Best Drip Coffee Maker Reviews for The Best Tasting Coffee

If you’re interested a fresh cup of coffee each morning, you should consider purchasing a drip coffee maker. This guide is the perfect place to start.

In our opinion, there’s no better way to wake up than to a piping hot cup of coffee. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee, coupled with a jolt of caffeine, is one of the best ways to get your day started.

If you’re interested in starting your morning with a fresh cup of coffee with great taste, you should consider purchasing a drip coffee maker. This guide to the best drip coffee makers is the perfect place to start.

Why a Quality Drip Coffee Maker is Important

There are numerous reasons why a quality drip coffee maker is one of the best investments you can make.

Financial Savings

One of the best reasons to do so is because of long-term savings. A study dating back to 2015 indicated that Americans pay $2.70 for a cup of coffee on average. It’s also reasonable to believe that prices have gone up since then as well.

But, if using the $2.70 figure for calculations, purchasing a cup of coffee six days a week for 50 weeks means you’ll end up spending over $800 on coffee each year. And, that doesn’t account for the fact that most people don’t order a black coffee every time they visit their coffee shop. Specialty drinks end up costing much more.

It’s also worth noting that the $2.70 cost is merely an average. Many people, especially those who live in big cities, end up spending more for their cup of coffee. Coffee can also be more expensive if you prefer to go to your local coffee houses instead of chain brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.

Even when factoring in that you must buy your beans and coffee machine, the cost of purchasing one of the best drip coffee makers pales in comparison to buying coffee every day. And, your drip coffee maker should last you a while. Besides the up-front cost of purchasing the brewer, there are no real other maintenance costs associated with the machine.

Additionally, you’ll be able to drink multiple cups of coffee, instead of just the one you may limit yourself to when you are buying from a coffeehouse. A single brew could from one of the best drip coffee makers yields multiple cups of coffee. Your whole family could have coffee in the morning with a single brew cycle. Or, you could have a cup when you wake up and another when during your daily commute.


Drip coffee is considered one of the three primary coffee brewing methods, alongside espresso and immersion. Most people find that drip coffee is lighter on the pallet, allowing brighter flavors to shine through. Fruity and floral flavors are more abundant in drip coffee than in espresso or immersion coffee, making drip coffee an excellent choice for those concerned with taste.

There are two different types of drip coffee makers available, automatic and manual. For both, you’ll begin by placing ground coffee into a filter and pouring hot water over it. For maximum taste, we recommend purchasing a coffee bean grinder and whole beans. Freshly-ground beans will make for a coffee experience unlike any you’ve had before.

The hot water will seep through the beans and filter, slowly dripping into a cup or pot. The best drip coffee makers allow you to adjust numerous settings so that you can craft your cup of coffee to taste just how you’d like. The taste factor is dependent on three variables

  • Water Temperature
  • Brewing Time
  • Surface Contact between the coffee grounds and the water

How We Chose Our Ratings

When compiling our ratings, we consider how vital your cup of coffee is to you. That’s why we try to be fair and honest during our assessments. We’ve read many reviews and used the machines ourselves. We also researched thousands of online customer reviews and compiled data about the best drip coffee makers.

A coffee maker’s brand is also crucial to us. We recommend brands with stronger reputations more than newer brands or brands with shaky reputations. We also try to consider drip coffee makers that are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). The SCAA sets for requirements and standards that drip coffee makers must meet. These requirements take into consideration

  • Water Temperature
  • Brewing Time
  • Ability to meet the SCAA Golden Cup recommendations

We feel that we must bring you an unbiased review and provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision when purchasing the best drip coffee maker. We’re confident that if you were to choose a drip coffee maker from the ones listed below, you’d be satisfied with your purchase.

Top Five Best High-Quality Drip Coffee Makers

Below are our recommendations for the best drip coffee makers currently available. If you have used one of the drip brewers, be sure to comment and let us know about your personal experiences.



The Moccamaster by Technivorm is one of our favorite drip coffee brewers. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with more than 480 customer reviews. The brewer is available in 14 different colors, meaning it is easy to tie into the existing color scheme in your kitchen or bedroom.

This automatic brewer features a quiet brewing process that can brew a full 40-ounce carafe in less than six minutes. The Moccamaster uses a copper boiling element to heat water to the ideal brewing temperature, which is between 196 and 205 degrees. A hot plate will keep the carafe warm for a maximum of 100 minutes.

This brewer is very durable and features durable metal housings. Any plastic on the machine is free of BPA, BPS, BPF, and Phthalate. The device also comes with a five-year warranty. The brewer is available for purchase on Amazon. While this may seem steep, remember that you’ll be saving money by not buying coffee each day. The drip brewer should pay for itself in less than a year.

Of the 483 reviews on Amazon, 77% have been five-star reviews. The thing that users most raved about was the taste, with many describing it as unlike any cup of coffee they had tasted before.



This brewer has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon with over 1,700 customer reviews. The brewer can brew ten cups of coffee in three minutes, allowing the company to call it the fastest ten-cup home coffeemaker on the market. The brewer can produce coffee so quickly because the internal water tank is always hot so that coffee can be ready on demand.

Users have the option to choose from making anywhere between four and ten cups at a time. The machine also comes with a carafe spot, which prevents splattering and messes on your counter. Reviews give credit to how good the coffee tastes, and BUNN’s customer service department.

The prices for this brewer vary based on color. A black brewer , Black High-Altitude brewer  and a white brewer. All three versions of the brewer feature a three-year warranty.



This Cuisinart drip-brewer has withstood over 3,000 Amazon interviews and still features a 4.2-star rating, speaking very highly of the quality of the product. The brewer features a strength control setting that allows you to regulate the flavor of your coffee. It also comes with fully-automatic 24-hour programmability, a self-clean setting, and auto-shutoff.

Users can brew anywhere from one to four cups of coffee or 14 cups in a large glass carafe. The brewer also gives users the option to pause the brewing cycle at any time. Users can also regulate the keep-warm temperature of the coffee. Reviews of this model are favorable, with multiple reviewers calling it the best drip brewer they have ever used.

This brewer is more moderately-priced. Unfortunately, it is only available in stainless steel.



For those looking to start out with their first drip-brew coffee maker, this may be the option for you. The machine is for personal use, only brewing one cup of coffee at a time. However, the brewer is sleek and compact, in addition to being lightweight and portable. Transporting from location to location is easy. It also features a permanent filter, which will cut down on some of your initial costs.

Reviews of this brewer were great, as it’s received a 4.2-star rating on Amazon. Of the nearly 280 customer reviews, 70% of them have been five-star ratings. It is also the cheapest option on our list, available on Amazon.

It is the perfect brewer for those new to drip brewers because of its price and one-cup option. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t waste coffee. As you begin to drink coffee more and more, you can upgrade to a more powerful brewer, but for now, this should do the trick. $20 is not very expensive for a quality brewer. If you do end up upgrading brewers, you could still use the Vremi when traveling.



This model was one of the more interesting ones we came across. It is a two-way brewer, allowing users to brew a full pot on one side of the machine using a carafe, or by making individual cups using a K-cup or coffee grounds on the other side. The carafe side of the brewer features a programmable timer, two-hour automatic shutoff, and an automatic pause feature that allows you to remove the carafe.

Both sides allow users to choose between regular or bold flavor options. There are two separate water reservoirs on each side of the tank. Reviews for this brewer are great, as it has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon with over 1,400 customer reviews. The machine is available for purchase.

Buyer’s Guide

The main thing you need to consider when looking at purchasing drip coffee makers is the type of coffee maker you’d be buying, with your options being between automatic and drip coffee makers. Both options allow you to brew a cup of coffee or an entire pot.

Automatic coffee makers offer the most convenience. All you need to do is put the beans into the filter, pour the water over the filter, and let it sit for a few minutes. For those with busy mornings, automatic machines may be your best bet.

You’ll be able to let the coffee brew while you run around and take care of other things in the morning. Some automatic coffee makers also come equipped with wake-up timers, so that your coffee is ready for you when you get out of bed.

A manual drip coffee maker requires a little more attention. Although making a cup of coffee will not take more than a few minutes, it will still need more work than an automatic drip machine. However, manual drip coffee makers could result in a cup of coffee that tastes better, because you have more control over the brewing process.

Some of the automatic drip machines have various settings that allow you to control different aspects of the brewing process. But, there’s no denying that a manual drip brewer is the best way to hone in on the authentic taste of a cup of coffee.

With manual brewers, one of the areas where you have to focus most of your attention is when pouring water. With a manual drip coffee machine, you have to drain the water over the coffee grounds very carefully. If you do not, you won’t utilize the full flavor of the beans.

Manually brewing machines tend to be more expensive than automatic brewing machines. We recommend that if you’re buying your first drip coffee maker, you choose an automatic one. You’ll still get coffee that tastes great, but you won’t break the bank while doing so. You’ll also get the convenience afforded by one of the machines.

As time goes on and you get more comfortable with the settings on your automatic drip brewer, you can experiment with different coffee beans to experience different tastes and flavor profiles. Once you have gotten accustomed to different tastes, you may be ready for a manual drip brewer. If you do not yet have an appreciation for coffee, you may be in over your head with a manual brewer.

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