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Best Cooking Blogs – Regardless Of Your Current Cooking Skills

Finding the best cooking blogs on the web can take some trial and error, but with this article, you’ll find some great blogs in no time at all.

Regardless of your current cooking skills, there is a food blog out there for you. Some blogs cater to special diets, while others cover every kind of food imaginable. There’s seemingly no end to the number of food blogs on the internet today, but what are the best cooking blogs? Below you’ll find a few of our favorite picks in a variety of categories.

How We Chose These Blogs

In the sea of available information on the internet, we know that you’re looking for a convenient way to filter out the bad from the good. That’s what we’ve done. We scoured the internet to find the best cooking blogs.

All of the blogs on our list provide a wide variety of recipes, are regularly updated, and are easy to navigate. While each blog brings a unique perspective to the table, most everyone can find something they like on each of these.

Special consideration was taken to provide options for people with a variety dietary concerns. Additionally, we sought out blogs that were visually appealing to look at and provided clear instructions for readers.

- Our Favorite Cooking Blogs - 

Just to note, these blogs are in no particular order. All of them provide excellent content to a specific niche. Even if their unique niche doesn’t resonate with you, we recommend checking them all out. You may surprise yourself and find a vegan meal or a gluten-free dessert that makes your heart soar.


Smitten Kitchen

Deb Perelman from the blog Smitten Kitchen offers up a wide variety of recipes with a focus on simple and accessible ingredients. Her emphasis on readily available ingredients makes her blog an excellent resource for those just learning to cook or anyone with limited access to specialty ingredients.

This blog is great for anyone as Deb offers many recipes including some that are vegan and gluten-free. Each recipe is unique and features an array of beautiful photos. Deb’s recipes are easy to follow and backed by her no-nonsense, fuss-free approach to cooking.

Through her writings, Deb exposes a friendly personality that pulls readers into the stories of her kitchen. And while Smitten Kitchen is no newcomer to the cooking blog scene, it is still one of the greats. Deb has published two widely available cookbooks and frequently interacts with her audience through the comment sections of her posts.

If you are looking for a friendly environment with a focus on made from scratch foods, this is one of the best cooking blogs for you.


Oh She Glows

Authored by Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows is a cooking blog that has been around since 2008. With stunning photos and delicious plant-based recipes, Angela’s unique and straightforward blog is a staple for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Although all of the recipes on this blog are vegan, anyone can find a delicious and healthy recipe to love here. Angela’s posts include options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts. Also, many of her recipes are also gluten-free, soy-free, and free of processed ingredients.

If you are trying to get healthy, increase the number of vegetables you eat every day, or just looking for a unique recipe to get your meal plan out of a rut, this website is excellent. Angela takes great care in producing high-quality recipes made from health-promoting plant-based foods.

In addition to her blog, Angela has published two cookbooks that are available in bookstores all around. And for those who love using their smartphone or tablet in the kitchen, Oh She Glows provides an affordable app with stunning photography, exclusive recipes, and the ability to filter recipes by dietary needs.


Budget Bytes

For food lovers on a tight budget, this easy-to-use cooking blog is a wonderful resource. Beth, the founder of Budget Bytes, creates delicious and nutritious recipes while working diligently to minimize costs. With a degree in nutritional science and a love of crunching numbers, Beth has created an extensive database of delicious and affordable recipes.

Budget Bytes features recipes for every meal and all walks of life. Beth brings a wide variety of ethnic flavors to the table to stave off boredom and increase nutritional quality. Each recipe on her blog is adjustable to suit the number of people you are serving. Additionally, each recipe includes a cost break down of ingredients.

In addition to being light on the wallet, Budget Bytes is an excellent resource for those just learning to cook. Having worked in several commercial kitchens, Beth does a great job of explaining how to make her recipes and includes several pictures to lead readers through each step.

Whether you need a budget-friendly way to feed yourself (or your family), you can’t go wrong with a recipe from Budget Bytes. Having tried several of these recipes ourselves, we can confidently say that Beth has a knack for creating great flavor regardless of the size of your budget.


Damn Delicious

What started as a simple grad school hobby for food enthusiast Chungah Rhee has blossomed into an extensive full time cooking blog. For Rhee, good food is homemade, simple, and delicious, damn delicious.

Damn Delicious includes a five-person team that provides readers with recipes, how-to videos, and step-by-step tutorials. Chungah Rhee has a published cookbook that is widely available in addition to the multitude of free recipes available on her blog.

Like many cooking blogs, Damn Delicious focuses on simple ingredients that are widely available to the average home cook. However, Chungah’s recipes are anything but boring. Damn Delicious includes a wide variety of recipes that will appease any palate. There are recipes for the healthy meals, comfort foods, and even some for entertaining.

The vast array of recipes and the easy-to-navigate design of Damn Delicious make this blog an excellent resource for cooks of any skill level. Additionally, Chungah remains very interactive with her readers through the comments sections of her blog posts. This blog is informative, visually attractive, and easy to use.


Minimalist Baker

In recent years, the word “minimalism” has become relatively commonplace. Since 2012 the Minimalist Baker cooking blog has been bringing readers recipes that use fewer than ten ingredients, one bowl to make, or take less than 30 minutes to complete.

The Minimalist Baker team provides readers with plant-based recipes for any occasion. Unlike some plant-based blogs, all of the recipes on Minimalist Baker are, well, minimalist. As mentioned above they feature only a few ingredients, a one bowl design, or come together rather quickly. This blog is helpful for anyone who values simplicity.

In addition to a vast array of sweet treats, this blog brings vibrant and unique dishes to the table for every meal. Minimalist Baker has one cookbook available in bookstores and another digital cookbook that includes both meal plans and shopping lists. This website is an excellent starting place if you are new to healthy cooking or looking for some variety.


Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish is a cooking blog made for lovers of food and cinematography. Andrew Rea uses his YouTube channel as a way to host a unique cooking show that endeavors to recreate iconic dishes seen in movies and on TV.

Each episode of Binging with Babish is accompanied by a blog post that outlines the recipe he uses in the video. The recipes featured on this blog range from simple to complex, and serious to silly.

In addition to his homages to recipes found in movies and TV, Andrew Rea also has a published book and a second series called Basics with Babish. His book features more recipes from films. Basics with Babish is intended to help new cooks learn the basics and succeed in the cooking adventures of their own home.


A Cozy Kitchen

If you’re looking for comforting recipes with a bit of Latin flair, check out A Cozy Kitchen. Authored by Adrianna Adarme, A Cozy Kitchen provides a corner of the internet for those looking to fill their bellies and their spirits.

With a simple and inviting design, this blog will make you feel at home and guide you through creating numerous delicious recipes. Recipes for any occasion are available at this one of a kind website and include several pictures to help readers build an excellent final product.

In addition to her blog, Adrianna Adarme has also published both a traditional cookbook and a unique coloring cookbook. Readers delight in the playful nature of Adrianna’s works and enjoy her warm and inviting tone.

Finding an acceptable cooking blog is easy. A simple internet search will provide more results than you could ever cook your way through. However, seeing the best cooking blogs can be more of a challenge. Especially if you have any specific dietary needs or problems, finding an excellent cooking blog is a blessing.

As we mentioned earlier, the blogs we included on our list are in no particular order, but all provide excellent resources for their readers. Each blogger brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table, and you’re nearly guaranteed to find at least a few recipes that you’ll delight in. Keep your mind open and enjoy all that these amazing cooks have to offer.

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