Adding Almonds Makes The Best Food Delicious

Do you have any idea about that we think and what a thing comes first in our mind when we decide or think about healthy food, boiled or unappetizing food? Always, choose a diet that suits you and your body. A mother always wants to prepare the food that is able to grow for her child according to perfect manner. A mother always needs to get all the nutrition that is possible. The child should take a diet that is not junkier.

In some cases, husbands always try to complain that the food made in their homes is not interesting and not fine to eat. So, the wives should cook food that should be healthy as well as it should be tasty if they want to win the hearts of their husbands. It’s a big challenge for wives and mothers to handle the children and husbands or their boyfriends to make them happy.

Foods with Almond

These are the scenarios that taking healthy food can often time become a drag and full affair that no one looks forward to. So what is the result? Well, take healthy food for a few days, and then eat your favorite delicious piece of chocolate cake and there is no need to worry about the all-health fad.

Well, now it’s time to think about the taste and flavor and also about the spice that what kind of food should when cook in your own home. Always make the food as it’s able to eat happily and is healthy and food for your body. Make sure to make it better so that can make your whole family happy.

Almonds are simple and they can be a good addition to your daily dishes. They can go a long way when adding that twist to the food. What is more? Many nutrients are in the almonds like vitamin E, proteins, and fiber. If you want to be a rockstar cook, you will need this magic ingredient that will make you popular in your home.

I am listing here some ways and methods by which almonds can be added to a dish so you can add a touch of magic to daily food.

Foods with Almond

1. Chicken and Almond momos without shell

These momos that are shell-less are very easy to prepare, and they are healthy and you will see that the glutton will try to get it from you before you have prepared it completely. This dish contains innovation that is sure to make a person who cooks, a star amongst his friends and family circle if he serves it steaming hot.

Chicken and Almond momos without shell

Let’s start. You will need to take some time, about fifteen minutes to prepare it nicely and perfectly. The ingredients that would be needed, are as below:

  • About 300 grams of chicken mince
  • One tbsp chopped garlic
  • About three tbsp spring onion that is finely chopped.
  • About one tbsp soya sauce
  • About one tsp sesame oil.
  • About one tsp pepper powder.
  • One egg
  • About half a cup of chopped and blanched almonds.
  • For greasing, some oil

How to prepare and cook?

The chicken mince should be placed in a bow. All the ingredients should be added now except almonds, and they should be divided into balls, and make sure that they must be equal-sized. Now roll the balls in chopped and blanched almonds and then they should be placed carefully, so keep the small balls on the greased plate. Get your steamer ready and then steam these using high heat for more than 10 minutes. The momos now should be removed and served.

Nutrient Analysis

The calories that are found in this dish, are 1004. The protein is 60 g. Total fat is 70 g.

2. Chunkey Badam

A very simple and easy way to stop your family, yourself, and your friend from reaching out for chocolate or for the packet of bad and unhealthy fried goodies, the recipe I am going to tell about, is the recipe that provides you the taste that will help you achieve this goal. Always keep your mission to make healthy food and healthy things to eat.

Chunkey badam is a dish or preparation that is simple to carry to school, work, or even to your gym. It will take you no more than ten minutes to prepare and the cooking will take you more than fifteen minutes.

Chunkey Badam

The ingredients that will be needed to cook this amazing recipe. Have a look at them carefully.

  • Two tbsp oil
  • One tsp jeera
  • About half tsp heeng.
  • One no dry red chilli
  • Three tbsp masoor methi
  • One tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • About half tsp turmeric
  • Two tsp coriander powder
  • One tsp red chili powder
  • Three tbsp tomato puree
  • Half cup of peeled and blanched almonds
  • A half cup of green peas
  • One tsp salt.

How to prepare this dish?

Get a half cup of water and then soak Kasoori methi in it. Heat the oil and then add the dry red chili. Don’t forget to sprinkle the heeng and jeera. Saute it till you see the jeera is crackling. Add sauce and garlic past for more than 3 minutes, but not more than 5 minutes.

Now it’s time to add the coriander powder, red chili powder, and turmeric. Make the heat low now for sauteeing for a half and one minute. Now the water should be removed from the methi and then it should be squeezed. The fenugreek should be added now and cooked for 3 minutes. The water must be added in a little quantity to avoid sticking the masala to the bottom.

Now you will need to add the salt, peas, and almonds. Now saute and then add your tomato puree. Some water would be needed to add before you cook it using a low flame. 5 minutes are enough for this purpose. When you were done, remove it from the fire and then serve hot. I hope you will like it when you eat.

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