You Must Try These Creative Apple Recipes and Ideas

Do you know you’re using the apple fruit all boring? This super-healthy, sometimes red, sometimes green and rarely yellow fruit can make you hundreds of nectarous apple recipes effortlessly. So, this weekend, let’s get a bit creative with the apples.

Creative Apple Recipes & Ideas

Apple Dip Dish

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The dip looks yummy in a dish, but who gets to clean it? Try something different next time. Slice off the top of an apple. Remove the core and create its shallow bowl using a melon baller, metal measuring spoon or a knife. Add vanilla cream, flavored yogurt, caramel, honey, nuts or anything your taste buds appreciate inside the bowl. When dip is finished, you can hog the bowl.

Personal Apple Pie

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Fill a large cored apple with a mixture of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, flour and chopped apples. Cut a plain circle from pie dough and press it on the top of the apple. Seal the edges and create 2-3 air vents using a fork. Bake the apple at 375F until pie crust turns brown. Delicious apple pie is ready!

Apple Tea Cup

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Remove the core of a large apple and create a cup. Leave some flesh at the bottom to avoid leaking. Fill the apple cup with boiling water and place the tea bag right inside it. Let it brew for a few minutes, and a slightly sweet tea is ready.

Apple Ring Pancakes

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For making fruity pancakes, core an apple and cut it into thin slices. Dip and coat apple slices into pancake batter. Cook coated apple rings in a pan and serve with maple syrup.

Turn Apple into a Soup Bowl

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Slice the top off a large apple and remove the core to turn it into a shallow bowl. Now add hot soup into this apple bowl. The fruit will cool the soup quickly and make it look palatable. If you want, you can chop the scooped apple pieces and sprinkle it on the soup as an alternative to nuts and spices.

Apple Pie Pockets

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Cut two circles from pie dough using a cookie cutter. Cut a smaller ¼ inch thick circle from an apple slice and sandwich it with caramel syrup and brown sugar between the dough circles. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet at 325 degrees until brown on both sides. Serve with vanilla flavored yogurt.

Mini Caramel Apple Pops

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Carve small apple balls using a melon scoop and pat them dry. Insert wooden skewer into the balls dip the balls in caramel sauce and roll in nuts, shredded coconut or granola. Store in freezer for 30 minutes and serve chilled.

Apple Heart

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If you are looking for creative apple food ideas, try this awe-inducing technique. Press a heart-shaped cookie cutter to one side of a red apple and carefully remove the pulp into a heart shape. Do the same with a green apple. Press the green heart in a heart-shaped hole in the red apple, and there you are.

Avoid Baked Goods from Staling

Keep 1-2 apple wedges into the container with baked goods to prevent them from turning stale and retain their moist.

Be the kitchen pro with these apple recipes!


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