Best 10 Amazing Kitchen Tricks That boost Up Your Cooking


Many people do make a lot of trips in the kitchen and only need to know a few tricks to correct their erring. Talk of great butter or even a smart way of reheating pasta, this article enlightens on a few secrets that can make kitchen life a bit easier and more appealing.

  1. Great Butter

Many people do not know about this lovely idea of making butter melt faster! In the cases where you need to use butter for topping or as an additional ingredient in recipes for biscuits, scones, muffins etc., great butter is the way to go. It is also an option if the butter is too cold to spread.  The stick of butter must be nearly frozen for this hack. Your speed is also as it will help the butter to melt as desired. The next thing is grating the butter into small pieces and using it as per the recipe.

  1. Removing egg shells from the yolk

We use eggs for breakfast almost every other morning but always fault in egg shell-peeling. It is a common occurrence to find the little bits of egg shells falling into the yolk as you try to crack up the eggs. There are many ways of removing the small bits including using your hands to remove them. However, the easiest and most amazing way of removing them is using an already broken up shell and picking them up. It works!


  1. Peeling an orange easily

Many of us err in orange peeling regardless of how easy it may often seem. This tip is really helpful especially for those people who do not have nails that can dig into an orange skin. It involves a few knife clever cuts and ‘unwrapping’ up the orange. You can now enjoy eating the orange without having juice dripping all over. The magnet in it, however, is that it is fun.

  1. Freezing leftover sauce

Everyone hates wasting food but sometimes it may seem difficult to prevent. One may wonder how they can preserve leftover sauce. The best way to preserve sauce is by freezing it in ice cube trays and reheating the sauce sometimes later when you need a quick sauce.

  1. Reheating pasta in a smart way

The easiest way of reheating up pasta in a more even way is by leaving a small ‘hole’ (circular empty space) in the middle of the plate. This works because the empty space acts as a focal point to the radiations in the microwave. They then radiate even in a circular manner that the pasta gets heated all around evenly. You can enjoy your meal thereafter.


  1. Storing soft ice cream

If you do not like your ice cream as hard as a rock, there is an alternative way of storing it and having it as soft as you would like. You can do this by keeping the can with ice cream in a paper bag. Try and get out as much air as you can out of the paper bag since it hardens the ice cream. If you find a way of dealing with the air, you have made it!

  1. Keep your items from sliding

Some of us have slippery working areas in our kitchens and, therefore, every time you use a chopping board or any other item on its surface it slides. The very easiest way of dealing with this kitchen disaster is using a wet towel beneath the item you are using to keep them firm.


  1. Keep salad fresh for longer

We suffer short-life span for our fresh salads! We can, however, keep them fresh for longer by draping a dry paper towel over a bowl of salad and covering the bowl with a clear film. The dry paper towel absorbs any extra moisture from the salad to prevent wilting and logging. Of importance is trying to get the salad as dry as possible before storing it. This keeps salad fresh even for a whole week!

  1. Use floss on food

Making even cuts is some foodstuffs is a huge challenge especially soft foods such as cakes or cheese. Use of an unscented dental floss can prove useful. Mark points around the food to come up with even layers. Round the floss about the food and pull it close together tightly that it cuts through the food. There you have the beautiful layers that you needed!


  1. Keep boiling water from rolling over

Many times we have boiling water roll over saucepans or other cooking pots when heating it. Reducing the flame is one way of dealing with it. The coolest way is by putting a wooden spoon/ cooking stick across the saucepan. By so doing, bubbles pop up when they come into contact with the spoon because it’s an absorbent material. Metal spoons will not work because they heat up very fast. Wooden spoons will absorb some moisture too!

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