The Best Benefits Of Cucumber And Lemon Water



Making this drink in summer will help you keep yourself hydrated. The drink has a lot of vitamins so they will keep your stomach clean and will help you boost the immune system. The supplements of this drink can decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as they can reduce some extent. The risk of cancer also can be reduced by using them. If you are the person who doesn’t like drinking simple water, then make sure to change the drinking routine to cucumber and lemon water. Several advantages have been included in this drink. I can surely say that by using it once, you will want to prepare it again and again.

The ingredients

  • A medium size cucumber
  • 10 to 15 mint leaves
  • 3 to 4 lemons


Just ensure that before you make this drink, must clean all ingredients by slowly rubbing them using the tap water. Begin making the drink by shedding the skin of cucumber in depth. The cucumber should be cut into more than two pieces and the seeds should be taken out from them. When this process is done successfully, slice those pieces and convert them into many little pieces. If they sliced you will see that they are easy dissolving in the water along with many other ingredients.

Take the mint leaves and make them in two pieces. If you cut them properly they will cause enhancing flavor and other ingredients will be easily mixed with them. Lemons should be sliced into smaller pieces and should be set aside. Now take a jug and fill it with some water. The sliced cucumber is now going to be put in the jug and after that mix it softly for a few seconds. If required, keep that jug in a fridge for more than half hour. If this process is completed successfully, the cucumber supplements will be dissolved in the water. Add lemon slices, mint leaves, and mix them for some minutes. Put some ice cubes in the drink and serve to your guests or family.


Extra information and some other ingredients

There are many other ingredients that can be added in the drink. If the drink is not liked by you in the end because you don’t like its taste, strawberries or pineapple can be added to change the flavor and taste. Orange is possible to be used rather than lemon. But, to be honest with you, I personally like to use a lemon that’s why I always recommend lemon. You are free to use other ingredients instead of pineapple and strawberries.

Important Note: Leaving the drink in the fridge for more than three hours will be a good idea instead of drinking it instantly because cooling will make the taste better. Leaving in the fridge will help supplement dissolve in the water and in the return, you will get a much stronger and excellent taste.

Cilantro is a nutrient-dense herb, that is used commonly in the whole world. Its seeds and leaves are able to be used in cooking. It is a flavorful herb that is packed with many vitamins such as A, K, and C, and also it contains calcium, manganese, iron, and potassium. The advantages of eating cilantro most of the times include grown antioxidants in our body. It is also beneficial for our eye functioning and improves our skin. The bones become more strong if we use it regularly and many other advantages can be listed.

If you are confused yet and have not gotten an idea about it try these mouth-watering cilantro recipes and I am sure you will like them after you have prepared.

Classic Cilantro Fried Rice

Required things:

  • Two cups jasmine rice must be chilled and cooked.
  • two cups cubed chicken breast, skinless and boneless.
  • Five tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped.
  • Two tbsp onion chopped.
  • Five cloves garlic that should be finely chopped.
  • Two green chilies.
  • Three tbsps oil (Vegetable oil)
  • One tbsp soy sauce.
  • One tbsp fish sauce.
  • One tbsp white sugar

Heat the oil and keep the heat over medium heat. Use a large skillet for this purpose. Before you add chicken and chilli peppers, cook it garlic finely until golden brown. When you cooked it through, now pour in the fish sauce, soy sauce, and white sugar. Now stir it until you see it became well-blended. Then stir in basil, cilantro, and green onions and then cook it for two or three more minutes. You have done now, so serve it immediately.

Tropical Cilantro Salad Dressing

Things that will be required

  • About half cup fresh cilantro leaves
  • One jalapeno pepper chopped and seeded.
  • One clove garlic
  • About half tsp minced root
  • About half cup olive oil.

This recipe is liked by kids also, because children like to eat something new everyday, and I think this kind of recipe can provid them a unique taste of food which is needed for them for their health also.  Drinks made by lemons can boost the immune system. Lemons have the ability to digest the food you eat. Always add some vitamins and minerals in the water you use because they will make the body fresh and healthy. The vitamins can lift our diet, so you will be getting extra supplemtn and antioxidant from it.

The recipes listed above, can keep up with the hangover situations, assist you lose your weight and can solve many problems that can’t be solved without taking high-cost medicines. Vitamin B can be taken by cucumber and it has been declared as a very good source to produce the vitamin B. Vitamin B is able to decrease blood pressure, can fight against cancer and help us without cholesterol level. Mint leave is a good advantage we get when we use cucumber.

Calcium, phosphorus, and potassium can be gotten with the using of mint leave, so it’s another benefit of using the recipe we taught you. The flavor is natural, so don’t consider it as other artificial and low-standard drinks.

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