Best Dishwasher Buyer Guide and Reviews

A new dishwasher can cost anywhere between a few hundreds of dollars to a thousand. Newer models come with so many settings and controls that it is easy to feel lost when comparing appliances. We put together some reviews for the best dishwasher and some tips for choosing the right appliance.

best dishwasher

The Best Dishwasher: How We Chose Our Ratings

We used a five-star rating system to rank the dishwashers we selected. These are the criteria we looked at to determine how many stars each appliance received:

  • Cleaning and drying power. A more expensive dishwasher doesn’t necessarily have more cleaning power. We looked at the technology used to clean dishes, at the quality of the filtration system, and at the drying options.
  • Settings. The best dishwasher should have different cycles to choose from and should let you customize the wash and dry cycles.
  • Energy-efficiency. We looked for energy-efficient appliances to help you keep your electricity and water bills down.
  • Drawers, racks, and baskets. We looked at how much room is available for dishes and silverware, how to load the dishes, and whether or not it is possible to re-arrange or adjust racks.
  • Noise level. We took the decibel rating of the dishwashers in consideration since a good dishwasher should run quietly.

We Compare the Six Best Dishwashers

These are the six appliances we selected after comparing dishwashers from several manufacturers. Now you can find the best dishwasher for you!




Our Rating


KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher KDTM354DSS

best dishwasher KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher KDTM354DSS

Features a ProFilter filtration system eliminating the redeposit problem entirely

Kenmore 13473

Best Dishwasher Kenmore 13473

Has a good number of options and cycles for it’s minimal price

EdgeStar DWP62SV

With soil sensor to adjust the cleaning cycle

DELLA Countertop

Features InfoLight® that shines on the floor so you know the dishwasher’s running.

Frigidaire Front Control Dishwasher FFBD2412SS

Best Dishwasher Frigidaire Front Control Dishwasher FFBD2412SS

Sanitize cycle removes 99.9% of common household bacteria.

EdgeStar BIDW1801SS Built-In Dishwasher

Great for small spaces

Here’s Our Full Reviews Of The Top Six Best Dishwashers

KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher KDTM354DSS

This 24” dishwasher stands out because of the filtration system and cleaning power. Its design will fit in a modern kitchen thanks to the rounded edges of the appliance.

The ProFilter technology removes food particles during the entire cleaning cycle to keep the water as clean as possible. You will find an upper and a bottom rack inside of the dishwasher. The height of the top rack is adjustable.

ProWash Mode

The cleaning cycles include a ProWash mode. If you choose this option, sensors will detect how dirty the dishes are and adjust the cleaning cycle.

Other options include tough, normal, light, express wash, and rinse only. You can choose secondary options such as top rack only, high temperature, or a sanitizing cycle. This dishwasher will also let you delay the cleaning cycle.

You can find the hidden controls above the door of the appliance. There is an embedded LCD screen you can use to check the status of the dishwasher.

The 43 decibels rating make this dishwasher discreet and quiet. This is one of the best dishwashers in the $600 to $900 price range thanks to the selection of cleaning cycles, the filtration system, and the cleaning power.



Our Rating


  • Display on the front is very handy

  • Holds lots of dishes and has many loading options

  • Features a ProFilter filtration system eliminating the redeposit problem entirely


  • The only downside is the top rack slides with more noise then some people would like

  • Lacks the usual clips for wineglasses which older models has. 

Kenmore 13473

This Kenmore dishwasher is an ideal choice if you are looking for an appliance between $450 and $600. It features a spray arm that sprays water in two directions and a sensor that will automatically adjust the temperature and amount of water needed.

The controls of this 24” dishwasher can be found on the top edge of the door. There are different wash cycles, including gentle, china, normal, sensor wash, pots and pan, high temperature, and quick wash.

There are additional options available. This dishwasher can sanitize your dishes, perform a quick rinse, and lets you choose between unheated and heated drying. You can delay the start of the wash cycle.

The small display will let you know how much time is left in the wash cycle. The manual filter can be a drawback since you will have to clean it once in a while, but this feature is quieter than a self-cleaning filter.

The appliance has a noise rating of 53 decibels.

On the inside of the dishwasher, you will find a plastic tub and two dish racks with a total of 13 place settings. There is also a removable silverware basket.

You can find this dishwasher in stainless steel finish, black, or white. We liked that this is an Energy Star-certified appliance, and thought the number of wash cycles and options to choose from is interesting considering the price range of this dishwasher.



Our Rating


  • Adjustable upper rack

  • Displays remaining time

  • Bottom rack is easy for unloading

  • Has a good number of options and cycles


  • Plastic interior material may not be the best option for some 

  • The spray arm is positioned badly making it hard to remove the dishwasher’s filter for cleaning. 

EdgeStar DWP62SV

The Whirlpool Tall Tub has 14 place settings for dishes and a separate silverware basket. You can attach this basket to the door of the appliance to save space. There are a top and a bottom rack, but you can’t adjust their height.

The cleaning power of this dishwasher is excellent. There is a soil sensor that will adjust the cleaning cycle as needed, and a high-temperature setting you can select for heavily-soiled dishes.

The filtration system is another remarkable feature. The water goes through a triple filtration system rather than a single filter.

The wash cycles include a heavy and normal cycle, a one-hour wash, and a soak and clean cycle. This is an Energy Star-certified appliance, and you can choose between a heated dry option or a no heat drying cycle to conserve energy.

This is a 24” dishwasher with a noise rating of 55 decibels. Even though other appliances have more wash cycles to choose from and give you more customization options, this is still an excellent dishwasher considering its price in the $350 range.



Our Rating


  • choose between a heated dry option or a no heat drying cycle to conserve energy.

  • Easy to operate

  • With soil sensor to adjust the cleaning cycle

  • Quiet and cleans at reasonable speed


  • Customization options can improve

DELLA Countertop

The cleaning power and drying cycle of this appliance make it stand out. The downside of the Bosch SHS63VL5UC is the lack of features considering its $800 price range.

The modern stainless steel finish is worth mentioning. There is a discreet control panel above the door, and it features actual buttons rather than a digital screen.

This dishwasher features a heavy, auto, normal, and rinse cycle. You can select an ExtraScrub option if dishes are heavily soiled.

A load sensor will detect how many dishes are in the dishwasher and adjust the temperature of the wash cycle.

This is an interesting feature since other dishwashers either don’t let you adjust the temperature or only have a high-temperature setting.

Dishes are loaded on two racks. You can adjust the top rack.

There are three different height settings and nine different rack positions in function of the type of dishes or glassware you are washing.

There is a total of 15 place settings between the two racks.

This is an Energy Star-certified appliance, and it has a decibel rating of 44, which makes it one of the quietest dishwashers we looked at.

There is another feature that stood out to us when we were looking for the best dishwasher.

This appliance projects a small red light on the floor to let you know the dishwasher is still running. We thought this was a convenient way to check the status of the dishwasher without getting up!

In the end, this is one of the best dishwashers if you want cleaning power, but another appliance would make more sense if you want more wash cycles.



Our Rating


  • Features InfoLight® that shines on the floor so you know the dishwasher’s running.

  • Features AquaStop® for leak protection that works 24/7 to prevent water damage.

  • Quietest dishwasher at 44 decibels


  • Rack setup can be tedious

  • Lacks an express cycle for people in a hurry

Frigidaire Front Control Dishwasher FFBD2412SS

This dishwasher features a five-step wash cycle. The dual spray arm and the self-cleaning features are two of the features worth mentioning.

This is a 24” dishwasher that you should easily find in the $350 to $400 price range. Its noise rating of 55 decibels is ideal for an appliance you will run during your evening downtime.

There are 14 place settings, two racks, and a removable basket for silverware. The tall tub design is ideal for washing glassware with long stems.

You will find the controls under a discreet front panel. There are four cycles to choose from, including an energy saver wash, a pots and pans cycle, a rinse only mode, and a light wash cycle.

You can select an additional option such as sanitize, high temperature, high heat, or no heat dry. The controls will also let you delay the wash cycle.

This is an Energy Star-certified dishwasher. You can choose between three finishes, including stainless steel, black, or white.

Overall, this dishwasher is a good budget option thanks to the selection of wash cycles, the loading capacity, and the cleaning power.



Our Rating


  • Sanitize cycle removes 99.9% of common household bacteria.

  • Removable, self-cleaning filter.

  • It can be set to run 2, 4 or 6 hours in advance.

  • Cleans 14 place settings in one cycle.


  • As with any dishwashers, failing to properly load this machine can cause damage

EdgeStar BIDW1801SS Built-In Dishwasher

This is one of the best 18” dishwashers we could find. It is pricier than other appliances with its $1,000 price tag, but this is an option worth considering if you want a durable appliance.

The wash cycles of this dishwasher include air dry, glasses, heavy, light, normal, rinse only, and speed wash.

The glasses cycle stands out since most appliances don’t have a cycle for washing glassware with delicate stems.

This dishwasher will put your dishes through a five-step wash cycle with three sprays.

You can fit plenty of dishes inside of this smaller dishwasher thanks to the two racks and silverware basket. You can delay the start of a wash cycle and will find that the hidden controls help this appliance blend in your kitchen.

The 60 decibels rating is probably the main downside of this appliance.



Our Rating


  • Great for small spaces

  • Provides effective 5-level cleaning power

  • Stainless steel built in dishwasher

  • Durable material


  • Pricier than other alternatives

  • 60 decibels rating is probably the main downside of this appliance

Buyer’s Guide

The best dishwasher depends on what your budget is, how often you will use the appliance, and what kind of dishes you will wash with it. Here are some of the things to consider when comparing dishwashers.


Measure the space available in your kitchen before settling on a dishwasher. You will find appliances with a width and depth of 24” as well as smaller 18” dishwashers. The height of these appliances can usually be adjusted.

Pay attention to how much space is available inside of the appliance. Poorly designed racks can significantly reduce the number of place settings available.

Adjustable racks are a plus. Ideally, you should be able to completely remove the top rack so you can fit larger items such as pots and pans on the bottom shelf.

Settings And Wash Cycles

Most dishwashers have the same basic settings. Some appliances offer additional options and wash cycles.

These are the wash cycles and options you might want to look for:

  • A pre-rinse cycle if you don’t want to rinse your dishes in the sink before loading your dishwasher.
  • A heavy scrub setting to avoid having to pre-wash your dishes.
  • Look for an air dry cycle with no heat to reduce your electricity bills.
  • A sanitizing cycle is a plus if you use baby bottles.
  • An appliance with a self-cleaning cycle could be interesting.
  • You can find dishwashers with soil sensors that will adjust the wash cycle and temperature in function of how dirty the dishes are.
  • A wash zone feature so you can place heavily-soiled dishes in a specific section of the dishwasher.
  • If you own china, look for an appliance with a cycle designed to clean these delicate dishes.
  • A rinse and hold cycle or delay function would be helpful if you want to load your dishwasher without starting a wash cycle right away.

Noise Level

The filtration system of a dishwasher can be noisy, but so can the motor of the appliance. A motor directly mounted on the tub of the dishwasher will make more noise.

You should also look at the insulation of the dishwasher. You can get an idea of how noisy an appliance is by checking its decibel rating.

This might not be the first thing you think about when selecting the best dishwasher, but a noisy appliance will quickly become annoying.

Filtration System

Dishwashers work by spraying hot water and detergent on dishes. The same water is sprayed several times during a wash cycle. It needs to be filtered to get rid of food particles.

You can find appliances with a self-cleaning filter or with a manual filter. Self-cleaning filters grind food particles and make the appliance noisier.

A manual filter doesn’t make any noise, but you will have to remove it and clean it once in a while.

Regardless of the type of filtration system you choose, look for an appliance that continuously runs the water through the filter during the wash cycle.

Energy And Water Use

Look for an Energy Star-certified appliance. A recent dishwasher will probably be more efficient than an older model.

You should also look for a dishwasher with a wash cycle designed to reduce water and electricity use. Appliances with soil sensors should help you keep your bills down since they can automatically adjust the amount of water used and the temperature of the water.

Final Thoughts

You should be able to find the best dishwasher for your needs and budget now that you know more about the features you should look for. Get started by taking a closer look at the six appliances we reviewed to decide if one of them could be your next dishwasher.

Additionally, it is vital to know the cookware which is dishwasher-safe before making your purchase. You might check out some of the dishwasher-safe cookware that we reviewed:

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