Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Need a counter-depth fridge for your cramped kitchen? Learn about the top six counter-depth refrigerators with our buyer’s guide and reviews.

A new refrigerator is a significant investment for your home, so you shouldn’t make your purchasing decision lightly. For small or awkwardly-designed kitchens, counter-depth refrigerators are a godsend, as they look and function as a full-size fridge but don’t stick out past the counters and cabinets.

Not all counter-depth fridges are created equally, though, so you need to consider your options carefully. Our reviews and buyer’s guide will walk you through the six best choices for a counter-depth refrigerator.

How We Choose Our Ratings

We pulled all of our information about these refrigerators from multiple sources, including Amazon, manufacturer websites, Consumer Reports, and stores such as Sears and Home Depot. We also scoured the web for any customer reviews we could find for each model.

Unfortunately, reviews on sites like Amazon can’t always be trusted—a lot of less-reputable sellers pay people to create fake accounts and write fake reviews for their products.

In order to ensure that we were only considering genuine reviews, we used a few guidelines to weed out the fakes. First, we checked customer profiles for suspicious activity, including writing very similar reviews for multiple products from the same seller.

We used apps like Fakespot to identify bots and low-quality reviews as well as to search for reviews that had been deleted for violating the terms of service.

Once we knew we were only reading real reviews, we used them to help us determine which counter-depth fridges were most popular. We used all of the information we found to craft our reviews and ratings and chose the top six best counter-depth refrigerators.

– Top 6 Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators –






The Frigidaire Gallery is a French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer, with a total of 21.9 cubic feet of space. The left-hand door has an icemaker and water dispenser built-in. The LED-lit interior features a Cool-Zone drawer, flip-up and slide-under shelves, PureAir ultra air filters, and effortless-glide drawers.

Customers love the stainless steel exterior, as well as the adjustable shelving. They also note that the fridge runs very quietly, except when making ice. Speaking of the ice, some customers complained that the Frigidaire Gallery doesn’t make enough of it. This is a frequent issue with counter-depth refrigerators. Additionally, some reviewers had problems with humidity inside the fridge.

The dimensions of the Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2367TF are as follows: 70 inches tall, 36 inches wide, and 28.5 inches deep (including handles). It’s slightly deeper than most standard countertops.

Overall, we think this fridge has some nice features. However, the loud, inefficient icemaker and the problems with humidity control brought our rating down to 4.1 out of 5 stars.






This Kenmore model is a standard top-freezer refrigerator with 20.8 cubic feet of storage space. It’s available in white or black, but you can get it in stainless steel if you pay around $100 extra. The interior features LED lights, humidity-controlled crispers, and door shelving.

Kenmore advertises this refrigerator as “garage-ready,” meaning you won’t need a special adapter to install it in a garage; however, the fridge is only rated for use in temperatures above 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

The freezer doesn’t have an icemaker, which increases the available space but was a deal breaker for some customers. It’s also a little deeper than most counter-depth refrigerators, so you definitely need to measure your available space before buying.

The dimensions of the Kenmore 61212 are as follows: 67 inches tall, 33 inches wide, and 33.8 inches deep (including handles). It’s in that in-between spot—not quite counter-depth, but not full-size either.

This no-frills fridge is inexpensive and reliable, from a brand known for quality. If you’re not looking for something fancy, or if you’re on a tight budget, it might be perfect for you. However, it lacks a lot of features, and it’s a little too deep for most counters. We rate it 4.2 out of 5 stars.






The Jenn-Air Pro-Style is a French door, bottom-freezer refrigerator with 23.8 cubic feet of storage space. Twin Fresh climate control means the fridge and the freezer are monitored separately to ensure the temperatures are always perfect. LED lights reveal a black interior with a built-in wine rack, SmoothClose drawer track system, gourmet bay drawer with self-opening lid, and humidity-controlled crisper drawers.

Though you can get the Jenn-Air Pro-Style with an ice and water dispenser in the door, the model available on Amazon doesn’t have one. Customers who purchased the version with the icemaker complained that it takes up too much space.

However, most customers loved all of the features, like the wifi connectivity (which lets you adjust and monitor the temperatures and other functions), child locks, speed ice mode, and auto-close door technology.

The dimensions of the Jenn-Air Pro-Style JFFCC72EFS are 71 inches tall, 26 inches wide, and 31 inches deep (including handles). It’s a little oversized for a counter-depth fridge, so you might need to make some extra space for it.

This is the Mercedes of refrigerators with every feature you can imagine a fridge having. The only real downside is the price, which is almost double the next highest model. That’s why we’ve rated it 4.4 out of 5 stars.






As the name implies, Haier’s Quad Door fridge has four doors; two refrigerator doors, and two bottom-freezer doors. This 16 cubic feet fridge features capacitive touch temperature controls, LED lighting, humidity control, and adjustable glass shelves.

In addition to the “quick cool” and “quick freeze” modes, there’s also a Sabbath mode that disables functions that don’t comply with Shabbat-observance practices. The lack of exterior handles makes this a truly counter-depth fridge, which customers appreciate. The Haier Quad Door doesn’t come with an icemaker, but the quick freeze function allows you to make ice cubes yourself quickly. The freezer is made up of several drawers for easy organization, but there are no shelves on the freezer door, which makes it feel like there’s less space.

The dimensions of the Haier Quad Door HRQ16N3BGS are 71 inches tall, 33 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. It’s the perfect size for a counter-depth fridge.

This refrigerator is perfect for smaller spaces, though it doesn’t have as much storage as some other models on our list. The exciting features and high customer reviews led us to give it 4.6 out of 5 stars.






The Fisher Paykel ActiveSmart fridge is a stainless steel, bottom-freezer model that provides 13.4 cubic feet of storage space. ActiveSmart technology keeps the temperature stable even when the door is open, and the humidity control system prevents frost and leaking water. You can configure the adjustable glass shelving to your specifications.

Customers report that the fridge runs very quietly, and the adjustable shelves glide smoothly on their rails. The inside seems more spacious than you’d expect from looking at the outside.

This model doesn’t include an icemaker, which leaves some extra space in the fridge but is also inconvenient if you like to use a lot of ice. The best feature of all is the 24/7 Fisher Paykel toll-free helpline, which you can call at any time if you have problems or questions.

The dimensions of the Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4 ActiveSmart fridge are as follows: 67.5 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 29 inches deep (including handles). It’s just a few inches deeper than standard kitchen counters.

This compact little fridge works quietly and efficiently and provides more storage space than you’d expect from something so small. However, it’s a bit expensive for the size, especially since it doesn’t come with an icemaker. We rate it 4.8 out of 5 stars.






This Summit Ingenious Series refrigerator is a standard top-freezer model with 18 cubic feet of space. The exterior has a platinum finish, with a digital control panel on the door. LED interior lighting reveals adjustable glass shelves and a multitude of transparent plastic drawers.

The power-cool function quickly brings food down to a cold temperature, while the holiday low-power function disables all but the most necessary features so you won’t waste electricity while you’re out of the house.

The most interesting and well-loved feature is the “ingenious” door compartment that you can access from the exterior of the fridge door. You can store drinks and snacks in this compartment for easy access without having to open the whole door and waste power.

One customer noted that the compartment is big enough to fit a 12-pack of soda or beer cans. This fridge also runs very quietly even when the icemaker is running.

The finish isn’t quite stainless steel, so you might have trouble matching other stainless appliances in your kitchen. The top of the fridge is also slightly rounded, so it won’t sit flush with your upper cabinets, something that annoyed a couple of reviewers.

The Summit Ingenious Series FF1935PLIM measures 73 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 27 inches deep (including handles). It should fit perfectly with most standard kitchen counters.

We chose this refrigerator as our top pick because of the true counter-depth size, reasonable price, special features, and enthusiastic customer reviews. If it weren’t for the matte platinum finish and rounded top, it could have received a perfect score, but we gave it 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Buyer’s Guide

It’s essential that you measure the space that your new fridge will need to fit into. Always leave a little bit of wiggle room in case the refrigerator is a little larger than you expected. Consider how the fridge will fit when the doors are open.

There’s no real consensus on which type of fridge (French door, bottom freezer, or top freezer) provides the most usable storage space, so you’ll need to compare sizes to see which one will fit your needs. You can also choose a style based on your own personal preferences—some people hate French door fridges because the door storage is much smaller, others don’t like having to crouch down to get into the freezer.

You need to set a reasonable budget for yourself before you shop for a refrigerator. It may be tempting to splurge on a high-end model with all the bells and whistles, but you don’t want to go into debt purchasing a fridge you can’t afford. Decide which features are most important to you, and which ones you can do without.

Installation Tips

Many companies will not only deliver your fridge, but they’ll also install it and haul away the old one. If you’re using the counter-depth refrigerator to replace the primary fridge in your kitchen, we highly recommend purchasing from one of these companies.

If you’re buying a second fridge for your basement or garage, this is less of an issue, though you may need to purchase an adapter if the room isn’t already set up with a proper connection for a refrigerator.

While your old fridge is being hauled away, you should take the opportunity to clean the area! Sweep up all of the random items that were knocked under the old refrigerator, mop the floor, and swipe away any cobwebs.


We believe all of the counter-depth refrigerators on our list will make excellent additions to your kitchen. You can use our guide to make a list of pros and cons for each model or visit the links to see what other people thought of them. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

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