a hazardous combination. Understanding any installation instructions will help ensure that you safely and correctly install your new garbage disposal.

Is Your Home Connected to a Septic System?

Regardless of whether your home uses a septic tank or a municipal sewer system, it is possible to use a garbage disposal safely. But, if your home uses a septic system, look for disposal models specifically designed for this purpose. For help, you can contact a local home inspector for help determining what type of disposal system you can use.

Batch Feed vs. Continuous Feed

Continuous feed garbage disposals are the most common type of disposal on the market today. But if you have small children at home, you may want to consider a batch feed disposal system.

You must close batch feed systems with a lid before they can be turned on. This safety mechanism can prevent accidents from happening, but this protection comes at a cost. Batch feed disposals are slower and less efficient than continuous feed models.

Warranty Coverage

Last but certainly not least, consider what type of warranty comes with the garbage disposal you want to buy. Different disposal models come with different types of warranties that last for varying amounts of time. It’s crucial to understand what is or is not covered by your warranty.

Bonus Tip

For added convenience, check out what brand of garbage disposal is currently under your sink. Choosing a new model from the same brand can sometimes save you time and money.

In many cases, the mounting systems will be the same between different models from the same company. However, don’t assume this will be the case without checking first.

Overall, finding the best garbage disposal for your home can be a quick and easy process. Follow the guidelines laid out in this buyer’s guide, and you’ll find a suitable disposal unit that fits all your needs in no time!

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